Saturday, February 7, 2009

A tale of two MBs in Perak

Newly sworn in Perak MB Zambri Kadir started off his duties today by attending the CNY gathering (above) at Kampung Simee. On his mind must be the need to win the hearts and minds of the non-Malays. He promised he would be an MB of all races. Obviously he is aware that the BN state government now has only one Chinese state assemblyman and no representative from the Indian community. Appointed roles would need to be made to resolve this uneasy situation. It is an unhealthy political situation. He must also tackle the issue of land titles which is a matter of concern among the Chinese, especially the farmers. These are people who export our fruits overseas and yet they toil on illegal land despite the push for agriculture. The tropical fish industry is another revenue earner for the state but the breeders faces the same predicament. It was on the agenda of the Pakatan Rakyat government. Zambri needs to do better if he is serious about winning over their support. Talk is cheap. Please help these people because Malaysia needs them, not just Perak. It is not about race but about fairness. It is about the economy. It is about people who earn an honest living. So, please help them.

On the other side, Nizar Jamaluddin has refused to accept the fact that his government has collapsed. He still regard himself as the MB and held an "exco" meeting (above) where they passed three policies. The PAS leader has also refused to move out of the official MB residence. That is also another sticky situation. Nizar would now have to focus on the court battles ahead but it doubtful whether this defiant act can last. Soon, he has to accept the fact that he is now the Opposition Leader. He has to move on eventually.


Zukri Valenteno said...

Bro Dato' Seri Wong...

There is NO two MBs in Perak, there is only one and he is Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin is the former MB of Perak. He should know his stature by now.

Dr Zamby was sworn-in by HRH Sultan Azlan himself, thus sqandering away any doubt the legitimacy of the appointment of a YAB Mentri Besar of Perak.

Nizar now joined the ranks of Tajol Rosli Ghazali, Ramli Ngah Talib, Wan Mohamad Wan Teh, Ahmad Said and so forth.



HRH Sultan's face-saving measure by asking Nizar to resign or have the post considered vacant should be appreciated, rather than the MB being fired.

Cases of the Sultan hiring and firing the MB is now new and Nizar is not the first and certainly he will not be the last.

We know that Othman Saat (deceased), former MB of Johor was unceremoniously dismissed by the Sultan of Johor and so was Abdul Rahim Bakar, the former MB of Pahang, by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang.

There were also instances in which the Sultan "tidak berkenan melantik" certain politicians to be HIS mentri besar and Shahidan Kassim as well as Idris Jusoh should be able to testify to this.

Tell those morons that the final say lies with HRH Sultan of Perak on the appointment and dismissal of a mentri besar.

And if it was questioned the legality and validity from the constitutional point of view, have we not remember that Sultan Azlan had held the highest legal office of the country...

Legal opinion should be forwarded to Dr Rais Yatim, a doctorate in constitutional law and NOT Razaleigh Hamzah, who is not a lawyer and a politician.

My advice to Kuli, if you cannot or do not help Perak BN to return the state, please do not hamper with your shallow interpertation of the law.


Anonymous said...

So long as the Malays view Chinese as threats to this nation, there is nothing much you can do about this country. Races should view each other as opportunities to reap and not as threats because
opportunities breed opportunities
while threats lead to a breakdown in communications which naturally
lead to failure after failure. That's why the Malays always fail in their business. They must have the right attitude towards not only Chinese but every other Malaysian.


Anonymous said...

What could be said between these 2 MB is that one come from a SORE LOSING party. This MB (oops sorry, I mean ex-MB) can't accept defeat & reality. What's even more embarassing is that he dares to behave BIADAP by going against the order of the Sultan.

There's a saying..."Time tells the truth". We're finally beginning to see the true colors of Pakatan Rakyat. This could well be the beginning of their downfall.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

kerajaan haram does not have the blessing of the people,

it is a matter of time divine intervention will prevail.



imantulen said...

Mr. Writer,

How can you be so sure that Nizar will have to move on ?

Anonymous said...

Wong, the court has yet to determine whether, this newly sworn in illegal govt is legitimate. So wait and see.
Yes, you are very right with those who are squatting on illegal land and yet, revenue earners for the State. All these years, when the BN govt was in power, why did'nt they heed to the plight of these farmers, why now! Obviously, it points to one thing, the PR govt is more efficient and people friendly. Will you dispute me on this?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghost of Onn Jaafar, I think the correct thing to say is ;

So long as Malay political leaders keep on trying to reap political mileage by portraying Malaysian Chinese as threats to the Malays, there is nothing much you can do about this country. Races should view each other as opportunities to reap and not as threats because
opportunities breed opportunities
while threats lead to a breakdown in communications which naturally
lead to failure after failure. That's why the Malays always fail in their business. They must have the right attitude towards not only Chinese but every other Malaysian.


Anonymous said...

Instead of 2, there's only 1 MB in Perak. 1 MB (from BN) is living in reality, while the other MB (from Pakatan) is still living in FANTASY.

