Saturday, April 19, 2008

Free the ACA to fight corruption!

Let's hope the Anti-Corruption Agency would be freed. According to the New Straits Times April 19, the ACA has told the Prime Minister that it wants to be like Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption, which has wide ranging powers to weed out corruption.
Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz confirmed that a proposal has been submitted to the PM for a decision.
Let's hope the PM will not waste anymore time on this. Let the ACA carry out its work to end the corruption in this country.
Taxpayers are fed up of paying for projects that cost more than they should because of kickbacks. We do not want the ACA to worry about RM9.90 bribes but those that involves RM9mil or RM90mil. That's the real dirty money.
If our leaders have nothing to hide, then they should not hesitate in letting the ACA be truly independent.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh...We all know it ain't gonna happen leh. Why? Bcoz too many pigs have their hands in the cookie jar. They will be scared s##t to have an independent ACA running around investigating them. Even if the ACA is given a long leash, who is keeping an eye on the ACA. Knowing the corrupt culture that is now so ingrained in the people in power, who is keeping an eye on ACA to make sure they ar not part of the problem. Am I a sceptic? YES. And can you blame me? Just look around.