Friday, February 6, 2009

Standoff between police and crowd outside palace

News alert: Dr Zambry sworn in as MB, Syed Hamid warns of action against those out to create trouble and commit treason against Malay Rulers.
News alert: Zahid Hamidi: Protestors kicked my car, threw objects
News alert: Nizar refuses to resign as MB, won't vacate official residence

Breaking news - Police has fired two rounds of tear gas at a group of Pakatan Rakyat supporters armed with stones and bottles who tried to force their way into the Istana Iskandariah palace ground in Kuala Kangsar. A large crowd, which the Malaysian Insider estimated to be 10,000, had gathered outside the palace after Friday prayers at Masjid Ubudiah. More to follow. Reporters outside the palace said the situation has turned chaotic. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Solving this issue with violence is not the way! History tells us that violence breeds violence and it will spiral out of control. The blame is now with BN that caused so much anger and resentment and if violence continues, it could backfire and hand the victory back to them. Patience is a powerful tool! Hold peaceful demonstrations and then use the pen which is mighthier than any sword!

Anonymous said...

Lately Malaysians are taking their grouses to the streets, following the style other countries are practising. We are becoming more politically aware and involved, be it in reading MSM, blogs, coffeeshop talks or among friends. And not just reading but taking steps to change the system. When people get frustrated by what they disagree but cannot change them the natural reaction is express it openly. A government that fail to understand the sentiments of her people has no moral right to govern and must be put down. God will hear the cries of His people and instal new leaders when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

I call on Tuanku to dissolve the state assembly and have a new fresh election. let the people decide through the ballot again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato',

Be fair lah. Don't say "PKR supporters" lah. Saya bukan PKR member tapi saya juga bersimpati mereka. Call them RAKYAT.

But then, people like you are inclined to label us PKR supporters so that no one support us, thinking we are fighting on political ground.

Hey, we are RAKYAT fighting for our democracy. Please bear this in mind. You of all people. Don't tell me, your Sunday column is also mere rhetoric like those yellow talk. Cakap sahaja?

amoker said...

Not only 2 rounds of tear gas, btw. And why is Syed Hamid talking about treason?

People feel like fools being asked to vote and then a group of well healed people cahort and become leaders. And the police is obviously partisan. No wonder they can kick and beat .. and even kill. Each scratching each others back.

Donplaypuks® said...

FO to you anonymous.

Where and when did the violence come from? When tear gas is fired at you, you will run for protection. That is not violence.

The People have a right to express their protests peacefully. More often than not, it is the authorities who provoke the 'violence.'

KTemoc said...

Australia had its John Kerr, we have Sultan Azlan Shah - both former Chief Justices (or by another name, Lord Presidents).

Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad.
After ptayers, they go protesting.
And all are Malays, some old men in sarongs and kopiahs.
Where are the Chinese and the Indians who also have reps who were thrown out?.
Where is the leader instigating the street protests, reminiscent of 10 years ago?
As usual hiding hs hand, sitting in air-conditioned comfort and pontificating democarcy.
Poor Malays, again the victim of tear-gas.
I like the style of the Chinese businessmen.
Go with the ONE in ppwer.
After Tuesday they will be pally with the new government.
But when it comes to voting, they know who to choose.

Julian said...

Any kind of demo is called "illegal" and I've been hearing and reading about it in the MSM.

We should just cool down for a while and yeah, use the pen. Not to post anything seditious but rather to draw lines like this: X

Anonymous said...

And the loser again is...the people.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon of Feb6, 4.17pm:
There are many versions. The pen is mightier than the sword is only one version. Mao said that power comes from the barrel of a gun. Malaysians think that power comes from the Ringgit. But ultimately real power comes from God.Just imagine, after all the political power fights, somebody gets to sit on the mighty chair, but next thing God may tell him that it is time to attend the real Judgement! Poof...there is suddenly a funeral to attend.

Observing Malaysia said...

