Thursday, April 17, 2008

Judicial reforms ahead

Hours from now, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would make known his plans for a judicial reform.
That's not all. Former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas and family members of the Supreme Court judges who were sacked in the 1988 judicial crisis would also be present. So would Cabinet members and leaders of the opposition.
The issue of sacked judges has plagued the nation for two decades. The time for renewal of trust and confidence in the judiciary must start from tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ok, BN, Let's skip the cosmetics. We will believe it when retired tun gets charged in court. We will believe it when the big corrupt fishes get charged in court and go to jail. Don't side track us with your RM 9 corruption charges...YAWNNNN !
And the more the police abuse the PR while pampering UMNO, the more we will support PR.

Anonymous said...

Only more talk from BN=UMNO. We want to see REAL ACTIONS that show they are listening. Get rid of ISA. Stop harassing the Pakatan Rakyat members and leaders. Reform PDRM and the home ministry. Jali the big fat corrupt leaders who milk the country of billions. Stop fanning racial hatred. When we see all these real actions then we will believe. Right now it is all wayang kulit and smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

One of the darkest chapters in the country's judicial history has come to a closure, finally.
The Prime Minister showed amazing grace last night by expressing his thoughts on the issue of 20 years ago.
The ex-gratia payment to the judges affected must be seen not as a compensation of sorts, but as Pak Lah's very personal attempt to restore the dignity of the judges who have suffered much.
While some may want a full-fledged investigation to properly identify the roles played by all the protoganists - to apportion blame and to offer restitution in the right proportion - it is time to move on.
It cannot be easy for the Prime Minister to express regret because the government today was the government at that time as well, although helmed by a different Prime Minister.
I believe Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has started the process of healing and self-reflection from the highest level which should be emulated by everyone involved.
The detractors will continue to have their say but in the course of a nation's history, such blots are sometimes necessary and will serve to remind us never to venture down the path again.
The setting up of the Judicial Commission is a positive move.
Hopefully, these promised reforms on the judiciary will put Malaysia back among the community of nations where our judges can truly hold their heads up high.
Let us not forget that an independent judiciary brings pride to the nation.