Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cigar Room: Not the end yet?

For readers following the Cigar Room episode involving the alleged molest of a lounge promoter by a former Cabinet minister, they thought the show had ended when the woman said in a statement that it was a mistake. She was unwell that night and the senior politician had just acted in jest, as he has been for the past five years.
So, it was a case of potong steam for many Malaysians following the Cigar Room episode. She said she was used to the politician's jokes and "rough ways" and had never objected to his actions nor felt offended by it previously.
Now the police are saying they will proceed with the investigations. See The Star for the City CID's probe into the allegations against the Datuk Seri.
But don't hope for a fantastic ending. The case is as good as closed despite the police bravado. If the woman isn't complaining anymore, why should the Attorney-General want to pursue a case he can't win?



Sdr Chun Wai,

1.The poor girl was unwell and moody;

2. A certain BN YB and a former Menteri "grabbed" her posterior;

3. She made a police report;

4. She became well (presumably) and her boss “talked sense” into her;

5. She retracted her allegation and (probably) lives happily ever after;

6. The AG said a “small matter.” I don’t know the size of her posterior. So I won’t say it was a small or big “matter”;

6. The YB (Yang Berahi) – in contemporary slang means “horny”—goes scot-free and lives happily ever after. Or is he?;

7. In conclusion – we have a waitress who was unwell and moody whose behind was “grabbed” by a Yang Berahi, who caused a police report to be made but was talked into withdrawing it by her boss who said it was a small miss-understanding.

8. My humble recommendation to all randy YBs – please make sure that the waitress you wish to “raba” (rub) is not unwell and not in foul mood. You are to raba only a waitress who is in good health and positively in good mood.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Com'on Dato Wong, if you wanna make your blog more interesting, you have to publish the name of that Dato Serigala! This is not a STAR site! At least give a broad hint like which ministry he was in charge of! Afterall it is not libel if you just print a fact, like who filed a police report against who. As long as you don't pass judgement as to his guilt or innocence, you are safe!