Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A game that Anwar Ibrahim lost

At Putrajaya, Najib, in his capacity as BN chief in Perak, announced that the Barisan is ready to form the government now that it has the necessary numbers to command the majority. From left are Nasaruddin, Hee, Osman and Jamaluddin. - Starpix

It was a high stakes game that Anwar Ibrahim started and he has ended up losing the Perak state government. There can be no justification for elected representatives to defect to another party. It does not matter what parties they are from. Unfortunately there are no laws to prevent such party defections.

With the exception of DAP's Karpal Singh, not many Pakatan Rakyat seemed to favour such laws as they believed that there could be BN elected representatives who would join them. The possibilities of greater power blinded their judgement and ethical positions. Tian Chua, for example, went on record to justify party hopping. Another PAS leader justified on religious moral grounds that it was acceptable for BN men to cross over to Pakatan.

The PKR tried luring BN representatives to join the party and even set a Sept 16 deadline of forming the next federal government. It failed but many people believed it would take place. In the end, it was just a sham. Then the Pakatan Rakyat tried to woo BN men in Penang, Negri and last week, the Bota state assemblymen. The floodgates, so to speak, were opened.

A dangerous political game was played out and in the end, when the BN decided to come in, they walked away with a prized state. There is now talk that the same game would be played in Negri Sembilan by both sides. The bottom line is there would no dissolution of the Perak state assembly and a new Mentri Besar would be sworn in with speculation of more defections from PKR.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia has joined the ranks of Zimbabwe, as far as stealing of people's rights are concerned. This is daylight robbery.

Anonymous said...


Well, I can't blame you since you are with the MSM and you have your biased views but Malaysians are ready for change and this latest episode further erodes the people's confidence in the BN government.

I do not think Anwar has lost just fact, the choice is now so crystal clear among ordinary Malaysians that BN is in the brink of extinction.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you. It was Anwar who started it first. And now after what had happened, Anwar no longer has the moral credibility at all to "accuses BN of trying to form government in Perak 'by hook or by crook"

Anonymous said...

Politicians in Malaysia are unabashly corrupt. There is no hope for this nation. They have no honour at all. They should hang their heads in shame.

Ah Beng

Anonymous said...

What ever it is, PKR has rocked BN. It's history!

Anonymous said...

Datuk wong,
pls understand it is not only PR that were favouring party hopping,but BN also was in favour of party hoping..If they thought that party hopping woudnt benefit them,we would have had anti-hopping laws long time ago,as they commanded the majority in parliment.they never even propossed anti-hopping laws.

|At the end of the day,Bn got 2 politicians that are faccing corruption charges,and 1 politician who was nothing but a trojan horse.And how much "incentives" these people have received,is a matter of guessing.It goes a long way to reinforce the stereotypes related with BN especially money politics.

i believe that Bn may have won the battle,but not the war.

Anonymous said...

we sleep in the bed we made...that's all I have to say about it.

Unknown said...


Who is the losser finally is too early for you to declare!

Use money to gain support/ offer for defection, the relastionship will not last for long!

Najis may win the battle but for sure will loss the war very very soon!

If you don't believe, just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

How can Anwar be considered to have lost this game when he was missing from most of the action in the first place?

Anonymous said...

We have been sold.
How can these 4 traitors face their relatives and friends? For a few silver dollars, the 4 Judas sold away the Perak rakyat.

Anonymous said...

How could Anwar possibly win, when the 2 referees, suppose to be neutral, took side with his opposing team. Wong, you can try to cover it up, which ever you please but, a fact remain a fact.
Even after 30 years I left Bohonland, nothing has changed. In fact, it got worst.
This is the game only crooks are qualified to play.

Anonymous said...

The defections might be legal but are they moral?

Representatives are voted by the people and they must first honor the wishes of the people who elected them, and not react to the behind the scenes politics that leads to a change in allegiance.

Anonymous said...

UMNO used to complain about the non Malays especially the Chinese of bribery; Always alleging that the Chinese corrupted the Malays who were good, decent, angelic beings.

Truth is, UMNO is no better. Nay, worse! Using tax payers' monies obtained under questionable basis, to buy people big time. With Najib now being the "King" of Brib*ry!

