Friday, February 6, 2009

Nizar escorted out of office

The political temperature is getting hotter in Perak. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and the other Pakatan Rakyat state exco members were escorted out of his state secretariat office, which has been emptied, at 10.15am by the Ipoh OCPD. His press conference was also stopped. Nizar and the PR elected representatives have said they would boycott the swearing in ceremony of Dr Zambri Kadir as MB this afternoon. The matter is expected to go to the courts. But the biggest casualty would be the rakyat - both sides would be preoccupied with power struggle in the state and certainly the economy would not be on the minds of these politicians. Perak has already lost its shine long ago with many of its young people preferring to seek employment in Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh is virtually a dead town and certainly the attention it gets now is something the people do not need. Dr Zambri biggest job would be to win the hearts and minds of Perakians, many of whom are upset with the collapse of the PR government. He needs to start introducing populist measures, which would be regarded as fair to all races. Dr Zambri needs to remind himself that the old Umno methods would not be accepted or even tolerated.


Anonymous said...

All authorities have sided with BN except the people! I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I think you were misleading when you wrote "Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and the other Pakatan Rakyat state exco members were escorted out of his state secretariat office, which has been emptied, at 10.15am by the Ipoh OCPD." The UMNO goons took all the files from the MB's office, not the MB. The MB said the office is as empty as when he took over. The UMNO goons are thieves!

amoker said...

Again, no comment from yourself on the acts of UMNO. Why are you blaming Nizar instead?

Such crooks. Zamry is leading a pariah government.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a "MB Belakang Pintu"..i am sure perakians will not accept him.

Anonymous said...

With reference to the remarks on the dead economy of Perak, if a state election was held, it would have been a shot in the arm for the state economy as billions would have been poured into the state in the run up to the election. But that is water under the bridge now. Zambri cannot win back the hearts and minds. That is beyond his control now. The damage done is nationwide. BN's reputation shows no sign of any repair, because there is no sign of reform. In fact it has gotten worse. It is so bad that even the old senior UMNO members have spoken out to voice their disgust. Has dear Tun selected another wrong successor?

Anonymous said...

4 donkeys braying he-he-he-hee to take care of their own interest, plunging the whole nation into crisis. Are there no honest politicians left?

Whatmeworry said...

The way the police acted in this fiasco is really something. They surrounded the State Secretariat and nobody could enter.

When the BN Selangor govt fell, where were the police? Khir Toyol and gang had the time to shred all incriminating documents and removed files from their office.

Even the Perak civil service seem very pro BN. The letter by the State Secretary speaks volumes of his impartiality.

In the eyes of all Perakians, it was daylight robbery by the BN.

Richguy said...

It doesn't matter whether the MB is from PR or BN. He is the MB who is top executive in the state. Chasing him out this manner is out of our way and it occurs to me how desperate BN is to steal their power. A simple motion of no confidence in a special sitting of state assembly would have made everything work within the constitution.
Rakyat will not forget this moment in their lives and BN better be prepared to face the repercussions the next time they come to us for votes.

Anonymous said...

It is really very humiliating to chase out a leader like a dog! The police and the state secretariat are very disgusting!!

Anonymous said...

I feel deeply for Nizar, a tech geek, always smiling, so trusting and end up being the victim.
He is swallowed by all the political vultures in and out of the party.
No political finesse, no politial savvy.
What he could have done is to admit 'defeat' graciously and wish all the best to the new government.
Thank the people of Perak, yada,yaya.
People will symphatise with you more.
Of course, on the advice of the bullies, he chose a confrontational way including disobeying the Sultan and acting as Menteri Besar.
The entry to his office put the officials especially the State Secretary in a quandary.
They are government officials binded by the general orders and deem to support the government of the day.
They have no option but to escrot him out.
This is an embarrasment to Nizar and lowered his dignity.
Just lie low, bide your time.
In a matter of months, there may be at least two by-e;ections in Perak,
Go for it and, judging by emotions now, PR can regain power.