Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kudos to Karim Mansor!

Kudos to Tanjung Sepat Assemblyman Datuk Dr Karim Mansor for his proposal that a buffer zone be set up for the proposed centralised pig farming project in Ladang Tumbuk, Tanjung Sepat (NST, April 15).
It's a constructive suggestion as it would take into account the feelings of the residents. He is right in saying nobody would want a pig farm in their backyard. Not just Muslims but non-Muslims, too.
He also stated that he had always supported the project because current methods were untenable, due to pollution from pig farms.
Dr Karim also revealed that the previous Barisan state government had examined modern pig breeding methods in Germany and Thailand.
His proposal that a 5 to 10km buffer be considered is worthwhile studying. Pig breeding should be regarded as a commercial venture but should be carried out in a modern way.
The new Selangor state government should proceed with the project by balancing the right of livelihood and the feelings of Muslim residents in the area.

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