Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don't scrap the live telecast!

Information Minister Datuk Shabery Chik is having second thoughts about having the parliamentary proceedings being telecast live after the fiery start yesterday. He complained that the opposition MPs had behaved badly and that it was unworthy to telecast the meeting as they were playing to the gallery.
It's really the best comedy show so far. In the words of Shabery, it's really a circus. But the voters would be able to pick out the disruptive ones better if we get to watch it live. From government MPs with unparliamentary behaviour to opposition MPs who are only good at fault finding and their delaying tactics, Malaysians would know what to do with the culprits. The voters are not stupid.
The issue would probably be discussed at the Cabinet meeting this Friday. It shouldn't be scrapped after just one telecast. Let's see how it goes, for sure RTM's ratings will shoot up with such telecast.


Anonymous said...

Make it live! Make it live! We wanna see who the real monkeys are!

Anonymous said...

the gov has no right to stop the live telecast!

We are not stupid and STOP telling us what we can and cannot watch. We have told you during the 8/3 Tsunami. You just dont get it. do u?

Yes, the info minister has stated earlier that it is the people right and choice to view their yb at work. Pls leave it at that. The rakyat shall decided not UMNO!!!

BryanChoong said...

live telecast should not be scrapped as we are able to gauge the performances of all MPs.

It is the Best TV show in Malaysia. Don t limit the time slot and screen the entire live show.

A potent combination of Law and Order , CSI Damages in real life 《Malaysian Drama 

Anonymous said...

When did the BN Government make the decision to telecast live the proceedings for 30 minutes each day? Was it was before the March 8,2008 General Elections or after? Every MP knew there was going to be the live telecast. What's wrong if they are all playing to the gallery? Are MPs being politicians not in fact always addressing the public to get their points across?The Minister of Information should not be too hasty to scrap the live telecast just because of one or two rowdy sessions in Parliament! Let the electorate or public see what their MPs are doing? Let them see also how the Ministers and Deputy Ministers reply to supplementary questions. If the Minister changes his decision then his peers could be advising him to take the programme off not because it is giving Parliament a 'bad image' but rather what the Opposition MPs are doing to say in Parliament will put the BN in a negative light.They can see some if not many of them are not really performing.I dare the Minister of Information to stay his decision on the live telecast.

WY said...

it's not the opposition, but the poor behaviour/speech from the govt-benches that led shabery to rethink the live broadcast.

honestly, if it is the oppositions who behaved like monkeys, then shabery will even propose a full channel, just for parliamentary broadcast.

And who is the dumb one? Malaysians for believing in mr. shabery.

Unknown said...

If the minister scrap it, then it show how worry the BN MPs are.

My 2 cents on the 12th parliament: -

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

Why? Is the information minister ashamed of some of his colleagues' behavior? Circus or not, the show must go on. We want to know how our representatives conduct themselves. Whether they're representing only themselves and their own egos or representing the citizens who voted for them. If they can't get used to behaving themselves in parliament how do we expect them to behave outside of it?


Saya sokong saranan tersebut kerana rakyat perlu tahu " REAL ATTITUDE" or their on MP'S and let them make their own decision and judgement.Yes , memang sungguh memalukan kerana , perangai dan perwatakan wakil rakyat semalam tetapi rakyat juga perlu tengok sikap dan perwatakan setiap wakil rakyat mereka dan seperti kami kali setiap kali dalam blog kami - JANGAN JADI PEMIMPIN SYOK SENDIRI.

Anonymous said...

must make it live through out the day. 30 mins is just not enough.

we rakyat want to see all!!

if BN think that they are good enough then why worry? they should use this as an opportunity to show how good they are in managing our country.

let rakyat judge who's big foot or big monkey, we are "big" enough to judge, don't need to use the "already far biased" mainstream media to try to brain wash us again and again.

just show us live

rakyat is their boss, they want to judge on their own.

and we'll decide who's doing good/bad job by our VOTES next GE.