Sources said that fantasy living MB have chaired a special meeting & had approved 3 new policies. My Oh My!!!....Ain't this a classic example of a lost fool (Nizar) chairing some kind of lost soul meeting with a bunch of lost fools (Pakatan comrades) in their own lost state of consciousness???

It's correct to say Pakatan Rakyat are still tripping. Are they still high on drugs??? I hope not.

imantulen said...


considering that you are not a lawyer yourself, maybe you should read what real constitutional law experts says about your esteem comments.....

not too late for you to re-look at your facts & re-learn....

Read here:

Constitutional expert professor Aziz A Bari today said that the Sultan of Perak had no powers under the state constitution to "hire or fire" a menteri besar.

He said that while that was the position before independence, the post-Merdeka constitution made it very clear that the menteri besar does not hold office at the sultan's pleasure.

"The state constitution, along with the federal constitution, states that the menteri besar holds the office at the sultan's pleasure subject to the provision of the menteri besar holding the confidence in the state assembly," he told Malaysiakini.

"The important factor to consider here is the Article 16(6) of the Perak constitution which states that the menteri besar shall only step down if he ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the legislative assembly.

Anonymous said...

In the midst of the unprecendnted outpouring of anger not just from Perakians but all right-thinking Malaysians, I find it amazing that there are still plenty of deluded people as evident from comments above by zv & ong ky.

Fellas, it is simple.

1. In the the last elections, the people of Perak elected PR to administer the state.

2. Thousands voted for the 2 PKR candidates & 1 DAP candidate to win and represent them.

3. Just because these 3 characters hop, does it nullify the choice of the people who voted for the PR coalition. If that's the case, why have an election in the first place? If they have decided for whatever reason that hopping is the right thing to do than let their voters decide again whether these are still the representatives they want. How can it be more fair than that?
You tell me? Should the choice of a govt be dependent on 3 individuals or 10,000, 50,000 people ~ or whatever the number of voters in these constituencies?

4. Let's take a look at the 3 who have effected the toppling of a legally elected govt. Corruption case hanging over them, lying about being sick, disappearing for days and lying about it; there are many other rumours(?) swirling, for example the case of Hee Yit Foong's husband, which I will not go into detail here. The point is the "new" govt is
not just illegal but as stabvle as a unicyclist with a flat tyre! What happens if the postman and the ex-army man are found guilty? What if Super-Frog Nasaruddin of Bota jumps again? :)

5. I'm no expert but there seems to be a grey area in the law where it concerns the Sultan having the power to sack the MB. Some experts say that the Perak MB can be removed only by a vote of no-confidence in the state assembly.

6. It all boils down to this. Dissolve the state assembly. Let the people decide again. If they vote BN, then Nizar and his band of merry men walks. But if the people vote for PR again as they did less than a year ago, then there you go.

Anonymous said...

Of course Zambri will be the new MB. Very simple. The people who charge the two ex-PKR frogs of corruption just need to lose the case, which is very simple. Just procide no proof, provide contradictory statements, or have a no show in court, and the judas duo will automatically win the case and be declared innocent. As for the resignation letters, again ask who control the judicial system. Simply put, the Pakatan leaders were not smart enough. They wanted to play the frog jumping game where BN had more ammunition to throw. Also their PR reps were not that clean. And when caught with the hands in the cookie jar, the PR leaders did not sack them immediately, but chose to protect them, leaving an openiing for BN to attack. And when faced with the disaster, there was self denial, and refuse to dissolve the assembly when they still had time and still commanded the majority. They sat on it for too long, and they lost. It is a wake up call for Pakatan. They fielded low quality candidates, who went on to squabble over petty matters. And they squabble out loudly in public for all to hear, and they justified it by saying it is democracy at work. Any captain of industry or military will tell you that it is just plain indiscipline and plain stupid. All their squabbling allowed BN to take advantage of the situation. Also Pakatan leaders have a knack of revealing their every planned moves. Whereas when UMNO struch them in Perak, it came so suddenly, and moved so swiftly, it caught Pakatan with their pants down. Nevertheless, Pakatan should learn from this, and be smarter. The electorate still favour Pakatan, and Pakatan need to milk this sentiment to fight another day. Just don't make the same mistake in Kedah, Selangor and Penang. Sentiments are heavily against the BN raid in Perak, and if Pakatan play it right, BN will face a tough time in future elections. UMNO will not change its spots, and it is unlikely that there will be any reforms. So come next lection Pakatan has a good chance to sweep the elections, unless of course Pakatan keeps shooting itself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy will alway stay fantasy. It's important for mankind to wake themselves up from fantasy & admit reality.

It seems that Nizar & his fellow Pakatan Rakyat comrades are having difficulties pulling themselves out from their FAIRY TALE LAND. The ironic thing is that they still insist of being who they were.

As mush as they have their own right to live in fantasy but what would happen eventually is that Pakatan Rakyat will be destined for the grave.

"Mark my word"

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why this blog is being set up. At least BN supporters can come and be heard. Never mind lar. Whether Pakatan is about to fall or not, I guess time will tell. For now, try going around the country and kiss the hands of BN. It could end sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

We can all learn from this issue. It won't be the last. When you argue from a legal, political, ethical perspective, you will get different conclusions. Ultimately, the people will decide.

