Monday, February 9, 2009

PAS MP for Bukit Gantang dies

It looks like another by-election will have to be called in Perak. The PAS MP for Bukit Gantang, Roslan Shaharum (picture), died of a heart attack on Monday morning. According to The Star Online, the 50-year-old had sent his car to a car-wash near his home in Changkat Lallang near here when he complained of chest pains.

Roslan borrowed a bicycle from one of the carwash workers to go to the nearest pharmacy. His body was found at a slip road by passersby at 11:15am, Batu Gajah OCPD ACP Najib Mohamad said. For the full report, click here.

In the last general election, Roslan polled 20,015 votes to beat the Barisan candidate, Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi from Umno by a majority of 1,566 votes. Azim had 18,449 votes while independent M Morgan had 872 votes.


Anonymous said...

Please the federalgovt office to Perak or Kedah. It looks like our cabinet, especially our PM-to-be will be spending most of his time there.

Anonymous said...

Contractors in Kedah and Perak to get windfall contracts soon. Can some ADUN in Selangor please quit also? We need some projects in Selangor too. Business here is getting very slow.

Anonymous said...

Allow Nizar to contest this by-election.

BN can put up whomever they want. How about Zambry, the self-proclaimed "MB for All".

All of Msia incl Sultan Azlan will see who Perakians really want.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

Bukit Gantang Referendum

The impending Bukit Gantang parliamentary by-election to be held as a result of the death of its incumbent MP will provide a much-needed platform for PR to demonstrate its strength and popularity among the People.

Bukit Gantang, previously a Barisan stronghold but was lost in the previous GE, is a Malay predominant seat. A stronger than before victory for PR will reaffirm the general sentiment that the 'new' state government lack the moral authority to rule. A defeat for UMNO will be a crushing blow to the in-coming PM, signalling the forthright rejection of UMNO/BN among Malays/Malaysians.

Let's use the Bukit Gantang as a referendum. Let the People's voice to be heard.

Anonymous said...

My condolences go to YB Roslan family of his untimely death.

It will be interesting to see how much ground has BN recovered or grab this seat from PR. A good opportunity for Najib to prove that the Perakians are behind his latest move to take the Perak govt by the back door.
This is a malay constituent, let us see whether the malays are still backing BN or PR.
If Bn scored a hatrick for three successive failures in the by-elections, Najib leadership in UMNO will not look pretty!