Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The mark of a wise Sultan

Daulat Tuanku! The Sultan of Selangor has once again demonstrated his qualities as a wise and fair ruler. He has openly expressed his sympathies for Elizabeth Wong, saying he was worried and upset over the intrusion of privacy and private right's with the intention of destroying one's dignity and reputation. Well said. The point is simple - what Elizabeth Wong, a matured adult, wants to do behind closed door is nobody's business. As I said, we picked an elected representative, not a nun. Malaysians have had enough of this kind of gutter politics. If it's the work of a rejected ex-lover, it's equally disgusting. He should be arrested and charged in court soon. He should be brave enough to return home and answer the charges against him instead of running away. Nobody is sure whether it's the work of BN, the results of an internal party feud or simply the stupidity of a former boyfriend. But the allegations and counter allegations is sickening, to put it mildly.
The Sultan has also correctly decided that he would not get involved as he is above politics. In the first place, there was really no need for the MB to ask the Tuanku for a decision. He should keep the Tuanku informed of the developments, that's all.


Anonymous said...

Of course the Sultan does not want to get involved in the Eli case! Any VVIP would be nuts to want to get involved in this very very touchy case! Only Toyol is mad enough to want Eli's blood. But Eli has gone through a lot of psychological torture, and it would be difficult for her to continue as a public representative. The gutter politics is sparing no one, and no profession, so better watch out. Who is next after CSL and EW ?
A minister? Should not be too surprising given the level of in-fighting in the BN component parties! Another Pakatan rep? Should not be a surprise either given the previous cases. A journalist ? A high level cop? Members of the ACA or MACC ? Members of the Judiciary ? The NGO leaders? Politics is getting to be very dangerous and vicious these days. And unfortunately those videos are the only thing that are very revealing and transparent.

amoker said...

hemmm... its your ball now....

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are spot on!

And I like this... " We picked an elected representative, not a nun".

My view is that, in the first place, this SPY-CAM POLITICS should not be allowed to snowballed into such a big issue and involving the sultan at that.

Now everything is being politicized. Even our bedroom sleeping positions and sex techniques for all you know!!!


jrajster said...

The Mark of a "Wise Sultan". Your simple yet meaningful sentence says it all. This is exactly what we, I mean the rakyat expect from sultans. Perak crisis could have been handled in the exact manner;passing the responsibility back to rakyat.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


We all badly need the judicial wisdom of King Solomon
Now that court cases on all political matters are so very common
Let's pray we don't fall into the trap of any evil one or demon
But let the people concerned wisely pick and throw away any bad lemon

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250209
Wed. 25th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

I have been a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat. I had been crtiical of UMNO dragging the Perak Sultan into politics. But here I wonder why Khalid/Pakatan Rakyat is trying to drag the Selangor Sultan into politics too. What does he expect the Sultan to do? If the Sultan had not supported EW, the there would be a lot of anger by the people. But what if the Sultan supported EW, but then some horrible pictures and video start to surface? Khalid should not have "consulted" the Sultan in the first place over EW's case. It is like trying to pass the buck to the Sultan when the Pakatan leaders should make the difficult decision together with EW. You can't force her to continue if she does not want to.

Anonymous said...

The sultan appointed the exco, so MB Khalid was right in seeking tuanku decision.
You don't just inform the sultan that you have fired the exco appointed by tuanku sultan.
Commmon la, Wong... what MB Khalid did was not just a protocol or cari makan but it is procedural as the sultan appointed all the exco.
So, please wake up and never bypass HRH.

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, I am very concerned that the media is acting in convert with the BN to play up irrelevant issues to side track from the real issues confronting the country, and which affects Malaysians of all races and religions. Why are the media giving so much space and time to porno and attempts to drag in royalty into politics. What have happened to all the real corruption cases and scams? Where is Lingam case? Where is the Port Klang case? Where are all the land scam cases? Where are the cases on the rape of the forests and displacement of orang asli? What has happened to the Sabah cases of ICs for Indons ? Just do a search of corruption cases in STAR and you will find a lkot of cases all still open and all hushed up, all forgotten.

Old Fart said...

By his expression of his disgust over the invasion of privacy and if that is what this is, the follow through to the Sultan's statement is really, Eli, don't let this under the belt invasion beat you and become the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

It does not take much wisdom to stay clear away from the smear politics that seem to be in vogue these days. It started with the attack on Anwar. Then it was Soi Lek's turn. Then Eli. Then back to Soi Lek. Rather than leading our nations, our useless politicians are involved in smear campaigns to bring down politicians via issues relating to people's private sex lives. We are NOT impressed. What we want is to see CORRUPT politicians thrown into prison. The BN politicians are totally out of tune with the sentiment of the people they claim to represent. As far as we can see, the people in power are only representing themselves and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

Wong, I know you and Sultan very kamcheng. But pse dont be too patronising, lah. Steady brudder.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your appointment to the MACC board. Hope that MACC is more than just Malaysian Abusing Cows & Cars.
BTW, many reports have been made against ex-MB Khir Toyo but no action have been taken so far. Many documents have been schreded too on the night of 8th Mac (pls refer to pics on blogs). But after almost a year, no action taken.

As a MACC member, I hope that you will look into this matter!
Anak Selangor.

Odette said...

Pleased to see that there is some wisdom left amongst Malaysian leaders. Thanks also for putting in the poll on E W at the Star Online portal - it is a good gauge of public opinion. Good job!

K L said...

Daulat Tuanku ! I am glad that I am anak Selangor, wonder if the Perakians feel the same way ?