Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spot on Mat Taib, but Umno must change fast

Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib had it spot on when he said that arrogance and complacency of some Umno leaders sent the wrong message to the other races in the country.
"Knowingly or unknowingly, some of the decisions by Umno leaders hurt the feelings of other racea, especially the Chinese and Indians in peninsular Malaysia.
"Some of the Umno leaders- when they speak - here Malay, there Malay...tenders for Malays...hoisting and kissing the keris. Out there, when they (other races) see our leaders speak, they get scared." (April 12, The Star).
But Mat Taib need to get his fellow Umno leaders to wake up to the new political reality in the country. Why would Umno want to get only the support of the Malays and not all Malaysians?
Umno leaders must also be beware that when they speak in Bahasa Malaysia newspapers, they are being read by non-Malays as well.
Take the case of the plan to implement integrated modern pig farming using environmentally friendly methods.
It is said to be a plan of the previous state Barisan Nasional government. It is a good one because German technology would be used and the old-fashioned method of farmers would stopped. The Selangor BN government deserves credit for being far sighted and having sound management plans. But it has now being used to discredit the Pakatan Rakyat government.
Worse, the posturing of some Umno leaders, using language with religious and racial overtones, are worrying. It was highlighted in one particular newspaper and the reaction is now seen by many Malaysians as a sledgehammer treatment.
Pig farming is a sensitive issue and no one, even non-Muslims, want a pig farm behind their houses, that's for sure. So it must he handled carefully.
Tan Sri, as a seasoned politician, you feel the pulse of the nation. Now, you have to tell fellow party members to adjust to the New Politics of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Yes, spot on by Matx2, but ironically Matx2 himself is part of that problem. The fact that he gets the ketua kampung to resign, and wants to control them as his network using our Rakyat's money smacks of arrogance and abuse of power by the federal govt. So his advice is "Do as I say, not as I do"? Big hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

UMNO cannot change. It is a party full of sharks and buayas who are there to plunder. Look at the line up of cabinet: mohdx2 with the such a foul history and the aussie affair?, azalina with the stupid UK hptc thingy?, and the mongolian guy? Look at the actions of mohdx2 with the ketua kampung actions, and the lesbo with the tourism dollar actions. Both act like the rakyat's money is their personal or umno money. A whole bunch of hypocrites. New battle cries by Team A and Team M, but all share the same old hypocrisy and greed. F them. can't wait to see PR take over parlimen!