Monday, April 21, 2008

An independent ACA finally!

This is the best news to come out in years. The Prime Minister has finally given the nod to the setting up of a Malaysian Commission on Anti-Corruption. The independent body would also answer to Parliament.
There is more. He also said a parliamentary committee to propose measures against corruption would be set up, together with an advisory board of eminent persons to provide views on high profile cases.
Let's give credit when credit is due. It is important that this decision is translated into real action soon. Pak Lah has given until the end of the year to get it started.
But Malaysians will certainly want to see it moving faster if possible. If Malaysia wants to remain competitive, to be cost worthy and respectable, we have to weed out corrupt politicians and officials, this is the way forward.
For many foreigners, Malaysia is one lucky country - thanks to its palm oil, rubber and crude oil - but when it comes to corruption, we are a disgrace.

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Anonymous said...

i'm our Prime Minister is finally awake!Pak Lah you are late by 51 days...only if you have done all this before...i realy dont understand our system anymore...when they want to do someting negative our goverment will get it done overnight!but when it comes to do someting positive they will delay as much as they can delay...