Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong: The drama continues

Latest: Anwar wants her to reconsider

Anwar Ibrahim has asked Elizabeth Wong to rethink her decision to quit. He wants her to go on leave first and the party will make a decision after that.

Elizabeth Wong, the Selangor executive council member and Bukit Lanjan assembly woman, has quit both positions. She announced this at a press conference at PKR headquarters today.

Her boss in Selangor, the Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, said he would get the Sultan of Selangor's views on Wong’s decision to quit all posts first and has advised her to take leave for a "well-deserved rest".

But the political drama continues and PKR adviser and de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is expected to call a press conference on the issue this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I dislike the slant in today's head line. It is distasteful. Can't the Star show some sympathy and respect. "Caught in the Nude" seems to suggest she was in the wrong. How could the Star even remotely suggest such a thing when there is no details at all!

Anonymous said...

As much as I respect Elizabeth Wong as a dedicated leader who works hard for 'the rakyat' but I must admit she had put herself to shame.

For someone who is NOT married, how can she allow guy(s) to enter her bedroom while she is sleeping? Perhaps, she forgot to lock the door? Come 'on...let us all GET REAL.

This unfortunate incident showed Elizabeth Wong lacks the moral value to serve on as a representative. She MUST QUIT & that would be the best option.

Anonymous said...

As a lady EW obviously could not handle the scandal she caused and took the sacrificial way out. She really need the shoulders and hugs of her colleagues in PKR to stay on. So far the evidence did not suggest any immoral wrongdoing. Once again, the press have gone round witch hunting, and predictably the hunted has been the victim. Shame on you for taking this irresponsible route.

Anonymous said...

If this is a political ploy to bring down Elizabeth or make her a liability to her party, then this will be the most despicable act in our nation political history. In Asian culture, some women would rather die than face this kind of embarassment! This is nothing but rape and perpetrator/s must be dealt with severely!

Anonymous said...

I pity YB Elizabeth Wong for the predicament she is in. She has my compassion and support. I hope the pervert who took such photos will be identified and brought to justice soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the police will investigate and take action against the culprit.

Should teach him a lesson!

Carling said...

If the Sultan is sad over what is happening to Perak Sultan, you can say majority of the rakyat is totally pissed off with BN and their goons over what have happened in Perak, Kedah and Selangor. Don't they have better things to do in this economic crisis when everybody is trying to survive and makes their days as happy as possible?
Running dogs have limited days as their master has shown signs of rabies and may die soon.

BareSheen said...

It is sad that a person is judged by his or her sexual proclivities and not by his or her character, competence and ability.

It is even sadder and a tragedy indeed that one is labelled immoral just because one sleeps in the nude.

This is what is ailing our beloved country, Malaysia. Politicians who have nothing to show except to harp on race, religion and sex.

One day it is race. Then more race issues. Next day, it is religion. Then we are up in arms because he sleeps with who.

Come on, people. Isn't there more pressing issues besetting our country that deserve more, much more, of our energy, attention and intelligence.

Surely Dr Khir Toyo has more constructive comments to make than to pontificate hypocritically about one's behaviour in the privacy of one's bedroom.

Really, this is none of his bloody business.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai
Elizabeth Wong should carry out her duties as diligently as before.
Why must she choose the guilty path by resigning.
Her house is her private domain and whar she does there is no business of ours.
Most women including I have walk around half nude in the house.
Near nudity or full nudity has nothing to do with her performance as a a people's rep.
It's not sodomy, murder or corruption which affect the lives of others.
It's her body. She has a right to do whatever she wants.
Wonder why is Star sensationalising her story in the front page.
Isn't the Agong urging all malaysians to respect the sanctity of the constitution merit prominence.
Star is not the Malay Mail.
Potraying the story in the front-page will lead to lecherous man going all out to search for the photos.
Let the story die a natural death.

Anonymous said...

she's not guilty of anything. she shouldnt have resigned in the first place. let the police investitage.

whether she's with PR or not, this is about someone's secret life being intruded. she is just another human. dont blame her.

intruding into someone;s private life, taking pictures and distributing it is an act of crime. any level-headed person will not do that.

our house, especially our bedroom holds our privacy. she is a victim of a crime, not a victim of circumstances nor a victim of politics.

let us be human here...

Anonymous said...

Wong as a christian, what is you view on this matter.

Anonymous said...

What has Malaysian politics become? Is this the way to bring someone down? What if soemone were to record you without your knowledge and leak it? We must come out with a ruling onb this. It looks like the victim has to pay a price and the prepatrator got free.

