Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Cigar Room: Anti climax ending

It's an anti-climax ending to the Cigar Room incident allegedly involving an ex-cabinet minister, who is now an MP, and a waitress at a five-star hotel.
The waitress, who had earlier claimed to the police that she was molested, has now sworn that it was a mistake and she had overeacted.
It appeared that she was sick that particular faithful night and that she now regretted her action against the senior politician, whom she has known as a friend and customer for some years. The said politician, she added, was a man with a good sense of humour.
So, we can now expect the Cigar Room incident to come to an end. And certainly one anti-climax drama which many Malaysians knew would end this way.


Rockybru said...

Hey bro,

This blog smells like Cohiba. Have you been chewing the cigar, too?

Bad end to a good smoke, this Cigar Room episode. The VIP has a good sense of humour, the complainant said? Sounds to me like she has an even better one!

Thank you.

Pat Hernandez said...

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