Dear Chun Wai
I am sure you are as sad as all Malaysians that we condon such blatant manoeuvres to usurp power and pull off a "coup" right under the nose of a well-learned Ruler.
Having said that, we cannot allow violence or people taking to the streets. People should take to their pens and keyboards to bombard the guilty with letters, emails and other peaceful means.
Let the guilty ones read.
I have raised many questions elsewhere and I will not repeat them.
And, yes, thank you for giving Malaysians an extra outlet to vent their feelings and frustrations.
That is more like the New Malaysia that you blog espouses.


Anonymous said...

Money Money Money, must be funny in a BN's world,
Ah..haa.....all the frogs will jump,
if I give them a little money,
It's a BN's world.

Anonymous said...

DSAI, you see lah, you want to play frog jumping,
but you only can play with marbles.
People can play with real money, and I mean R-E-A-L money. You put up candidates that only earn kacang putih money, and have never seen RM10,000 before in their whle life. When they see millions next to their nose, their legs tremble, their noses run, their eyes pop, and suddenly.whoosh..they become frogs lah.
Now you cry cry also no use lah
Just be patient and wait for the next election lah. Why the hurry? Are you like them also? And next election, you put up good candidates. And don't take people from UMNO lah. You can't trust people that jump from UMNO. Ooops I don't mean you lah, since you have been cleansed through the passage of unfair imprisonment of some funny charges. Don't worry, you just play cool, stay out of prison, and next election we will see lah.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Violence will not resolve the 2 MB impasse and the constitutional crisis in Perak.

It can only be resolved in a courtroom.

It is interesting to note senior constitutional lawyer Dominic Puthucheary, who appeared for Mohd Adnan and Pairin in the 1985 case, said in an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini today that based on Justice Tan’s landmark judgment, there is no constitutional provision for the dismissal of a chief minister by the ruler.

Let the Court decides once and for all.

Let Justice prevail.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the 4 jokers betrayed us Perakians. They should be the ones responsible. Why put the blame on DYMM Sultan Perak alone?? If u care, go tunjuk perasaan peacefully at their houses instead of just at Istana Kinta. They decide to jump boat, then they better be prepared to face the wrath of the voters.

Obviously, they will hide until the storm ends. So don't expect them to serve their voters. Who ends up the biggest loser? You don't need a second guess, right? So speak up people and be prepared to seek them out for an explanation. If they hide, it just shows they are guilty as hell.

Anonymous said...

There is a lesson for the PR ADUNs from all this.
If someone comes to you luring you into some shady deals by using your new found power/authority, you better think twice, thrice ..many many times. All that glitter may not be gold. It is a trap for you. And if you are as corrupt as the previous ADUN, then you deserved to get entrapped. And if the PR leaders are smart, they should terminate these representatives immediately, instead of trying to defend them.

Anonymous said...

idzan ismail,
the Chinese were not as smart in these matters. They were all shouting outside Hee's office clamouring for her blood there.
I think they are scared that if they protest outside the istana, they may get banished from Perak. You know the Chinese have weak political clout, so please don't blame us for being "chicken". hey you think all Chinese are business men? Only 1 % lah, the rest have to work for gaji, or peddle mee, economy rice as hawkers, or peddle pirated VCD. You think we are all MCA towkays?

Anonymous said...

I hope the courts will find both Jalamuluddin & Osman Mohd Jailu guilty. I hope they will serve justice and give the rakyat a chance to make a choice that they so deserve.

PR should ban both of them for life and for good irrespective of what happens in the future. Same goes for Hee. She should be so ashamed of herself.

And I dare Jalamuluddin & Osman to swear on the holy Quran that they were not bought over. After all, isn't this the DPM's most effective way of quashing rumors?

BlueMoon said...

Violence is synonymous with PKR. Undoubtly violence is PKR way of life. They march in the streets, throwing bottles at the police and shouting obcene words. Their acts are getting dangerously bold. They are now aftering the palace. These goofs must be out of their mind. The police must be firm and act fast. Put them behind bars before someone is injured or killed.

BlueMoon said...

