Thursday, February 26, 2009

A letter to Malaysian politicians... from Zubedy

A full-page advertisement was published in The Star today on Page 37 by Anas Zubedy who wanted to write a letter to all Malaysian politicians.

Anas, originally from Penang, runs his own training company. His advertisements during all the major celebrations in Malaysia have gained a reputation for the interesting and touching messages.

You can check out his site here and also his blog here, which carries the letter in full as well.

You can also read more about him in this feature (Zubedy for unity) which was published in The Star last Sept 28. As well as this latest interview featured in The Star.


Anonymous said...

While symphatising with Zubedy and people like him, I must say that there are certain things in life which we hold very dearly, higher than what is needed by the stomachs. Things like freedom, justice, fairness, sense of fairplay, upholding truth and integrity.The Palestinians sacrificed everything, even their life, just to obtain their rightful place on this earth.So are the Afghans, the Iraqis and the Pattanis.They could just make compromises if they are only interested in bread and butter.In our case, I do not think the current level of politicking has much negative impact on efforts to take care of our economy in the face of the global economic problems.

Anonymous said...

Shah. I sokong you.

Anonymous said...

We have to face this turmoil and the need to sacrifice if we want to have CHANGES.
Politicians can do what they want but those politicians that run the government must be responsible and accountable.
Why are they in denial? Why the finance minister is more interested in coup de tat in Perak?. Why do they want to destabilize the Selangor state government? WHY??? These are issues and those appointed ministers must know their priority.
I am sorry for Zabedy and you are not the only one suffering but I will take the BN government to task for their inability to do what they are suppose to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shah

Many and I suppose including Zubedy, are also concerned about freedom, justice...and so on. But then to the majority of ordinary folks they are more interested in having a stable country in terms of economics and politics.You have taken examples of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq which are, to my opinion, extreme cases of political, social and economic instability. But of course I am not saying that there should be no opposition to any of the government policies or actions which may seem unfair. I believe what most of the rakyat want is for the government of the day to take to take care of them and the opposition to provide constructive criticisms to any policies or actions not favouring the majority of the people. The present situation now is that all parties are treating Malaysia like a huge boxing ring. I sue you , you sue me. I see this sultan, you see this sultan, I take your photos, you take my photos...when are all these going to end ? Are all these related to fighting for freedom ? for justice ? People are fed up with all these but they will not be fed up with the proper ways that can be used to fight for freedom, justice or fairness.

nckeat88 said...

I do not agree with Shah. The Jews never give a chance for the Palestinians to compromise. They don't even give them basic human right for them to survive.

Malaysian condition is different. BN though may be corrupted but Malaysian generally do not suffer as those Palestinian. Politician should pay more attention to economy.

PR should stop playing politics and start look after their 5 states and their own ADUN and MPs. If they are not corrupted, they cannot be bought at any price.

BN should start looking at the economy, not go on the shopping spree to look for corrupted MPs and ADUNs at PR. The one who give corruptions is as guity as the one who receive.

Anonymous said...

It is like advising a robbery victim to forget about the incident and get on with life?

Call for snap election - let Rakyat decide!

amoker said...

Hemm... i tot he is a Mahatirist?
Anyway, any takes on the ruffians in Parliament today? Security seemed to be supertight that people can fight and MSM seemed to not want to report.