Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New kid on the block

This writer's entry into blogsphere has attracted the attention of fellow scribes. Thanks for the support and encouragement for this newcomer! Ex-journo Ong Hock Chuan, who is now a public relations consultant in Jakarta, is the first to blog about this writer's plans after DAP MP Tony Pua revealed that this new kid on the block has been blogging quietly.
Online news website Malaysian Insider has also reported about this new entry with some comments from a quick interview by seasoned reporter Joan Lau. And analyst Khoo Kay Peng too, with his frank views. Bahasa Malaysia political website wilayahkini also has a take here. Rocky Bru too, of course.


Anonymous said...

Dato Wong, congrats on your blog. Despite the supposedly early pessimism (by the blogosphere in general), I'm sure you can go one better in presenting a more balanced reporting in line with the new age media thinking. Keep on writing (online)!

MarinaM said...

Hi Chun Wai, didn't realise you already started blogging. Welcome to the bloggerhood! Funnily enough I am in Kuching to talk to old media about new media ;-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Chun Wai, looking forward to reading quick snippets and updates on this blog.

And an editor's thoughts on the day's events.

Yes, the Parliament remains a disgrace after Lim Kit Siang's political tsunami.

It didn't take away the garbage and verbiage.

Let's hope they get on with the business of serving the rakyat instead of taking cheap shots.

Anonymous said...

Satu permulaan yang cukup baik ..
Good move at right time when we talking about NEW MEDIA.
Tanggung jawab Dato sebagai seorang Ketua Pengarang sebuah akhbar yang terkemuka di Malaysia dan peranan sebagai sorang blogger banyak kelainan.Inilah tajuk utama atau key point yang akan menjadi perbualan ramai apabila diketahui Dato juga sudah mula berblog, walaupun Dato mempunyai platform yang lebih besar, efektif dan efesyen melalui akhbar STAR sendiri dimana Dato mempunyai ruangan yang khusus untuk menyampaikan pandangan dari masa yang ke semasa - yang telah menjadi perhatian orang ramai.Kini apabila para pembaca menilai Dato dari dari dua sudut imej yang lain - Dato dilihat sebagai seorang blogger dan juga Ketua Pengarang.Mungkin pendapat yang disampaikan melalui blogging akan menjadi satu ulasan yang penting kepada kita semua kerana ianya bukan datang daripada sebarangan orang - daripada seorang Ketua Pengarang. Ini satu perkembangan yang cukup baik dan inilah dikatakan atau diklasifikasikan sebagai New Media.Cuma kita, harap ada segelintir pihak jangan menyalahtafsirkan komen - komen yang diberikan dalam blog kerana , umum mengetahui blog adalah cukup berlainan dari konsep Akhbar Harian.Pada masa yang sama, penampilan individu seperti Dato untuk berlblog akan memberikan imej baru kepada dua New Media kerana umum mengetahui ada pihak mengunakkan blog untuk kepentingan yang lain.Sebagai contoh, di US para blogger mempunyai raputasi yang cukup baik kerana cara dan gaya mereka menulis untuk menyampaikan sesuatu berita.Justeru itu, penerimaan blog di US begitu baik sekali dikalangan orang ramai.Di harap penampilan Dato di alam New Media akan memberikan satu bentuk fokus dan indentiti baru dalam kewartawanan negara.

KTemoc said...

Congrats Datuk, good to have you blogging, especially another Penangite, though alas, you were from SXI ;-) my dad's school but fortunately he sent his son to a better one, MBS ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, as a Penangite I have followed your writing from the days when you do your political round and I found your article refreshing but once you have been made Dato', and promoted to top position in the Star, things started to get downhill, your writing was lop sided and bias.

I hope thru this blog, I can learn the real Chun Wai.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai: Congrats on the blog and welcome to the blogosphere. Always admired your ability to navigate between the powers that be and be able to do your own thing.

You'll be praised and you'll be castigated as the new kid on the block. But this is a great way for you, and to an extent the paper you lead, to signal that you're open to having a conversation with all constituents.

Unknown said...

Chun Wai,

Welcome to the blogsphere. At last you are ready for a launch.

Continue writing...

Unknown said...

Chun Wai

Welcome to the new media. I used to read your column but stop for about a year now. actually I don't read newspaper for over a year now.

Hope to see you frank and sincere view and opinion in the new media, since your view or opinion will not be edited by someone higher :P

I will add you in my celebrity blogger section :P

Shiok Guy

SS Quah said...

Hi, Chun Wai, welcome on board to the blogosphere! Nice to see you here and hope you'll remain a permanent fixture.

Keang said...

Dato, looks like you don't have the guts to post my earlier comment where I asked you to do a referendum on whether thestar is deserving of the tag of "the people's paper".

Even in blogsphere you want to act like it's the MSM by censoring/blocking any comments detrimental to you.

Chances are that this comment will not get published too. If it's not, I'll take it to another forum as yours is not the numero uno of blogs!

Get out of your denial stage... NOW!

Anonymous said...

hi chun wai,

i've been following your writing for quite sometime but sorry i have to agree with frankie regarding the content of your writing has not been the SAME esp after you've climbed up high post and with a dato'ship.

but it's good news to see you here again, now you sound more like the previous chun wai that i used to know.

congrats for making such a move!

i sincerely hope that this is gonna be another good quality blog!!

A. Chandrakumanan said...

congratulation Dato' Wong, yap it was never too late than never. i have gone through you blog, your updates are current and informative. No matter what we mean business and the rakyat must not be taken for granted, bloggers have to play a fair role in disbursing the truth not mere fabrication. Welcome again

Anonymous said...

As one academic blogger pointed out long ago, You are simply a chameleon who is adept at changing to survive.

Nothing about you reflects well on the truly noble aspects of journalism. For that we look to Citizen-Nades, journalist exemplar.

It isn't public interest you care about, but your own. Your accolades, press awards, datukship etc, are simply recognition/reward of obedient compliance to media practices that has been subverted to serve the political elites. And you wear it on your sidebar like some badge of honor!

Whilst you people enriched yourselves by ensuring no other voice other than the BN can be heard, your Indian and Chinese brethen at the lower rungs of the economic ladder were shut up!

how Christian is that chun wai?

Allowing dissenting voices to be heard can be your first step to rehabilitation - if you will let it.

Will you shut out critical voies in your blog? Blogosphere is waiting to see... In any case, I'm assuming you know if this does not get published here, it will simply be posted in some other blog. None of teh name dropping you're so fond of - even here! - will be of any help to you. It's the Internet, Chun Wai, it doesn't discriminate.

Listen and engage! You can do it!