Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's look at issues rationally

It is not easy to follow the issues of the day in a rational manner. But we should try. In my regular column, On The Beat, in Sunday Star today, I wrote that Malaysians are increasingly caught in political partisanship, and that includes those of us who are not into party politics per se.

At times like this, we need to keep a cool head and not get over-emotional. But I would still consider the person who took and circulated lewd photographs of Selangor state executive councillor and Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, which caused her downfall, as a scumbag - which is actually a pretty mild word under the circumstances.

Still, Malaysians need to take a step back and stop looking at issues too emotionally. Partisanship and inability to evaluate issues rationally can tear the nation apart.


Anonymous said...

People like you should be able to put things right and stop all the spinning.
Be truthful in your writing and surely you know the power of influence of a writer like you on the impact on society, present and future.
Lets have a better picture of the future.

Richard Loh said...

It is not easy to follow the issues of the day in a rational manner. But we should try.

How to act in a rational manner, may I ask? When news are not reported truthfully and tend to spin and spin one sided and are just the tools being used by the ruling party.

I wrote that Malaysians are increasingly caught in political partisanship, and that includes those of us who are not into party politics per se.

Precisely, the mass media are the culprit that causes this situation. Need I go into details how the mass media make their reports to suit their masters. You of all people should know better.

Partisanship and inability to evaluate issues rationally can tear the nation apart.

How to evaluate issues rationally when what we read in the mass media are one sided stories and you know very well that one sided stories are favored to which side.

What you write is right but do you have the guts to change the way the mass media make their reports so that we can evaluate issues rationally?

Ti Lian Ker said...

Indeed! We have lost our bearing. Everyone is trying to upstage one another with no regard for decency. Malaysians ugliness is showing...........

Anonymous said...

Since when have you been rational Datuk Datuk Wong? Were you thinking rationally every time you bend over to kiss Pak Lah's hands?

Odette said...

It seems that politics in Malaysia has come down to this. How would you expect the rakyat to be rational when our leaders are far from that. The people voted for change but still the powers that be refuse to listen.

Anonymous said...

Yes i totally agree with you Datuk, the person who took and distributed the photos of Eli is the biggest scumbag in the world! I hope his daughter or grand-daughter gets the same treatment done to her one day. That would really be payback for the sins of the father!
I also totally agree with what Prof Dr Azmi Sharom said, "Everybody has genitals and people have sex. Malaysians should jus grow up and get used to it."!
Most of our own politicians are hypocrites in their own right. I am sure that most of them have contributed to the porn dvd industry or even indulged in some 'pleasurable services', but yet portray a holier than thou attitude. Please la, GROW UP AND STOP BEING BITCHES! There are more important issues to govern and stop wasting tax payers' money on unproductive matters!
Eli did nothing wrong, she just trusted the wrong person and got betrayed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DS WCW, well said. And all things must start from the top. The PM and DPM, and the rest of the cabinet ministers need to set the right examples. If the top is rotten, then the rest of the body will get rotten. Leadership by example is absolutely necessary. Their followers take the cue from them.

Anonymous said...

Believe Nothing, No Matter Where You Read It, or Who Said It, No Matter If I Have Said It, Unless It Agrees with Your Own Reason and Your Own Common Sense."

The Buddha

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

The Buddha

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Chun Wai

If you really want to know what the people feel or thinks, you should head to Sin Kee restaurant in Taman Desa, Old Klang Road -

Be there after 6pm, there's old uncle and his 2 friend mid 50s. They'll express how they feel bout partisanship or non partisan, even general views, hey maybe you could run editorials eg The Peoples ToTs, a weekly col.

Sometimes its good to get away from "stuffy enviro" ke ke ke and get fresh out takes on life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Seri Wong.

It is already too late. Partisan ship has already set in. BN is the major cause of this problem with
(a) "if you are not with me, you are against me" attitude.
(b) divide and rule tactic

We can just fiddle and watch Rome burn. And hope to rebuild from the ash.

Anonymous said...

We have reached a new low in Malaysian politics. And in the spirit of "Malaysia-boleh" our politicians are showng how they can drag the whole country to lower levels still. Apparently they have not listened to the voters/Malaysians who have told them in no uncertain terms that we will not suffer fools and scumbags to lead this country. Looks like we need to send them reminders after reminders until someone gets the picture. The citizens of Malaysia want to be served. Those whom we voted are NOT VIPs; the people who voted are the true VIPs. Forget about calling them YB or YAB because they have not earned that title.
I don't care whether it's PR or BN, we just want a government who will serve the country and its people. Get down to work, NOW!