Anonymous said...

I hope YB Eli will stay strong and remain as YB despite the humiliation she is experiencing now. Dont let those low life to ruin a YB that was elected by the Rakyat!
Really amazing how one can stoop so low to gain a political mileage!

Anonymous said...

i should pity that Dental who go around and harping at the wrong tree.

As for YB Elizabeth .. whatever is it .. be yourself and be strong.

Anonymous said...

People just didn't learned it after all. Dangerous liaison. You screw around you'll end up screwed.

State of denial, yes blame it to BN.

She put herself into a dangerous situation, and she paid it dearly with her dignity. Period.

amoker said...

The insane part is the same people who seek to see her photo is the same people who wants to condemn her as immoral.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as d drama rolls on, d trend is clear-cut, gradually one by one elected Pakatan rep will b 'shot down'!

Today is ur turn, 2moro, whose turn????

Is she going 2 resign just bec of a few nude photos? If she does, she will b playing by d rules of their games!

Stay united 2 fight on!

EW, u r not a feeble chicken tht is easily intimidated but a real 'fighter cock' 2 fight 4 ur rights n to champion 4 d good cause of ur countrymen. This is not d time 2 'chicken out'!

Close ur eyes n listen 2 d inner voice - perhaps divine blessing has a better plan 4 u!

Remember, there's a bright light waiting 4 u at d end of d dark tunnel!

Believe in urself n ur strengths!

Anonymous said...

The only drama we see is the one created and sensationalized by the local papers. It need not be frontpage news if you guys did not decide to make it, which this matter definitely did not warrant. The poor poor girl, targeting a single woman like this is beneath a national paper. You guys must learn to draw the line, even though private lives of politicians are deemed public information but this ... this appears to have overstepped the boundaries of human decency.
A Malaysian Woman

Richguy said...

I find it's disappointing to note that as a senior journalist you have failed to take a firm stance on this. Someone has violated into a privacy of a woman and made a business out of her sexuality but for you, it is a drama.
How long it would take for someone to do the same in your private life? What if someone had done this to you while you were intimate with your loved one?
Mainstream media must deny people and perpetrators who come with such news and people like you must be more principled, calling for other MSMs to blackout such defaming news, if it is meant to tarnish the reputation of the person. Just tell me honestly would you MSM do the same if it is the PM or DPM?

Anonymous said...

Bro, as christians (she's too)at least you offer little sympathy for her- it aint no drama but a sister in need of help

ChengHo said...

We symphatise with her but once you become a leader like it or not you are a public property ,your conduct subject to public scrutiny , careful with technology those day Vijandran case we just have video tape but now we are in digital world be careful with those people close to you..
Eli have no choice but to resign from public life to honor her integrity...

Francis Lui said...

this is clearly an intrusion to her privacy and we as Malaysian should condemn strongly

Anonymous said...

YB Elizabeth Wong had done nothing wrong. Why should the victim be victimized yet again? What happened is not just a violation of her privacy, but that of every woman in this country. A despicable act by the perpetrator which all Malaysians should be ashamed of. Since when have we stooped so low....?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Politics in Malaysia has gone down the gutters.

We have politicians disappearing, double hopping, denying hopping and then hopping,, lying, money politics, corruption,....

Now we have what I called SPY-CAM POLITICS as a short cut to bring down a politician.

It also appear to me that any constituency with the name beginning with BUKIT is at risk of being called for a by election. Is it a jinx, joke or what??

And so there may be 3 by- elections in the 3 bukits.

I fail to understand why Eli should resign.

Many other politicians tainted and accused of money politics, bribery, abuse of power and worst crimes remain as politicians and even appointed to high positions.

It is due to this gutter politics that the rakyat is fed up and crave for a clean govt.

At times like this, the people can only pray for divine intervention to rid this country of corrupted and self serving politicians.

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed with this news. Ms. Wong must have faith in God, and she must continue to understand her purpose in life as determined by God. This looks like she must keep on fighting for freedom, justice and equality, especially for women and girls, amidst the brutal politics as dominated by men. I believe strongly in prayer and I found this prayer book very consoling when in my anguish, as based on the beautiful serene everyday devotion of the Moravia and Bohemian refugees, within great and genuine fellowshio with each other, in Germany,since 1727 (see Moravian Church Daily Texts 2009, The Moravian Church in North America, USA, 2009, pg. 150):

"Comforter, you give us strength to endure the conflicts and trials of our lives.Always let us feel your presence and love, as we look to the promise of a future filled with glory for all who suffer. Amen."

