Friday, April 11, 2008

Enter the New Malaysia

The media in Malaysia will never be the same again. March 8 2008 changed all the rules. In fact, the election tsunami changed Malaysia. Only those who are still in denial mode are still resisting the voices of Malaysians. There seem to be many of such people in Umno, who still has plenty of clout, and newspaper editors, too.

It is a watershed in the Malaysian history and all Malaysians must remember this date because a New Malaysia has emerged.

The New Politics of Malaysia has entered our lives. Malaysians voted massively for CHANGE and the changes, whether for good or bad, started from that day.

The demands for change include the media. More precisely, the mainstream media and as the editor of a newspaper, I cannot escape from the loud calls for changes in the media. Malaysians have cried loudly the kind of media they want. Certainly, Malaysians deserves better than a divided media of overwhelmingly pro-government newspapers or excessively pro-opposition bloggers.

March 8 changed all that. Suddenly, the distinction between government and opposition isn't so clear anymore. Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan are now with the Pakatan Rakyat, who are in government in these states. The Barisan Nasional is in the opposition now.

The media - whether old or new - must change if they do not wish to be left behind. As we march towards more changes, Malaysians must continue to reform these institutions meaningfully, not destroy them.

The many laws that have crippled the media such as the need for annual permit renewals should be abolish. No one needs a KDN to start a blog, so why a newspaper?


Anonymous said...

The major media suffers from 2 major handicaps. First, the draconian laws of Malaysia bind the hands of the journalist and the news agency. Secondly, even if the the laws are relaxed, the owners of the major media (UMNO and MCA) will still cripple the free flowing news. SO the laws must change, and the ownership of the major media must change. But don't hold your breath. I don't see any change coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, how are you going to balance between a free flowing blog and the demands of your MCA bosses. The MCA leaders are still living in yesterday, and still putting out crap statements to the rakyat. Can your blog carry frank and blunt statements? What if they breathe down your neck to censor? What if UMNO ask the MCA lapdog leaders to censor your blog? So you see, you will be sandwiched.

Anonymous said...

New Malaysia, same old crap from BN. In UMNO, old man Tun refuse to retire with dignity, old man Lah refuse to accept his party does not want him, Mongolian keeping quiet and sticking his head in the sand hoping that the rakyat cannot see his sin, 2XMat still there despite his old notorious history, Lesbo with no talent is made a minister. In MCA, all the old guards still there as "leaders" despite showing no leadership for the last umteen years. MCA is becoming irrelevant except maybe as a social welfare organization, and unwanted by the Chinese. MCA should stand for Malaysian Chicken Association. And look at MIC..Samy Vellu just doesn't get it! The Indians don't want him. They are joining DAP, PKR and PAS supporters club!!! Samy still want to be head of MIC! He is a joke! Gerakan what?? Please close shop. ALL the current set of leaders in BN component parties MUST GO. Revamp their charter and agenda!! Maybe then there is a new Malaysia.
As it is, all the draconian laws are still there.All the abuses are still there. Just look at 2xMat and Lesbo in action. What New Malaysia?