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, I am sure you know that if you were to print all the news rationally with no bias and no cover up, you won't last very long in your position. The powers that be in BN will chew you up so fast, you won't have time to even blink. That is unfortunate situation in malaysia. The rakyat do not expect anything good and rational from this current government.

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, that is a good advice. The only problem is that this advice should be given to the ministers of the umno government. They have been acting most irrationally. Their actions have not been guided by reason for the benefit of the nation, but by hidden agenda. Thus the people who need to heed this advice the most are not reading your blog, but are busy plotting and doing harm to the country.

Anonymous said...

Since when have the umno govt been rational? What is so rational about ISA? the OSA? the Seditions Act? paying fat commission to"consultants" to buy submarines and fighter jets (what kind of consultations? Isn't the expertise residing in the Mindef proper?)? AP for import of cars? Even if we have to protect Proton, which is another story again, why not just impose a tax on cars coming into Malaysia imported by anybody? Why the sh&# do we need an AP? What is rational about awarding contracts with no tenders? or closed tenders? What is rational about the way the govt select judges? What is rational about the judges reporting to the executive in power? What is rational about the PM or DPM also acting as Finance Minister? or at one time, even as Home Minister? What is rational about our PM and DPM dabbling in state matters when they have a country to run? What is ratinal about the ACA not taking any actions on all the backlog of cases involving UMNO people? What is ratinal about setting another toothless MACC when there is already a toothless ACA? What is rational about setting up a network of kampung heads by the federal government when there are already networks of kampung heads managed by the states? What is rational about the way the state tourism bodies get suppressed by the federal tourism ministry? What is so rational about the UMNO leaders brandishing the keris to draw blood? Now they just replaced the keris with a thinly veiled attempts to drag in the Sultans to do the dirty work for them, and I pray that the Sultans do not fall for their ploys.
Your advice should be directed straight to the umno people.

Anonymous said...

Eli has the majority of the people's sympathy. But I think the whole wave of anger against the government is much more than just Eli, who has been caught in the wave, and betrayed by a scumbag. The whole wave of anger is about the non-stop series of violation by the government against the people. It is about the loss of democracy. It is about the blatant corruption. It is about the ISA, the SA, and the OSA. It is about the abuse of power and the misuse of the institutions of government. The fact that people blame the BN for Eli's misfortune even before any investigations are done is a reflection of the mistrust of the government and its lack of credibility. Even within UMNO, some of their leaders have admitted the problem of its corruption and its inability to reform itself.
Ali & Ah Chong

Anonymous said...

Before you can count 1,2,3..there is another "porno" case, this time involving an MCA personality. When will it end. Whether one approve, not disapprove, or don't care about Soi Lek's personal sex life, it is still a scumbag who invaded his privacy, and then use the video recording to bring him down. Just when Soi Lek thought the nightmare was allover, it resurfaced again. While the police is doing its job to investigate the case, I would be very disappointed if the charges is against Soi Lek rather than catching the culprit who video recorded him. I don't like MCA, but I respect Soi Lek's right to privacy and his personal sex practices and whatever style of sex play he prefers. If the police charge him with oral sex,and the real culprit goes scot free, it would be another sad day for Malaysia and another black mark on the police. Another case of the victim being charged while the criminal runs free?

Anonymous said...

Yes we are looking at issues rationally but is UMNO who took unrational steps of using the police, IGP, AG, MACC, Election commission, Home Ministry, the Press in selective prosecution. This institution are being used by UMNO at their disposal to punish, threaten and prosecute those who are in their way.

The most rational thing we the rakyat can do is to remove BN from power come the next GE.

BlueMoon said...

Yes bro, this is what politic is al about. Full of scums and garbages. They should have been buried 100 meter underground so that the world is cleansed.

ChengHo said...

What had happened to Eli was a case of Lover Quarell why even bother to comment in the main stream newspaper
But once you are a public figure you cannot run away from public attention you are a public property if you do not like it then make an exit from public life
Sex always fascinate and attract people the reaction from public is natural every where in the world..

Anonymous said...

Dear Datu Seri Chun Wai,

Let me agree with many of your views first. HOWEVER, I agree more with many comments posted.

How can we be rational when we are bombared by propaganda by the newspapers every morning and TV every night when we get back home?

All you guys in the mainstream media just carry out one-sided reports with no mature analysis at all. Most, if not all, analysis are propaganda aimed at running down the opposition.

When have you spoken for the opposition even when they were right? What about the asshole of an MACC chief? Did you question his integrity when he made a huge blunder by announcing about Selangor MB?

How then can we think rationally? We are not some assholes, lah. Pleassssssssssseeee....

