Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's Singh Is King?

Watch the trailer on YouTube by clicking on the image above and watch Snoop Dog and Akshay Kumar by clicking on the second image

The phrase "Singh Is King" made by lawyer-politician Karpal Singh during the parliamentary debates has suddenly become hugely popular. Bollywood movie lovers, of course, know what Karpal Singh was referring to but for those who are completely lost, "Singh is King" - is a 2008 action packed Bollywood movie. It's about a village simpleton, named Happy Singh, who was sent to Australia to bring back a fellow Punjab villager who has become the Don, the head of an Australian underworld. That's not all. the movie ends with a video with American rap star Snoop Dogg.


Anonymous said...

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator and change has its enemies" - Robert F Kennedy...please send this message across to those who wish only for status quo and nothing to the rakyat

BlueMoon said...

More appropriately as far as Karpal goes - "Singh is Sting". How could this law maker uttered such a despicable word in the most respected place for politicians.

Anonymous said...

Karpal always call a spade a spade.
It is the hypocrites that cannot stomach his words. Siapa yang makan cili dia lah yang rasa pedas.
And Karpal, you need more than one body guard against a big mob. If only the ministers and govt officials can be even half of Karpal, Malaysia would indeed have a cleand and efficient government,and who will call a recession a recession, and not a growth one day, smaller growth the next day, no growth, then negative growth, and then finally admit it is a recession,and shed a few crocodile tears to try to impress us. And all this while the ministers are busy running around playing petty politics while the country sinks.

ChengHo said...

Karpal need to repeat his allegation out side parliment
We have only 2 Singhs in parliment imagine if we have 20's listen to the song ya can't touch it...

Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh may not always say the sweetest things to you just to make you comfortable, but he just says it as it is, and many people cannot bearto hearthe truth. And his straight talk is not just to the BN people (which is most of the time of course), but also to his fellow Pakatan Rakyat colleagues. But still he is the most straight talking YB,which is better than the sleuth of sugar coated lies emanating from the mouths of many of our politicians.

Ti Lian Ker said...

Karpal is on fire. Maybe politicians from both ends should learn from this episode.
Don't push!!!

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Karpal Singh.
UMNO always uses the UMNO Youth wing to intimidate people using mob culture. Karpal is brave enough to stand up to them. UMNO Youth should be ashamed to organize a mob attack on old man in a wheel chair. It is cowardly. The leader of UMNO Youth wasnot brave enough to challenge Karpal intellectually, through any open debate. In fact the use of mobs to intimidate people is the trade mark of UMNO and UMNO Youth.

Whatmeworry said...


You very conveniently forgot that those BN goons have uttered even more despicable words.

In fact, I thought the word celaka was mild to describe those thugs who invaded Parliament. Kurang Ajar would have been more apt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai
He is a sink and sinking.
Well past his shelf-date.
You ar a Penangite. If you voted for him, please stop if he is again cntesting.
The country has enough of his shenanigans since the 70s.
Trouble is his middle name.
DAP should find someone young, vibrant and progresive to reprsent a changing political scenario.
Please reflect what has he done except challenging the law and talking legal mumbo-jumbo.
What about you Chun Wai, as the DAP candidate to replace him?
If you are not taken by the MCA, that is.

Anonymous said...

Help us Datuk bring about a real New Malaysia.

ChengHo said...

How about Karpal is SINK....

Anonymous said...

Singh Is king = Lion Is King?
Plaese refer below:

Anonymous said...

whether Karpal is King or not...the bloody UMNO youth "celakas" has no right to gang up on him. Let Parliament deal with him. Are we to condone lawlessness just because they are UMNO Youths?

Anonymous said...

Most of us (by nature) may not be as bold as Karpal but someone has to say it anyway. We have all come a long way since independence 1957 and rather worried for our next generations. As far as we can see, at times, it is not a matter of choosing good and evil. It is a matter of whether we can mature enough to quickly decide what is best, efficient and fair to all.

Setting aside emotions, Karpal hits the bulls eye at times and it hurts. Can Malaysian grow up and adapt to global changes? Can we unite and seriously think what is best for our next generations without prejudice? We need to educate ourselves with a new paradigm of thought that our nation needs a new breed of leaders with integrity, who can truly serve the community without using racial based sentiments. We need to enhance the whole system to be fit and fair for all races, stop corruption and start thinking how to modernize our nation, so that we can catch up with the first world countries. Else, the dream of 2020 is just a dream.

The many issues raised here in this blog are actually discussed during our teh-tarik sessions. People are aware and want to see positive changes. There is just too much crap of what is going on here. At times ridiculously wrong, very wrong. We believe in change for the better. We still believe in hope.

Long live the king.

Warmest regards,
Ordinary Joe.