Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome back, Makkal Osai

It's good to hear that the government has renewed the KDN of Tamil newspaper, Makkal Osai (click here) According to The Star, the newspaper's general manager S.M. Periasamy said the Home Ministry had renewed its publishing licence after the publication had appealed its earlier decision. Makkal Osai will be back on the newsstands this Saturday.
The newspaper ceased publication for a week after it failed to obtain a renewal on April 16.
Makkal Osai submitted an application for renewal on July 16, 2007, three months before its permit expired on Oct 15 last year.
When its printing permit was not renewed, the Home Ministry gave little details of its decision except to say that it had not followed guidelines provided by the Home Ministry.
It is good that a quick decision has been made but at the same time, the media fratenity would surely ask what was the point in refusing to renew Makkal's KDN and then make an aboutturn in weeks.
When The Star, Sin Chew and Watan were banned in 1987, we were less fortunate. We had to sit it out for five months.

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