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

Anonymous said...

This is the reality of it - there are a lot of people crying and a lot of people laughing about it.
This is the harsh fact of politics. Frankly I think Elizabeth needs not resign. Sometime ago, I read a news whereby a porn queen won an election and even took up an important post in her cabinet.
Food for thought for Elizabeth for there is no legislation in this country that bars people who had nude pictures taken becoming a Minister even.

Ghost of Onn Jaafar

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Truth will prevail
Though no easy sail
Good will outlast the bad
No need forever be sad

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170209
Tue. 17th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

From the pictures posted over the internet, I think she over-reacted and I don't understand why she should get so worked up over pictures which are not revealing at all. I hope she's not a publicity seeker herself.

Anonymous said...

Calls by certain politicians for Elizabeth to step down is hypocrisy.They should call for the resignations of other politicians who were caught on photo in an immoral situation as blogged in www.aisehman.org

Anonymous said...

See how honourable some people are.
One resigns to save her party while the other runs to make sure her own party falls. Elizabeth should be proud of herself.

Ghost of Onn Jaafar

Anonymous said...

Is she a practising Christian, Muslim, Buddist, Hindu or whatever religion? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think any religion will condone pre-marital sex.

If yes, what will her message be to all the girls (and boys) that look-up to her as a leader? That it is okay to have pre-marital sex but remember to do it in private whilst single and with single person. And don't get caught!

This is her personal problem and she made it political to cover her shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Can you show some sympathy or you had none?

Why focus on politics, when you can objectively view the news as betrayal of trust?

Regardless how it looks like this is politically motivated because it involved a politician but do not overlook that this is a ugly crime.

Darn, I wonder you were one of the recipient of the photos? Please be more objective when you write. We should all step out to support Eli as this is a crime of invasion of privacy.

Imagine if this happen you one of your family member!

Anonymous said...

Eli, being a female politician, is certainly cornered into a very very difficult position. Needless to say, unscrupulous politicians like Toyo will have a field day slamming her head even harder against the wall.

Having said that, we cannot undo what has been done. Personally, I do not agree with her decision to resign. But if she puts the interest of the party above others, then it's a decision we must respect.

Otherwise, I think the focus now should be on the perprator who took her intimate photos. Now that is name is made public (refer to Malay Mail), the police must ensure that this culprit is caught. He certainly has evil motives by releasing her photos to the press. He must not enjoy impunity.

And I hope HRH Sultan S'gor will mitigate this matter by having the last say.

Toyo disgusts me. Really, how I wish the same befalls him & his family. If this guy wins the UMNO Youth Election and puts himself in the running for a bigger role in BN in the future, then it's the end to all of us. He is nothing but a low & cheap scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I pity Eli because of morons like Khir Toyo who is leading a charge against her in spite of her plight now. How insensitive can he be???

Khir should know this is a case of invasion of privacy. Like if someone peeps at his wife taking a bath! And snaps a photo of the poor woman during her most intimate moments and starts circulating it. I want to see what he has got to say then.

And I sure hope that the police go after the now infamous culprit. He certainly has an evil agenda when he took the photos knowing that this can be used against Eli one of these days.

It's a real mess if you ask me. On hindsight, perhaps it is best Eli resigns so that she can keep her life private going forward. It's difficult enough being a female caught in such a fix and I am sure ruthless politicians like Toyo will continue to harass her over & over again. Unless someone of higher authority like HRH Sultan of S'gor intervenes, I predict Eli's political future is as good as gone.

I hope she will find peace by stepping away from the political scene. She can still contribute to the rakyat in many other ways.

This case has also made me more resolute to support PKR habis habis come the next by-election or general election!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous..Have you actually seen the pics? Well, I have seen some of it.. and from the look of it, it was shot,err captured very, very, very near. Intimate even, if some could actually label it as that...which shows that Elizabeth knows (or, knew) the person who took those pics and before we all turn Conspiracy Theorist, and blame it to BN, does Edison Chen, rings a bell? Incase of memory lapse, edison sent his PC for servicing without realising of his intimates pics were still in the PC, and voila .. overnight sensation for all the wrong reason. Next time see it first before making comment and to all PR supporters, can you please stop the blame game. It's just plain insipid!

Whatmeworry said...

The suspected "pervert" is her fmr boyfriend but he's nowhere to be found!

Anonymous said...

it's Barisan Nasional's fault! watch out BN...

ChengHo said...

What Karpal and Kit Siang say about this affair...
They were the champion of morality press. dp vijandran to resigned...

