Thursday, February 5, 2009

Zambri Kadir - the new Perak MB

News alert: Nizar to stay away from swearing in ceremony of Zambri.

The new Perak MB Datuk Dr Zambri Kadir (pix) has a tough job ahead of him. He faces a strong, if not, hostile opposition which has just lost the state government. On the ground, it would not be wrong to say that there are many ang
ry voters who are upset with the defeat of the Pakatan Rakyat state government. Dr Zambri, a young but experienced politician, knows the challenges ahead of him. He must be seen to be fair and open.

He must give the other races a fair deal, particularly in the allocation of exco seats. The days of non-Malays getting junior, if not, inconsequential portfolios, are over. Dr Zambri, a former housing developer and an economist, also has to grapple with the issue of land titles. Whether they are new villagers or traditional kampung folks, the people should be given their fair due.

More importantly, the Pangkor state assemblyman knows that he has less than four years to prove BN's worth or in the next general election, the state would go back to Pakatan again. The Pakatan would surely remind the voters in the next round that their victory was snatched away from them.


Anonymous said...

Zambri Kadir = backdoor Perak MB ???

So what, he can be toppled again if the opposition got 3 to defect over to their side.

And the whole drama shall repeat again - Part II ?

Anonymous said...

The blinding speed of the things that happened that brought down the Pakatan government tells something: Everything that happened over the past 48 hours were already all prearranged. All the parties that took part to bring down the collapse (coup?) had already met before hand and decisions were all made quite some time ago. Nizar and PR supporters are suckers to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

In the end, Karpal Singh, the lion of DAP, has been proven right.
Still the wisest man in DAP, although he may have caused some of his colleagues to be unconfortable when he fought against ADUN/MP hopping. Karpal Singh is the only MP that always stand his ground on ethics and principles, consistently.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Zambri "a former housing developer and an economist"! You must be joking.

He was my lecturer at IIUM. A fanatic Anwarista who was 'turned-over' when detained under ISA at the start of Reformasi. He talks tough, acts tough, but when the going gets tough, he went tumbling and lost his marbles.

Anonymous said...

New Malaysia, presently there is no new Perak MB. The MB after the 12th election is still the legal MB.
Even before my MB Nizar has been defeated and removed legally, if ever it comes to that, you are already trying to ampu this Zambri, can't you wait to see what happens at 330pm tomorrow.
Has the BN ever given the other races in Malaysia a fair deal. What makes you think that MB Nizar has not given all races a fair deal in the last 10m months. What makes you think your new MB Zamri will?

AntiBN, fuming Perakian

romerz said...

MB of 400,682 Perakians who voted for BN in the last GE?

What happened to the 443,354 Perakians who voted for PR?

You know it and I know it that what happened here is a;

Coup D'etat.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Is ‘democracy’ technically dead when there’s no longer any meaningful rule of the people by the people directly themselves?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Dr Zambri is in a unenviable position. He would do well to REJECT the MB post as it is a stolen position.

What honour is there to be the MB when Perakians believe the position is taken by force?

Perakians would have no respect for him as MB when the status of BN as the new govt. is in doubt.

To the people of Perak, the legitimate govt. is still Pakatan Rakyat.

How can their choice of govt. decided by vote in a GE, be violated and decided by three scumbags who defected?

It is the Perak voters who voted in the govt. and it should be them to vote them out and not three scumbags!

It is a tragic mistake of GIGANTIC CONSEQUENCES!


AS most constutional law experts believe, IN THE FIRST PLACE, FRESH POLLS SHOULD BE CALLED.

May justice prevail and the beloved sultan change his mind, and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.


Anonymous said...

Its sad when peoples power is misued and yet proudly declared democratic, may it be by any political party. Is there a possibility in malaysian law to pass a motion of no confidence against representatives who misuse their mandate. when no its high time such a law instead of the much talked about anti-hopping law is drawn up. It will be a good check and balance and a constant reminder to the representatives that their mandate is always hanging on the line.

Anonymous said...

Even if BN does well or NO, the 13th GE, UMNO and entire BN will be wiped out in Perak. Thats 200% sure.

Unknown said...

All these fiasco not only confirms Barisan's demise in the next GE but the 4 elected "Jokers" as well!

Anonymous said...

So what, BN is the new state government in Perak. They will not earn the respect from the Rakyat who voted PR to be their state government during last election.

Since the BN has minor majority, don't be surprise that the defection will happen in 1 or 2month time, then both BN and PR will hava an audience with Sultan again.

Perak War 1 - A New Hope (when the Rakyat voted PR for a change)
Perak War 2 - Empire Strikes Back (when BN toppled PR via backdoor)
Perak War 3 - The Return of Jedi (PR is back to Perak state government again)

Yes, the whole drama shall repeat over and over again!??

Anonymous said...

A stop-gap MB (looks like).
Wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

The 3 defectors will have no choice but to go into hiding since the whole Perak population are hunting down these 3 defectors. The best option for them is to skip out of the country for good. How are they and their family going to face the people, the neighbours, the relatives, the friends??? Even their children will be teased in school. Even their spouses and families are getting a earful. Even the journalists are harassing them, trying to get them to say something. Life will be hell for them in Malaysia. But BN cannot let them abscond, otherwise they will be 3 votes short at the DUN meetings.

Rashid Saharudin said...

why nobody was making any noise when PR was so eager to capture Federal govt via back door? But when it happens to PR, suddenly it's an immoral/ unethical blah blah.

wonder what's going on....2 different principles to meet different Malaysia boleh sebab PR boleh.

Anonymous said...

Michael Gaw, BN people don't understand the meaning of honour and respect. Everything is about power and the Ringgit, and ego.

Anonymous said...

Money money money , it is the richman's world - ahem..BN's world.