The only check against Najib and those shameless opportunists is for the people to throw them out of office. Who wants such detestable scums and sell-outs to continue represent them?

If the Perak Sultan refuses to consent to dissolve the Perak State Assembly and allow a fresh Eelection, my respect for them will have dimmed greatly. The System becomes a joke if he does not allow the people to decide.

Whatmeworry said...

To see the 4 frogs standing beside the DPM at his press conference makes me sick. It's high time we have the anti-hopping law so that these unprincipled politicians don't take their voters for a ride.

Yes, I agree that Anwar got what he deserved with all his talk on defections.

But what BN did is very wrong too. They are repeating what they did in Sabah in the 90s when they brought down the PBS govt by defections.

I hope the people remember these hideous acts and teach them all a lesson come GE13

Anonymous said...

Well Dato Wong - your post sounds smug! Najib will find that he might have won Perak (Silver) and just might lose the GOLD.

Our soon-2-b PM has just disrepected all Perakians and shown us how much he backs democracy.

So let's see if you publish this type of comment.


Anonymous said...

Dato...You are wrong, Next will witness the total destruction of BN and UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Anwar has not lost but was cheated by those you very well know that they cheated , period. What kind of human you are dishing out half truths and innuendos and giving a false picture to the people and no wonder they selected badly tainted leaders. Bad people (badly informed) select bad leaders leading to bad consequences. However Malaysians are getting politically matured in spite of blokes like you; so watch out.

Anonymous said...

15 million as an incentive to jump...even the frog will have wings!
This is the type of 'quality Aduns' we have in in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

I disagree !! This is not a game and its the voters in Perak that are holding the short end.
It is amazing to know that one DAP is significant in making this upheavel. I wonder what makes her tick? I mean how could a clock just decide to do anti-clockwise?

Sad! one disabled person is really bitter-sick and forget the voters that voted them in!

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is what you get when you put up mediocre persons - in this case, a clerk, a postman, and an army captain - for the job of State Assemblymen.

Are these persons capable of solving society's problems, e.g. the current spiralling unemployment rate and failing businesses in face of global economic downturn? No, they are more likely to turn their interest to enriching themselves at the expense of their electorate.

Mohd Ashraf Abdullah said...

Brother Chun Wai,

I guess losing Perak is proof that people are losing faith in Anwar Ibrahim. September 16 did not happen, promises after promises but none fulfilled.

As you rightly put it, Anwar got a taste of his own medicine. Since the last general election he has been saying again and again that he will get enough defections to form the Federal Government. That did not happen. Forming the Federal Government still remains a gleam in Anwar's eyes, a dream still hovering in the distant horizon. The defection to BN by the 3 State Assemblyman and 1 Assemblywoman was a strong indicator that there can be no permanent Pakatan Rakyat Government.

Anwar's dreams of becoming the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia did not happen and is not likely to happen. But what's real is that BN is about to wrest Perak, perhaps within the next hour or so...

Arigato saudara Anwar.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with your pro-BN and crony's views.
I believed the Sultan should be allow to make the decision whether to dissolve the govt and I sincerely believed and trust he will make the right decision as compared to most brainless politicians.

Anonymous said...

I agre with you that Anwar lost this underhand game this time.

However, Malaysians must all look at this setback for PR positively and creatively. Do not lose hope for Malaysia because God has a greater plan beyond the obvious cat and mouse game.

Look at the irony of the situation: The unethical cross over planned by Anwar failed last September.

Today, God may allow the devious cross-over and reverse takeover of the Perak state government by BN for one very good reason: the whole population of Perak and the country will start to see how unethical and undemocratic is the BN in trying to gain power.

Let them win the war of cross-overs but they will definitely lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the voters.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan got duped by a Trojan horse called Nasaruddin.
And all the donkeys they recruited from BN into PKR remained what they were...donkeys. And the donkeys have bolted back to their old stable.

Anak Perelih said...

Sept 16 claim was an offensive move to defend.... the best defense is offense... especially the Perak PR Government as Tajol Rosli claimed that it will fall by August 31....

Means... this crossover was planned before August 31...

