Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Options running out for Perak government

The Perak state government has suffered a major setback following the decision of the Elections Commission. The EC has maintained that there would be no by-elections and that the two - Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu - are still the assemblymen for Behrang and Changkat Jering respectively, The Star Online reported.

The Perak state government can still challenge the decision in court but it would be a major legal hurdle as there are enough court precedents to rule against the validity of the undated resignation letters presented to the Speaker earlier.

But as the court process takes place, should the Pakatan state government file a case, it is already on the brink of collapsing. With the latest developments, the BN is just short of one assemblyman from forming the new government.

Jamaluddin has already quit the PKR, saying he would not be joining any other political party and would remain an independent member.

There has been talk that the remaining PR elected representatives may quit en masse to force by-elections but it may not be a wise move. The law now stipulates that any MP or state assemblyman who quits his seat would be banned from contesting in the elections for five years.

The ruling was made when Datuk Shahrir Samad quit his Johor Baru parliamentary seat to contest in a by-election as an independent in 1988. He won with a 12,613 vote majority and the laws were subsequently amended.

Now that Jamaludin has made clear his stand, all eyes are on Changkat Jering assemblyman Osman Jailu. If Osman also becomes an independent, the situation in the House becomes too close to call.

The MB may have no choice but to convene an emergency state assembly meeting to prove he still enjoys the support of the majority. In short, he would need to show he has the numbers - even if it is only a majority of one.


Anonymous said...

You just love it to steal the state govt voted in by the Rakyat, don't you ?

Give us the Rakyat back our choice !!

All the "frogs", including the ex-BN, now PKR assemblyman, should resign and let the Rakyat choose.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


just call for fresh election and InsyaAllah we Perakians will kicked BN into the straits of Malacca..

MB nizar we are firmly behind you....


Whatmeworry said...

Political frogs make me sick - BN or opposition. They have no business being reps of the people when they shift alliance just like that!

Sultan Azlan Shah should just dissolve the assembly and let the people of Perak decide once and for all who they want to administer the State.

BN after the March 8 defeat has been trying hard to bring down the PKR state govt. The Sultan should just give them the chance and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

DAP and PKR are paying the price of putting cows and goats as candidates in the 308 elections. many of these candidates have weak credentials, and many of them have never seen even RM100K in their whole lives. So imagine seeing RM 10 million. Their legs will quiver, their hearts will pound, their mouth will salivate, and their eyes will pop. The cows and goats will jump over the fence just for a bit of green grass.


BlueMoon said...

I suggest that an electric fence be erected around Perak DUN and this place be turned into a zoo. Unlike ordinary zoos, the cages inside this zoo are occupied by MPs. If the rakyat wish to see their MPs then they can visit this zoo. If they had enough then I suggest that the cages be opened and one or two hungry lions be released into the zoo.

amoker said...

Am sure the Star will have the same tone as your writting. You conveniently forgot to mention about ethics and principle. Since 1969, UMNO has been using money and tactics to stay in power. I am disappointed that you seemed to be in agreement with the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

Well, the MB can dissolved the state assembly & call for a snap election. Of course, the odds will be against Pakatan as the EC has proven that they are just another BN tool:( Btw, what happen to all the accusations that these 2 ADUN that created this mess was corrupted??? The mainstream media including the Star has conveniently ignore that now...Does this means that the charges against them will be drop by the DPP?? This really means it's time to bring down the UMNO government...

Anonymous said...

jamaludin and osman, now you don't have to worry anymore about your corruption charges. Everything will be "kowtim", so you can have a good night sleep. And Hee, you damn smart le, By being the last potential frog, you become the most valuable frog, so you better know how to bargain well. Big money to you is peanut to some people.

Unknown said...

Hope you don't enjoy abt current development too early! Too naive for you to celebrate at this stage!

There are more secret weapons from PR govt. which is going to come!

Even if the Perak PR govt dissolved and call for fresh state election, then we can witness the end of your beloved BeeNd govt more earlier than expected!

Anonymous said...

Aiya ..you give me RM 10 million, I also will hop. Can retire with that money. No need to work as ADUN and take crap from everybody.
An ADUN in Malaysia is expected to solve every longkang and pothole problem (which is the town council's problem really). People call you up any time of day or night, like you belong to them.

Anonymous said...

The implication of Perak Collapse is huge to Malaysia.

1. PM to be will think he has great support.

2. As we all know our country are going to be in bad shape handled by lousy leaders.

3. We will be like Indonesia in 15 years time.

4. Time to wake the power-blinded folks up. They are stealing our children future by the seconds.

Anonymous said...


You posted as though PR is put into an unenviable corner.... and you not even mention the option of PR dissolving the assembly for a fresh state election. Why?

Because you know that PR will then be in full control of Perak with BN(UMNO ONLY) only having less than 10 seats with your friend MCA totally demolished ...LOL

In fact that is the best option... go back to the Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Does it means that after election, the people have no say? It looks like this the case. It is all being decided by politicians.

We the rakyat want a fresh election.

Anonymous said...

Let there be a snap state election in Perak. We will teach BN a lesson with another good round of spanking at the polls. This time the rakyat will bury BN good and proper. In any case, whatever the outcome of the polls, Perak will gain with all the money pumped into the state in the run up to the poll!

Anonymous said...

Have a fresh election. Respect the constitution rights of ppl. Pakatan for Perak ppl.