If anyone has the right to demonstrate then it must be DAP supporters. Why? Because DAP has 18 sits compared to PAS 6. Realistically, the loser in this defection game is DAP not PAS. In terms of number, PAS is a minnow in PKR. Suprisingly those who had demonstrated were almost exclusively PAS supporters who happened to be Malays. The chinese supporters in DAP did not resort to demonstration because they have brains. The chinese knows that street demonstration will not do any good to the people and the country in general. PAS supporters also have brains but they failed to use it.

Anonymous said...

Dear ANON of Feb 6,11.28 PM :
All the federal institutions are under the thumb of UMNO, so please don't raise your hopes too high. And please don't place your hope on the "swearing on Quran". First there is no such thing as swearing on Quran. It is not Islamic. And for Christians, actually there is no such thing as swearing on Bible.I don't know how this thing got started. But anyway, all the crooked BN politicians will swear on anything, Quran, Bible, or their dead parents' grave. They have no morals. Their "god" is money, power and ego.

ChengHo said...

This is a fight between Malays and Malays we have no business to get involves
Nga and Ngeh very smart remotely controlling Nizar ,Anwar ,Hadi and all the demostrators after friday prayer
The Fed cannot do a waiting game until the situation cannot be controlled any more
We used to joke in Jakarta for 1 nasi padang bungkus we can organise a demo look what happened in Malaysia this day you have men laying on the road after their prayer

Anonymous said...

PR supporters should not get their hopes too high that BN will be deposed off in the next GE. AT the rate things are going,there may be no next GE. The rakyat may be robbed of a GE entirely. If UMNO can short circuit the due process of law and constitution to rob Perak of a state election,what is there to stop UMNO from robbing us of a GE?

Anonymous said...

Who can you trust to do the right thing in Malaysia?:
Can you trust the ADUN or MP ?
Can you trust the ministers?
Can you trust the judges?
Can you trust the police?
Can you trust the press?
It has come to a stage where we cannot trust anybody.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

Hi Anonymous 11.26pm
My point was I pity the poor kampung Malays who were being made use of to protest.
What do they get?
Tear gas and a ride in the Black Maria.
Of course, I know there are many poor Chinese who made an honest living.
It's the Chinese tycoon who have access to the powers-that-be I am talking of.
When I was young I followed my dad who worked in most of the state capitals aside from KL.
In his dealings with the Sultans, like oter government officials, they 'sembah', stand at a distance and address 'Tuanku' when spoken to.
But the Chinese tycoons are pals with the royalty, patting them on the back, and talking I, you like friends.
And they are always the first to set up appointments with any new government.
If yiu don't believe me, just hang around the State Secretariat from Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for MCA. Many of the MCA members are quietly uncomfortable with the actions of their main partner,UMNO.But the MCA leaders are in a dilemma. They cannot part ways with UMNO. Many of them have their hands in the cookie jar together with UMNO. And they are to scared to part ways too. So with the reckless way that UMNO is conducting itself, what is MCA's course of action? The whole scenario does not bode well for MCA. If it falls into the trap of rushing to lure PKR/DAP ADUNs in Perak to hop to MCA, it will further erode MCA image. So where does MCA stand in all this?

Anonymous said...

UMNO is suffering from terminal cancer. Uncurable. It is living its last breath with desperation. Blindly groping for more power. Blindly forcing people to recognize their eroding authority and legitimacy. But not realizing that all these bad actions are accelerating its own death. If UMNO had just stuck to entrapping corrupt PR ADUNs and MPs, charging them in court, and just leave it at that, the rakyat could have been shown that maybe PR is not that great and just as coorrupt, then it may have been an effective weapon against PR. But by doing such devious actions and stealing the state in broad daylight, it practically lost the support of the people, and it will come back to haunt BN. Perakians simply do not recognize Zambri as their new MB, period.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

Heard Zahid lamenting there's no Indian reps in the new government.
He's inviting the Pakatan Reps to leap-frog into BN.
So cute.
Any takers? We wait and see.
I suggest MIC people like Palanivel or even Samy Vellu contest a state seat in Perak.
Umno sacrfice one seat for the sake of unity.
Also simplistic.
Hmm. I wish Tun M is still the PM.
He knows how to fix things.