Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stop the political frogs, end party hopping

News flash: PM: Zambri Kadir, the Pangkor Assemblyman, to be sworn in as MB tomorrow

News flash: Police and FRU have taken over the State Secretariat building, state secretary asked state exco members and staff to leave.

There should be no place for political frogs. Malaysians must tell our politicians they cannot accept such unprincipled politicians. It does not matter whether they are from BN, PKR, DAP or PAS but there should be laws to stop such unethical politicians. There has to be consistency, however, when we push for such legislation. There cannot be a right to a wrong. If a BN elected representative joins Pakatan Rakyat, it is still wrong. It cannot be right. We cannot justify it simply because of our political emotions.

It should be the same when a Pakatan Rakyat elected representative defects to the BN. Many of us choose to forget the Pakatan Rakyat's attempt to capture the federal government after the March 8 polls. Despite the BN being democratically elected to lead the federal government, the PR went on a frog-hunting trip. In fact, Tian Chua even said the collapse of the BN federal government was inevitable and a foregone conclusion. He even went on a trip to Taiwan, together with a few top leaders, to get BN MPs to defect. Not many people seemed ready to condemn such actions.

Even Yong Teck Lee and his SAPP MPs pulled out of the BN despite being voted on BN tickets. Their actions then were cheered by PR leaders and supporters, regarding it as a prelude to Sept 16. The defections were then justified purportedly on moral grounds and political righteousness. It's time for a law to stop party hopping.


Whatmeworry said...

You're right, there's no place for political frogs in this country. There have too many of them lately. However, is the BN ready to have an anti-hopping bill passed? They have the majority in Parliament.

The BN will never want such a bill as it is them who normally benefits as these unscrupulous frogs normally jumps to where the milk and honey is and the BN is always deemed as the one with all the milk and honey.

I also blame Anwar for these hopping fiasco. He encouraged it even though everyone knows it was wrong. I salute the Hon. Karpal Singh for being firm on this. Even his old pal LKS failed miserably here.

Anonymous said...

Lompat Si Katak Lompat,
(Jump froggie Jump)
Lompat lah tinggi tinggi
(jump as high as you can)
Cepat Si adik cepat
(Faster little sister faster)
Cepat bangun pagi-pagi
(Quickly wake up early)
Anwar, Najib, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz learn from this simple kiddy pantun

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

It is good that an anti hopping law is passed but it is difficult to change a person's heart.

From this episode it is clear that we have many self serving and corrupt politicians.

These politicians will thrive because the political party, especially UMNO are corrupt. This is acknowledged by the leaders themselves.

So humanly it is impossible to rid this problem.

The rakyat is totally fed up of this scums of society.

We have to cry to God Almighty to expose all corrupt and self seving polticians and rid this nation of this mess.

KTemoc said...

Regrettably, many PR supporters are still throwing stones with sheer abandonment without realizing they have been living in froggie glass houses since March 2008.

Anonymous said...

It must be so discouraging when a party has spent money and efforts to get a member elected only to find him running to the other camp. An anti hopping law would ensure a more stable society to evolve with a clearly mandated
government. We cannot have government changing every now and then because the all important thing i.e development will be hampered.


Anonymous said...

Look at the pictures posted of the Hee lady in the crowd of the BN people. When little fries play with fire and big powerful people, they get into situations where their lives are no longer in their own control. They get swept away by events. Their family lives too are caught in the political power play and the crowd.

raj raman said...

To many frogs and money Politics.
Pak Anuar lost the game set up by warloards (UMNO) under his nose.
Two frogs sold their soul to excape sex and corruption charges.
Another lady sold her soul for...well quest it?

Another big frog jump from UMNO to PKR and trap PKR and jump back to UMNO.
The loser is Anak Bangsa Malaysia.
Jump frog jump for personal gain.
Thank you "WCW".
Raj Raman.

Observing Malaysia said...

Dear Chun Wai
I think your blog should not be called New Malaysia anymore because if this is what New Malaysia is all about -- I don't like it.
Call it what you want but it is a coup in Ipoh with our beloved Sultan as the unwitting "star".
We should all hang down our heads in shame for allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree & support the comments made by Observing Malaysia. As a Perakian now residing in KL, it hurts me even more that HRH was not sensitive enough to gauge the feelings of his subjects by making this unanimous decision.

The 2 PKR defectors are being tried for corruption. And if their support is enough to make HRH believe this is the best for the rakyat of Perak, then this may be the biggest mistake HRH could have made. Yes, even if by Constitution HRH may be right by not disolving the State Assembly, surely HRH could have been more farsighted by allowing the fate of Perak be 'dictacted' by 2 possibly corrupted politicians who probably are jumping ship to save themselves from being prosecuted.......I dunno whether HRH may ever redeem the faith of his subjects in the near future but he has certainly earned the wrath of many. Ironically, the people of Perak just proudly celebrated HRH's Silver Jubilee on Tues...and in less than 48 hours, the hero has turned 'villian' by making a unilateral decision that has brought a new low in Malaysian politics. And for Najib to proudly declare triumph, all I can say is "tak malu ke menang atas bantuan 2 orang ahli DUN yang mungkin makan rasuah?"

Good luck to you & BN. I know where to place my vote the next GE. And to HRH, ampun tuanku beribu-ribu ampun. I stand by my opinion that justice was not served today and disappointingly, this was due to a decision made by you.

Anonymous said...

Totally unexpected and totally shameful. How can u trust Bota for making an about turn in less than a week? How can you trust the 2 idiots that is being tried for corruption? 3 questionable politicians and a sadly confused Chinese lady just sealed the fate of rakyat Perak endorsed by the palace. What a dissapointment....:(

Anonymous said...

as an anak perak, i was very proud of sultan azlan & raja nazrin. through their speeches, they showed great understanding on the wishes of the rakyat as a whole. other sultans tried to emulate them. i had faith that we were heading towards the right direction and I had faith that things will turn out to be allright. what they said made sense. i respect grew for them by the day.

but today, today is a nightmare. although sultan azlan claimed he was guided by the perak state constitution, a big decision as such should also be guided by some conscience and logic, right? today i see a new low in the palace's decision making. today, i lost a lot of faith and respect....; and today i fear that things will not improve in perak. the recent jubli perak celebrations has been marred by this shocking decision. as an anak perak, i am ashamed of what has happened in my homestate.

today is a sad day.

Richguy said...

Dear Mr.Wong,

With all fairness, remember the pakatan rakyat openly announced their intention where we Malaysians argued and disputed. No one went missing for 5 days. Yong Tek Lee gave his ultimatum before pulling out from BN. In the meantime BN boasted about their integrity and criticized opposition for attempting to lure MPs. One his part Anwar assured us there would never be seize of power by force .
But today's case is very unique. Just like the PM who lied about our GE date, the DPM lied about his alleged involvement with the 3 members in Perak. Today we witnessed once again the PM in waiting is far more superior in lying. His method of condoning the defectors even before taking over the position of PM further confirms why people are uncomfortable with him. Not only I say this but even the recent survey by Merdeka Centre also proves that.