Sammic said...

i dun really wanna know if its of party issues or just coincidence

of course she has to live up to what happened and stand strong

no need to quit

she is a lady and we all think we are holier than thou. we are all the same

the only difference: her life is exposed. we haven't.

all of us have dirty little secrets and who does not, be the first to cast stones on her

peace on her

Anonymous said...

Is our political environment so close to Taiwan yet? I predict here
sure we can see more poltical chaos
show (Like Soap Opera)if we don't die in another 50 yrs!
What's a shame for our nation.

Anonymous said...

Sun Tze's art of war teachings say that corrupt, immoral and cruel emperors will lose the support of their subjects. And history has proven that to be the case over and over again. These cruel empires always deteriorate and fall very quickly. The present BN government is cruel, immoral and corrupt. It will surely fall soon. This very corrupt regime is resorting to ever more drastic, immoral, corrupt and cruel actions that will surely bring this nation to the pits, and ensure their own downfall. Instead of managing the falling economy and the serious crime rate, our cabinet are busy performing gutter politics and doing their utmost to lose the little confidence left. Whatever they say now carry no credence, whatever spin they may try to make in the BN controlled media. They cannot fool us like before. The internet has changed everything in information dissemination.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

You are chief editor of theStar and you have access to lots of news. I am sure you know how corrupt the current BN-UMNO government is and I hope you can do something to bring about a real New Malaysia. The rakyat is fed-up and looking eagerly for a real change. Help us Datuk.

Anonymous said...

Dear WCW,

How come lately you dont seem to be putting up your views on various issues and merely repeating what other blogs and media are saying? Do you not have a view on this issue?

Anonymous said...

UMNO has such a long and consistent track record of lies, corruption, dirty tactics, intimidation, etc , that the majority of Malaysians believe that the attack on Eli has to be the dirty work of UMNO, whether proven or not. That sums up the lack of credibility of UMNO. This case is so dirty and cruel that MCA and MIC leaders have carefully chosen to stay very quiet, except their women wings. From now on, all politicians should have bedrooms that are totally devoid of furniture so that any hidden cameras can be easily detected. And no plaster ceilings. You cannot be too careful, if you choose to be a politician. Even if you are in UMNO, you also need to be on the "right" camp.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell Anwar to shut up!! I think we are having too much nonsences from his mouth. Who want to plot Eliz? with what intention? When our lovely Ex-Minister Chua caught in the video, BN never said it was due to Anwar's plot to force him cross over to Pakatan Rakyat?

Please cover some other interest news in front page ok.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't call it a scandal. it is so unfortunate that ms elizabeth wong her ex-boyfriend (if he did circulate those pictures) is a scumbag (to quote you). ms wong, at worst if we were to make any judgement at all -- is a poor judge of character.

the pictures of her were taken in the privacy of her bedroom.

so what?

however, the point NOW is -- (and this is why politics is dirty) -- the pictures are,as we are talking, already in public domain.

should ms wong have resigned? after all she cannot be faulted.

let's stop being delusional.

she has to resign. not because she is at fault. She is THE victim here.

her resignation does not rest on the question of whether or not she is the victim.

as a public servant, it will not do that she is now known for her pictures. how unfortunate indeed, when she is a good servant of the public.

but that, my friends, is the way the cookie crumbles. if she continues, she will be further victimised by perception and double standards.

ms wong has proved to us all that she cannot take the heat.

so, i am of opinion that saudara anwar should accept her resignation. for her own good as well as that of the party.

also....why does PKR (khalid ibrahim) have to drag in the Sultan?????

what do you expect his highness to say???

i don't think it concerns the palace.

Anonymous said...

Sama ada EW tu kristian atau islam atau buddha,agama menjadi panduan kehidupan manusia.tanpa agama hidup ini tanpa tujuan atau seumpama binatang.Persoalan saya adakah ketiga agama ini mengajar kita melakukan sesuatu yang tidak bermoral cth berzina,mencuri,merompak,membunuh atau sbg nya?sudah tentu tidak.
Persoalan Kedua,adakah kita mahu seorang YB penzina,pencuri,perompak atau pembunuh?bagi saya Pemimpin menjadi contoh kepada yg dipimpin,apabila pemimpin"bengkok" maka yg dipimpin juga akan "bengkok".Pada pendapat saya tiada simpati patut saya beri kepada YB Eli atau Chua soi Lek sekalipun, amat MEMALUKAN,JIJIK & HINA.Tahniah saya ucapkan kpd mereka yg berjaya mendedahkan skandal ini.selamat.