Saturday, April 26, 2008

End keris waving, end racist talk

It's good that Umno Youth chief Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein Onn has apologised for his keris waving action. It had generated much ill-feelings and it caused a massive loss of votes for the Barisan Nasional.
But Umno Youth leaders have to realise that while they represent the Malays, they need to realise as the backbone of the Barisan, they also represent the rest of Malaysians. They can't deliver fiery communal speeches and expect non-Malays to keep silent.
It would be disastrous if any party - Umno, MCA, MIC, PAS, DAP or PKR - think that the way to strengthen themselves is to remain communal. Or more communal or more religious.
The days of being racial champions are over. Stoking up the racial fire will not deliver votes, please wake up.
One perplexed MB said he had delivered what he wanted for the Chinese in his state and yet they voted for the opposition. He didn't know why as he said he had delivered.
No one has told him that national issues such as the keris episode and the arrogance of some Umno leaders were major factors. It was beyond his control.


Anonymous said...

Hi Datuk,

Hishamuddin was so reluctant to apologise for about 2 years. Now he says sorry is it?

Although Malaysia is still divided, mostly linguistically, leaders should move away from racial and religious politics.

How will MCA adapt? To me, it's a two-issue party -- "defend" the Chinese from "Islam" and Chinese schools.

Let's hope BN will stop waving keris,constitutions, etc...And start dismantling the NEP.

Anonymous said...

But leaders like UMNO Cheras Chief said its a gerat insult to UMNO for Hishamuddin to do that.Leaders like Syed Ali is real coward to UMNO.People hate leaders like him.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that such a man was given the job to teach our young. They say, respect is given, disgrace is earned. Since the incident, I have lost all respect for this thug. To me, it was not the keris waving that was insulting, it was the arrogance with which he defended his right to wave the keris that showed his bigotry and his racist streak. A simple sorry then would have closed the unhappy episode. Obviously he was carried away with the approving response of his mates in UMNO. Not unlike a child who has found a way to capture the attention of its parents, he played to the gallery of his UMNO mates, some of whom would really see this unqualified man take a tumble from the lofty position that he had merely inherited. Come on, I am sure there are many within UMNO who questions what his real merits are. Even as he tenders his long overdue apologies, there are still people within UMNO who wants to see him fall. He should be aware of those who say that his apology is an insult to UMNO. These are people who are clearly stoking the racial fires. It is so sad that they cannot even accept the fact that there are Malays who can be tolerant. For the other communities, just let the matter rest. Apology is already given - why split hairs over whether it is sincere or less so. Does anyone have a measuring gauge?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you think he is sincere? Look at what he said "I also apologize to the Malays..."