Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogging is not the remedy!

Suddenly every Barisan Nasional leader has been told to start blogging. It's sounding like a mantra. But let's get real. Blogging isn't the remedy to the problems facing the BN, Umno in particular. It doesn't help if the blogs are dead boring or devoid of good political arguments. The Internet is just a tool, it's the content that matters. Neither does it help to call for resignations. The problems facing some Barisan component parties won't disappear, even if their leaders quit, because serious reforms are what the parties need.
Political parties, regardless of whether they are in the Barisan or Pakatan Rakyat, that use racial or religious issues would not be tolerated by voters. They will be shown the door in the next elections if they do that.
Blogging doesn't win votes, it is just a channel for communication. It is certainly not the silver bullet to end the woes of politicians.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that blogging is not the panacea to our country's political woes but it's arguably not only the New Media but the New Mainsream Media.

For some time, information consumption and production patterns has moved from the monopolistic model of the old to the more accessible medium of digital publishing and customised content.

A free media is a double-edge sword. It protects and attacks. For instance, politicians on the wrong team like Chua Soi Lek of MCA can now communicate his side of the story. At the same time, if it is truly him blogging, his character and mannerisms show, so he can't blame the media for potraying him in bad light or misquoting him. If you are an arrogant asshole or dun know how to polish your writing to potray the image that you wish to, it will show.

Welcome to blogospher, Datuk Wong. But you are right, blogging won't solve BN's problems -- a total revamp of its race-based parties and policies and the uprooting of entrenched corruption is what the rakyat really want, not more spin whether in the MSM or in the Internet.