My concern is that those voters who came out in force to make a difference in March 2008 will be too quick to also jump ship (in this case leaving the country for australia, especially) with the latest developments.

All Malaysians who truly love this land must learn to take setbacks here and there, but they must perservere, along with their children, to help change things for the better.

If PR had been patient, and had been statesmanlike, to tell the country that whatever mandate they have been given in March they will fulfil to the best of their ability, I believe this mess won't appear.

But of course with a leader who has yet to change his spots, this was not only predictable but expected. The quest for power. Full Stop.

ChengHo said...

Nizar was never the MB of Perak he was the puppet shadow play by Nga and Ngeh , the Malay not only cannot do business but they are out smart in politic too by Nga and Ngeh
Nga and Ngeh do not have the vocab of DERHAKA...

Anonymous said...

Nizar has no shame. He gambled and lost. And he dared to 'memohon derhaka' to the Sultan.


Anonymous said...

Datuk, i'm dissapointed in BN's behavior. And I thought MCA and MIC were against 'crossovers'? why suddenly so quiet now?

Don't worry, this war against BN will not end, it has just started, since March 8th and months before that.

Just you watch Barisan Nasional... just you watch

LeeZ said...

Hey all of you BN supporters...

Just look at PRK PP (PKR stronghold) and the latest, KT (BN stonghold)...

You tell yourself who the rakyat support more now???!!!

If you really think that the rakyat of Perak support BN wholeheartedly after what they have gone through this past 10 months under PR rule, then, why not all of you ask the Sultan to dissolve the DUN and hold fresh elections...

Please don't use $$$/economy as an excuse not to hold 'em, after all, BN has sucked dry our nation's coffer for the past 51 years!!!!

Just think about it...

Anonymous said...

I will never support a gov who robs the state. Perak has been voted to be rule by PR in last GE. And you who support the BN take over, shame of you.

I salute of MB Nizar and the rest. The fought hard to protect the democracy and the rights for perakian which openly rob by BN.

PR win 2 times in the previous election by democratic and this round the BN people praise themselves taking over the perak state. What a shame.

And guess what, BN has no guts to compete in the democratic ways. Everyone know about that .. Time will tell, people are not stupid.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

I have heard of Charles Dickens's historical novel, 'A Tale Of two Cities' written in 1859 but I have NEVER heard of 'A Tale of Two MBs in Perak.'

Who is the originator or author of this tale?

I really like to know where did this tale come from.

As far as I know, tnere is only ONE
MB in Perak and he is Dato Nizar.

Where did that other MB come from?

I really don't know.

Is it a fiction?

A fairy tale perhaps?


I really need to know...PLEASE.....

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, Datuk Wong chided Anwar in his column over Anwar sept 16 plan. undemocratic lah... This lah... That lah...

but now he seem to completely endorse BN's illegal takeover of Perak. Basketball!

You may have the support of Pak Lah... But i won't be surprised if najib removes you.

Meiyen said...

Nizar is now a squatter in a house and land that does not belong to him. He will be evicted before the week is over.

No use crying over split milk. The Sultan had spoken. Period!

Anonymous said...

All the talk...
All the comments...
But in the end....
Who are the losers?

A not so intelligent riddle for well anyone inclined to read. 2 MB, one MB, one fantasy, one delusion, one real, one fake, one jump, one sit, whatever.

Its because people keep talking and at best speculating, nothing gets done. Since many here hae access to Internet, I would believe they're on broadband and employed.

Let's put the RM millions which would be spent on elections paying for the land conversion premiums? Subsidize extension of land leases? Initiate a match 1 for 1 charity donation drive? Better still, a favourite in Penang, put the money in a "state training fund" for the unemployed.

So yes while we continue to be employed, earning money, stay in nice house, have electricity, obviously educated, no need to work 20 hours a day, have high speed internet access, live in a brick house, have 3 meals a day, etc. Its perfectly allright for us to continue fanning the flames.

Let everything burn because when it burns the people most burned are those that are really poor.

Why not work hard and earn a promotion in the next election. I mean isn't this what working life is? You either bodek your way up like what PR tried to do with their Sep 16 party hopping which caused couple of Rombongan Sambil Belajar, or they can be like the 70% out there who work hard to gain promotion.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

If the BN is confident of the peoples support, then why so reluctant to hold a snap election? This appears more like a samseng government.

One wonders where is the authority of this so called new MB coming from? Certainly not from the law of the land, but pure abuse of power.

Also why is there such an urgency, can't they wait till the courts decide on the corruption case of the 2 frog; and the validity of pre signed resignation letters.

If the presigned letters are not valid, then lots of bank documents can and will be contested in the courts soon.

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Anonymous said...

The whole political saga in Perak exposes the weakness in both the political system of our country and the weakness in the quality of candidates chosen to represent the people.
Our political parties (PR & BN) are weak since they are using underhand tactics to win some political mileage!