Monday, February 2, 2009

Perak intrigue gets murkier and more dramatic

LATEST: No show by Jamaluddin and Osman

Jamaluddin Mat Radzi, who was scheduled to call a press conference at the KLIA at 4pm failed to show up. Osman Mohd Jailu, whose PC was to be at Shah Alam, also did not appear. Both sent representatives who say the two assemblymen had been on medical leave. The drama continues...

The plot in Perak is becoming more dramatic. Perak MB Mohammad Nizar was granted an audience with the Sultan at Istana Kinta this morning but left 25 minutes later without speaking to the media. Check updates at Star Online here.

The talk is that Umno leaders are also seeking an audience. The likelihood is that the two state exco members - Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Osman Mohd Jailu - would be announcing this evening that they have decided to part ways with PKR but would remained as state assemblymen.

It is almost certain they would declare themselves to be independents. They are certain to argue that the undated resignation letters would have little impact as new letters to supercede these letters would have been filed. In any case, Malaysia does not have anti-hopping laws and the freedom of association is guaranteed under the federal constitution.

Go and asked Joseph Pairin whose PBS state assemblymen defected to BN and he lost the state government. Anwar Ibrahim is probably well versed too. There are enough court precedents to favour the duo. In the end, if the BN has the numbers, the Perak state government under Pakatan could collapse and there would be no fresh state elections. There is the question of law and also the Sultan needs to give his consent. At this point, the scenario is murky with merely plenty of rumours and speculations. But the story of the Perak drama is simple - it's about selfish political ambitions and party squabbles in the PKR, DAP and Umno.


ChengHo said...

The problem was started by the 2 cousin's from DAP , they are defacto MB of Perak . Nizar only a puppet . When the state awarded 999 yrs land title to kampung baru you will get a repercussion like this
Umno problem is resolved with the departure of Tajul Rosli , Umno leaders is fed up with Tajul seen to be very weak leader

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are right.

The whole show is about selfish political ambitions, party squabbles and the pursuit of power at any cost!!

The people are really fed up with this selfish pursuit of power at any cost by self serving and corrupt politicians.

May God intervene and get rid of all these politicians.

Anonymous said...

One simple solution - resolve the state assembly and have a new state election.

amoker said...

What is your point?
You are saying that it is ok to loose governments like how Pairin felt when PBS was neutralized that it will happen in Perak and is ok?

If the liberty of association is to be upheld, could it not be argued that the laws preventing liberty like conversion etc. is also unconstitutional? It is just another example of BN government using the loopholes to serve themselves.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

We Perakians will vote BN out into the straits of malacca once the Sultan agreed to dissolve.

long live MB Nizar our hero/saviour.
Perakians love you and will make damn sure you remain our MB.

long live PR....

Julian said...

Just shut up and get to work. You weren't hired for these. It's nearly a year and you clowns are still playing jump. Get down to work!

BlueMoon said...

The duo have betrayed the rakyat who had voted them based on the party and ideology that they previously champion. Becoming independent is no different to joining UMNO. Either one is the act of selfishness. Jamaludin claimed that only PKR bothers him and not the people. Bullsh**t!The most respected thing for these two stooges to do is to resign and return the mandate to the people. Enough is enough. Party hopping and ship jumping signal that money politics is habitually rampant. Its a day light bribery. We don't need a new rule for this as when the number of rule increases then the ethic has failed.

forwardnomad said...

I'm an alumni of a St. Anthony's School, a La Sallian school.

Let me relate to you my experience in raising fund for my school:

We went out to raise funds for our school. When we went to an Indian restaurant, the Boss would asked, "That is a Malay school. Got government support.' Then we went to a Chinese hardware shop. And the Chinese tauke said, 'That school ar, got a lot of Indian kids right?'. Then we went to the Malay restaurant. And the Boss said, "sekolah cina you mintalah dari tauke-tauke cina.'

I was 15 then. Race and ethnicity are tearing humanity apart.

Look at the world at large : Do you really think all the conflicts happened because of religion ?

It's all about the race, then money, then maybe,..just maybe religion!

Anonymous said...

Julian Chin,

The PR government have done in one year what the Alliance and BN have failed to do in 50 years to resolve the land title issue. If that's is not working your ass off then tell me what is. Next time stick something in your mouth to prevent yourself from talking rubbish.

To Cheng Ho,

You sincerely believe it is right to deprive the people of their rights to permanent land titles and hang it over their heads for 50 years like Damocles sword by threatening to take away the land which their houses stand on? What kind of pathetic Muslim are you. You put my Muslim friends to shame.

Anonymous said...

Let's dissolve the Perak state govt and have fresh elections, and this time please put in quality candidates, and that message is to both BN and PR. Let's get real. If you put in a cow for a candidate, you will get a cow quality ADUN, who will not think twice before accepting a cheap bribe to enhance his or her income, or to engage in petty squabbles, and do petty stuff to get some lime light. We need people who can think and do.

Anonymous said...

This country has gone to the dogs.
We have a sleepy head going out. We have a controversial tainted head coming in. We have racists and corrupt people in the government. We have a new set of ADUNs who could not resist the bait set by their enemies, and got themselves in trouble even before they can warm their new seats. Decades of corrupt culture has set into the country. Decades of mediocrity has set into the country. Decades of non-accountability has set into the country. Politicians have no pride in their duties. They are only there for the gravy train.

Anonymous said...

How can 2 assembly with poor track record and facing graft charges be "king makers"? The cream certainly do not rise to the top in this country; instead it's shit that is seen floating and it stinks to high heavens. Something must be disturbingly wrong with our system if this kind of stupid things happen in full pubic view and politicians think the citizens are dumb eoungh to listen accept their even dumber rhetoric. Is it too much to ask for a good leader? Apparently so...sack the whole bunch of them!