Monday, February 9, 2009

PKR assemblyman missing in Kedah?

Latest: The media is waiting for V.Arumugam to announce his decision to quit as an exco member but is said to be staying on as a state assemblyman following various allegations against his personal life.

Trouble is brewing in Kedah. the word is that Bukit Selambau assemblyman V.Arumugam (picture) is missing. Reporters have been trying to locate him to confirm speculation that he may want to quit. No one is certain whether he wants to quit as assemblyman or quit from the PKR to join another opposition party. Malaysiakini has quoted sources as saying that he plans to quit his seat to pave the way for a by-election soon. Is this a pre-emptive move? Other versions have it that the PKR has a resignation letter dated Feb 20 with the party.

In the March 2008 election, Arumugam had stood as an independent against the MIC's K Subramaniam. Arumugam polled 13,225 votes against Subramaniam's 10,863 votes to win by a majority of 2,362 votes.

He subsequently joined PKR and was made an Exco member.


Anonymous said...

Kedah next? As for Perak, please check out the Malaysia-Today site regarding the scandal in Sabah on a certain road project. A report was lodged with ACA by a certain datuk in 2008, but no action taken by ACA. Again, no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't UMNO know when to stop? The economy is falling offthe cliff. Can the ministers please go back to work? We are getting fed up. When thousands and thousands get laid off,and businesses start failing and property foreclosures balloon, the BN government is going to have their hands full. They may find that by spending alltheir time to gain a couple of states, they may lose the whole country. Are our ministers deaf or what?

Anonymous said...

Is our dear old Tun proud of the new "successor" that he backed, or does he think he has just made another mistake? Is Najib paying attention to our economy? Isn't that more important than getting Perak and Kedah? What is the point of controlling the whole Malaysia if the whole country becomes bankrupt like Zimbabwe? GET BACK TO WORK !

Anonymous said...

Bukit Gantang MP (PAS)passed away according to Malaysiakini. Another By-election. Another referundum? Another test of Najib's popularity or lackof? Windfall for Bukit Gantang as hundreds of million gets poured into the constituency?

Another by-election in Bukit Selambau? Will Bukit Selambau get a windfall from a by-election, or will Arumugam do a "Hee" and deprive his constituency of the windfall?

Will our entire cabinet spend their time in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau instead of governing Malaysia? Is the country still on autopilot?

Anonymous said...

Why you guys worry about economy?

Don't worry lah. Play politics more fun. Politicians will ntertain us since rakyat got no nasi to makan.

Besides, our Finance Minister got a hiddenb card up his sleeve which he will show us when he become PM. But I shall tell you anyway:

You have heard of Filipino maids, Indonesian maids. Well, soon we will have latest exports - Malaysian maids who will help bring in vital foreign currency to pump up our economy.

So don't worry lah.

Anonymous said...

It's clear to see more & more Pakatan Rakyat representatives are beginning to get FED-UP with their own party. Not only are they dissatisfied with their leaders but more importantly how things are being controlled & manipulated by certain Pakatan Rakyat leaders (namely Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nik Aziz & Hadi Awang).

So much so even Karpal Singh himself had been left out in many important meetings. Sources in DAP said there is a conspiracy to get Karpal doomed from DAP.

Believe it or not??? We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Perak GONE & Kedah to follow suit.

Let us all NOT deny reality. Facts are facts. Pakatan Rakyat is breaking apart & it's not becos BN is getting stronger. The simple reason for being so is that Pakatan Rakyat representatives themselves are seeing NO FUTURE within their own party. This is indeed the fact.

Although many common citizens are still denying reality but I won't blame them. In most cases, 'the rakyat' are the last one to know any truth. Give it time..."the rakyat will soon see the picture".

By the next G.E., I forecast there will not be any Pakatan Rakyat candidates left to be fielded. Why??? Cos' they have all either joined BN or become independent.

Anonymous said...

Will BN and PR have the balls to field a Zambri vs Nizar in the Bukit Gantang be-election? Let the BG Perakians decide who shouldbe the MB of Perak. The population mix is nicely representative with the Malays/Chinese/Indians in BG at 70/20/10 ratio.

Anonymous said...

Sayonara pada semua dalam PAKATAN,
Kamu semua dah kena HENTAM,
Hentam kat kiri, kanan, luar dan DALAM,
Tolong balik kampung makan RAMBUTAN.

Anwar aje tahu cakap CROSSOVER,
Tapi sekarang sendiri kena WALKOVER,
Rakyat kini bayang Anwar semacam JOKER,
Mukanya memang tak sesuai nak main POKER.

Main politik Anwar tak TAHU,
Tapi suka buntut punya BAU,
Nampak buntut jantan dia MAHU,
Macam mana Pakatan Rakyat nak MAJU?

Anonymous said...

Oh, this guy who is in deep shit over adultery case. But no problem now. He quit PKR to become independent friendly to BN and no more adultery case to face. Moreover can get paid some more. Wise move.

Anonymous said...

Adultery is not a legal crime,so why quit?
MCA man do video show also no need to quit.