Anonymous said...

We should get rid of politician without priciples! Period!

Ti Lian Ker said...

In their pursuit for power, they have forgotten about the morality and the values they had been preaching...Sprtember 16?? What goes around comes around!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the title of this article should be "A game that Rakyat lost". The greed and lust of power is so overwhelming that the real losers are the RAKYATs....

ChengHo said...

Anwar is so busy in Turkey to asst Erdogan to resolve Gaza invasion by Israel and he also busy in Davos giving his opinion how to resolve economic chaostic in the world market
Anwar forgot to take care his back and Najib outsmart him in his scheme when Najib trojan horse came back with 3 others
Anwar have to swallow his owned scheme and strategy now he knew he is too old and too rusty in Sun Tze art of war
DAP having a problem of the minor emperor in the mould of cousins 3 mores DAP member will leave them
Nizar was a disappoinment to PAS members by allowing himself to be manipulated by the cousins what do you expect from the vertical transportation engineer
Hassan Ali of Selangor is next cannot stand of KOK nad Beth manipulating ts Khalid..

Anonymous said...

A battle may be won. But this hollow victory shall be at the expense of a big big backlash. Perakians will not forget this. The state was STOLEN by BN. Najib and his running dogs will pay the price at the next election. And as for the Judas of Perak, we will spit at you each time we see you. For a few silver dollars, the Judas sold off the rakyat they represented.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

It is wrong to say Anwar started first the defection move, in fact the BN is the master of art of defection, as in the cases of 1980s in Sabah & then Trengganu state.Lim Guan Ying also supported and challenged the BN to table the anti-hopping laws in Parliament last week! Your remarks full of painting the PR as negative image but no mentioned of BN wrong doings, I am disappointed with this article.
Let the Perakians to decide by the new election and see which side get the full mandate, not by the money buying & bad credibility few politicians become the devils of the day. Long live demacracy Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

>>Tian Chua, for example, went on record to justify party hopping.

Where can I find this?

I only want to say: Padan muka, PKR. You started with so many promises of being different, but look who's got eggs on your face now.

Anonymous said...

Anwar was going around the country back in 08 saying that there are enough frogs that will jump to the other side by sept.

Anwar is finaly getting a taste of his own medicine...or the malay term for it is "kena batang hidung sendiri"

Anonymous said...

Spin it how you may, the whole episode reeks of sheer irresponsibility & misguided principles.

Admittedly Pakatan Rakyat deserves this setback. Anwar's so-called promise to take over the government last year smacks of irresponsible & undemocratic behaviour which is contrary to his so-called ideals. This is indeed karma.

BN however have gleefully decided to step in & play the people's emotions by luring these irresponsible politicians to support a takeover that is also undemocratic in nature. Why? Are the people's wishes truly reflected by the actions of these 4 so-called assemblymen? Were the people's wishes ever taken into account?

Which really begs this question. What sort of ideals & ethics do these politicians & reps have that qualify them to represent the needs of the rakyat? Do both BN & PR have people of such quality & calibre?

It seems both parties care for numbers & power. Do they really serve the rakyats' needs AT ALL?

Side note, I am full of praises for the Star's work. Please, publish all the news as it is. Although you are MSM, I do see the message that you are trying to send (between the lines). Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Well said Datuk.

First time reading your blog but sad to see almost all of your readers are pro PR even though all the mess was started and supported by the PR gang themselves.

Anonymous said...

Even if BN gets the state govt, it is STILL unstable, as the resignation letters of the 3 Judas will be brought to the court. The best way forward is a state election in Perak. Any party who thinks it has the mandate of the people of Perak should not be afraid to stand for election.

Anonymous said...

I don't think thee should be much talk about it la. If Anwar can declare with such bravado that 'he has the numbers' to take over the federal govt with jumping MPs, then he has to take this news of BN taking over Perak with jumping MPs like a man la. Too bad Anwar failed at deadline after deadline (Sept 16???), but BN also played the game and won! In Perak only la this time. But if you play the game like in the Bota case, then you have to expect your opponent to do the same. Anwar and his crew lost this one, a game that they started first la.

Zachariah Hassan