Thursday, February 5, 2009

Najib to meet the press soon

News Alert: MB Nizar summoned to Istana Kinta
: Anwar to meet Nizar, plans gathering
: Sultan Azlan Shah does not consent to dissolution
: Perak MB told to quit immediately

The Deputy Prime Minister, who has been granted an audience by the Sultan of Perak, is scheduled to call a press conference at 12.30pm. The word outside the palace is that the BN is ready to form the new government. The BN has the numbers and the media believed that there could be a few more defections. The names of one or two PKR assemblymen have been mentioned. The Malaysian Insider reported that Najib has left the palace and has started a meeting with the Perak Umno leaders.
Meanwhile, the Pakatan Rakyat has started the process of challenging the EC decision through legal channels. The DAP, it is understood, has also sent the undated resignation letter of Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong to the Speaker. But this could be an academic exercise if the BN officially takes over the state government in the coming hours. The collapse of the Pakatan Rakyat government is certainly a boost to Umno but its leaders would have to deal with the fact that public opinion, particularly in Perak, is not favourable. Party hopping is unethical and these defectors have been regarded as unprincipled people. Anwar Ibrahim is also on the firing line with criticism against him for encouraging party hopping. His silence has also been an issue among Pakatan Rakyat supporters.


Anonymous said...

So the Silver State has been sold for a song by 3 Judas. I am sure UMNO/BN must be very proud of their new allies, 2 of whom are under investigation for corruption.
So UMNO/BN knows the people of Perak are very angry that their votes don't count. This episode will bode bad for UMNO/BN in the years to come. We will NOT forgive, and we will NOT forget. Come any election or by-election, we will bury UMNO/BN. We spit at all the Judas.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome of this crisis in Perak, it is a no-win situation for MCA and Gerakan. IF BN takes over the state, the backlash will be severe for BN in any future elections, even more so for MCA and Gerakan. The urban population will be especially agitated by this perceived robbery, and MCA and Gerakan will pay a heavy price. Maybe Gerakan has nothing else to lose, as it is as good as dead. But MCA will face further erosion of support from the Chinese. As for the Malay votes, the backlash will also be there, as they will perceive UMNO to be even more arrogant than before, and has stooped to robbing power and not respecting their votes. This will be a short term victory for UMNO/BN with a very heavy price to pay in all future elections.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Wong,

Perak, the silver state is getting cloudier by the hour.
That's what happens when politicians turn into whoring thru buying and selling themselves.
Anwar was so busy trying to get BN reps across and gloated when one moved to PKR.
But now, apa sudah jadi? He is crying foul, accusing BN of getting PKR people by hook or by crook.
Depa buat, ok, lain orang buat haram. Now he wants to go back to his old style - take it to the streets. Memang politikus jalanan.
As for the DAP, it looks like the party can only look at the events unfolding.
For its leaders, it is again a sorry case of terNgehNgeh and terNgaNga.

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Anonymous said...

Najib is playing the game of win first then restore confidence in the people of Perak. Being desperate after losing the recent by elections is causing him to use whatever method to achieve the above aim. He thinks he has nothing to lose now, either do or die! So, I am cautioning the people of Perak to be careful of the $$$$$$ he will pour into the state to quiet them. If the people is glad because of that, then the people are partnering with unscrupulous, naueating party hoppers in bringing great harm to the whole nation! Money can work for a while but loving it, is the root of all evil!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Politics has descended to a dirty game where elected repersentatives can jump party at a price.

There is a politician who have the cheek to say that he has re-jump back to his old party for his contituent's sake and due personal sacrifices!!

These people are the scumbags of scumbags who will sell even their sweet grandmother for a ringgit!!!

It's a wonder that such traitors are accepted back to his former party and treated as a hero.

Anonymous said...

I as a normal rakyat, would hope for the Sultan to make a decision which could stop both parties from making a havoc out of the lives of everyone.
Both sides are having 28-28 assemblymen and the other "independent" politicians are behind BN or so they said.
What if there is continuous defection and the majority keeps switching sides?
New government to be formed every now and then?

Anonymous said...

With so many uncertainties clouding the choice of a govt in Perak State, The HRH should weigh, whether the voice of his subjects are more important than the slimy politicians.
It takes a brave Ruler to make a difficult decision that favors stability in the State...than, to submit to the thumbs of politicians. His neutrality is at stake.
Unfortunately, the Sultan of Perak is not King Solomon.

Anonymous said...

I am ver very sad at what is unfolding in the state. We choose the PR to rule the state. If Najib wants the state badly, then have a snap election. Not thru all these scandalous defection. And the 2 PKR even have corruption case with sex in it!
I sad too that the ruler choose not to dissolve the state assembly. What if after 3 month, 3 from BN defects to PR? Another new MB ? I am truly sad at such a state that we're in.