We have our limits. You should be lucky that many Malaysians still but your newspaper. I am buying becaue my wife still wants to read the ads and tesco/Jusco prices.

So stop going on your high horse and advise us. You MSM change first. Stop licking the Barisan leaders' asses.

Utusan Malaysia and TV3 are the worst culprits. You guys have never learnt your lessons after the last elections. You all were partly responsible for turning out propaganda shit day in day out.

You want us to think out of the political box, The Star better start being a good and fair paper first please.

I am sorry I sound angry but I hate it when you don't practise what you preach lah, Chun Wai. That goes for me too. I will never preach something that I don't do, even to my children.

End of the day, like Indian AR Rahman said after receiving his Oscar - IT's ALL IN THE HANDS OF GOD.

I understand that your are a practising Christian. I believe you are God-fearing.

May God Bless You, Datuk Seri.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Honestly if you ask me Datuk Wong, you should run for office someday.

Malaysia needs calm and learned people like you who can write without being too emotional or bias, unlike some blogs or alternative media.

Nowadays, politics have become so cheap.

On 17th February, before any investigations were carried out, Anwar Ibrahim, Sivarasa, Wan Azizah and Nuraidah linked Barisan Nasional to the nude pictures scandal.

But as time passes by in 24 hours, on the 18th of February, the media and the rakyat discovered that it was an inside job by a PKR member.

At that time, immediately all the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat said we should not sensationalize the issue and leave the case alone.

It is as though Pakatan and the people find joy and contentment by slamming Barisan Nasional with conspiracy theories.

But when the arrows head towards Pakatan Rakyat, everyone quiets down and we are advised not to talk about it.

Press freedom will hit a low under Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Wong, believe me.

Tian Chua even threatend Agendadaily "if you ask me again, I smash your head".

I wish you all the best in your capacity as Editor of The Star if one day Pakatan Rakyat wins the Federal Government.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders like the respectable Nik Aziz and Lim Kit Siang have all become Anwar's yes-men.

The yes-men culture was heavily criticised under Pak Lah's Govt. But soon, under Anwar Ibrahim, we will see the same.

I worry for the press. Datuk Wong, when the time comes, I urge Datuk to step forward and be fair and just to all.

Your service for all Malaysians will be needed not only in the media front, but will be greatly appreciated in politics if you decide to join the scene one day.

Keep it up, Datuk Wong.

Anonymous said...

"Let's look at issues rationally" what a pathetic title! Datuk Wong, I believe you have some connection with some BN leaders, kindly send them above comments from Richard Loh, Anonymous Feb 23 6.47pm, etc...
I read The Star everyday because I still enjoy the old way of having my breakfast and read the newspaper but to be frank my blood pressure is running high everytime I read the national news. Do you think The Star is rational??? of course not because it is own by MCA crownies. When can we have in Malaysia a decent independant newspaper?? most probably never as long as BN is governing this country.
There is too much ridiculous non sense in Malaysian politics, even a school boy can notice that this country is governed by incapable people...
If tomorrow a free & fair referendum was implemented to choose between BN and PR, PR will win without doubt, if you, BN, still wonder look around you, look at above comments from a BN friendly blog, it's too obvious!!!

Come on, give way to a true democratic government! maybe you will have chance to win again in 10 year when you trully accept your mistakes

Game is over!


Anonymous said...

Sordid expectations of the Malaysian people:
1) Which MP / ADUN will die next to pave the way for a by-election?
2) Which MP / ADUN will be nxt to hop?
3) Which MP/ ADUN will be next to go AWOL?
4) Which MP / ADUN will be next to have his / her pictures/video posted on the internet?
5) Which MP / ADUN will be next to be charged with/ reported for corruption? for khalwat? for treason? for sedition?
What a sorry state of the nation!

Anonymous said...

WHO IS NEXT is what the people are asking.

And while Malaysians pretend to be a holy lot, Malaysians have been flocking in record numbers to to view all the pictures of the celebs (politicians included).

And while everybody is crying foul about corruption, corruption is already such an embedded way of llife in Malaysia that the system stops functioning if you take away the corruption, because undertable money is the "salary" for many.

Malaysia Boleh?

amoker said...

Quite true... we need to be level headed sometimes, so are our leaders. Managing a coup and then later calling detractors as anti royals are just too ironic.

Btw Datuk, do see if your newspaper can shed some more light to the Baram flood. I just been there and it is bad. I did ask a friend in the Star if they can help to publicise the need for help but the person says that the newspaper is focussed on Perak. Well, what else can I say but to look at alternatives to help. Cheers