Friday, November 14, 2008

Completely "blur like a sotong" in Perak

Policemen snatching video cameras, the kind of stuff that protestors at anti-ISA rallies talk about but in Perak, the Mentri Besar has found himself in the news for forcing a photographer to delete a picture of him when he was served a notice of demand from a lawyer.

The MB demanded the pixman's camera and took it upon himself to delete the pictures. That's high handedness and just because he is the MB does not give him the right to act this way. He's not being very clever. It's strange for Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (pic) to act in such a manner as there is nothing politically embarrassing to be served such a letter. In contrast, senior exco member Ngeh Koo Ham sportingly posed for the press.

Perak Umno chief Tajol Rosli is demanding a formal apology from the state government over allegations that he was involved in the recent arrests of two state exco members for corruption.

But there are dumber ones. State Industry Development and Information Committee chairman Tai Sing Ng was completedly blur when he was asked about foreign investments in the state. Apparently, he has not never heard of MIDA - the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority. Tai could also not give a breakdown of the investments in the state when asked at the state assembly. For Mei Yen, it's dumb and dumber. Rocky Bru is also furious at the treatment of reporters by the Perak MB.


KongKor said...


I find that even in your blog, you tend to lean on one side in favor towards the current BN/UMNO administration. It is understandable since you work for The Star but I thought this is the place where you can be more neutral in your writings.

Just an observation for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

How come you do not call the BN parties blur or dumb? How come Rocky Bru is always talking bad about PKR? It is so obvious where your loyalty lay! A good writer or critic do not only pick up the bad points.

A disgusted reader!

Anonymous said...

Ah Latuk,
It is only 8 months lar. Even last time you worked you also under probation mah. Your boss also got give criticism mah which is good so one can improve. For the case of MB Perak asking the reporter to delete his lengchai picture, wah why the reporter and the dispatcher can appear at the same time. So coincident meh. Imagine next time someone despatch a defamation suit to you and the Star reporter turn up to shoot your lengchai fei chai photo to publish headline next day? Wah then you gracefully smile lar accepting the notice.... with a "v" sign? lengchai lar lu

Unknown said...

Good evening Datuk,

The March '08 GE is a lesson to learn for Malaysian Rakyats. It is high time we expect our elected leaders to perform. They are not elected to be placed in one of the seats be it on anyside of the divide for show only. They are expected to work! Paid to work with taxpayer monies.

So come next election, we should carefully select our choice of candidates. The choice should be based on the calibre, competency and sincerity of the candidate to serve the Rakyats for the betterment of our beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRAZY THE PAKATAN,PKR N ANWAR'S WAY!.where is the opposition leaders who always hold candles in the name of justice...or they only hold candle for their own supporter in th same name of justice...i wonder where is our grand oldman of malaysian politics mr lim kit statements from him on this issue make me wonder wheter he also been corrupted by the Anwar!.Journalist just doing their work...can you politicians will them alone.

Anonymous said...

Wong, anything the PR states do, you would criticize. The BN has done worst things. Look at Mahathir and his racist rhetoric. MCA, you guys have lost it. You are on a slide....downhill.

BlueMoon said...

Right from the start this YB is not fit to lead the state. What more his party only commands 6 sits compared to 17 sits DAP. Forget about down to earth because his foot hasn't yet touched the ground. He is showing all the signs of someone suffering from inferiority complex. Yes, PAS is the minnow in Perak and this Dato' Seri wants to change that. Its like the infamous 'wayang kulit' in which the 'hanuman' is Dato' Seri Nizar but the dalang is DAP Ngeh Koo Ham.

Anonymous said...

Where is MIDA?What the ef has MIDA contributed?Is MIDA working? OK maybe the PR govt is not very up to the mark in a lot of things. But have you ever bench marked the BN government? What is the competency of the BN state and federal governments? What did the former Perak BN govt ever done for Perak? What did the former Selangor Bn Toyo govt ever done? They were literally raping the states. What have you ever written about them? Did you apply bench marks on them? The fact that the Pakatan govts did not rape the states is already an improvement over the BN governments. Have you ever talk about the quality of the members of the BN state governments? The likes of Toyo, the Ahmad Ismail, etc? How come you have never done a critical review of the track record of Toyo? Almost anybody would look good next to him, yet you have never utterd any criticism of him.

Anonymous said...

Latuk, how come you have never done any crticism of the BN run states? Sure the Pakatan state govts are not exactly excellent.Buthen they are still new, and having to fight of the sabotage by the federal govt as well as the UMNO people working in the state adminstration. Even then they are doing a better job than the other states run by the BN folks. The BN govt were sucking dry the states of Penang, Perak and Selangor previously, but I have yet to hear you criticize the likes of Toyo. And so how well is Johor, Pahang, Melaka and Negri being run? Have you ever check out the quality of the people there? Or what they have done or have not done since March? After 50 years what have they done? More and more land scams? Close one eye and even two eyes to crime? Let the new villages rot for 50 years?

Tinta Sisyphus said...

Betul kerajaan BN juga berlaku salah, tetapi kalau PR juga salah takkan tak boleh tegur kut?

Pada saya, bagus juga Rocky Bru highlight kekurangan kerajaan PR supaya mereka jadi lebih serius dan bertanggungjawab.

Berbanding Utusan, Rocky Bru lebih berwibawa mungkin. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

shall we co-author a book entitled 'THE DUMB AND DUMBER OF MALAYSIAN POLITICS'?

Anonymous said...

Aww, come on, guys. Everyone knows the "latuk's" hands are tied behind his back. Do you want him to get the sack from criticizing his boss? It's pretty obvious who's the boss of The Star. With the lies of the CPO of Selangor superseding the truth of the situation being reported more frequently the past week. We peace loving citizens were using "Negaraku" to taunt them. And the Star backs these claims. It's easier for the big dogs to bully the small one.

amoker said...

Datuk, does STAR cameraman follow the person to take photos like this when they are served subpoenas to UMNO/ MCA/MIC MPs? Does it not seemed strange that the Utusan Melayu cameramen conspiring with Tajol Rosli's man to take that photo?

I do not condone what Nizar did but this seemed staged. Why are you not commenting on that? Has anybody from the Najib camp been 'advising' you lately?

BlueMoon said...

Ranger, Anonymous and Amoker,

In contrary I'd like to opine that comments by Dato' WCW are fair. He may be the Star Chief Editor but I don't think he takes orders from any side. Nevertheless, the only reservation that I have against him is when he touches race and religion.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

Good for you to write about weaknesses of Pakatan excos. Please also write about dumb statements by BN ministers including the PM. he had said so many dumb things. What about Nazri - didn't he lie and mislead parliament on the sacked judges? Did you write a word?

You preach justice and being fair but you are not seen to be practising it.

Having said that, the PKR exco member is dumb alright! Not knowing Mida is unforgivable. he shoukld be smart enough to appoint an intelligent political secretary. Time for him to be replaced, Anwar or face the rap.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I emphatise Sing Ng's "blooper" statement on the MIDA. He's a firist timer

Anyway, I believe Fook Chye or Leong Peng's more capable than he is. Perhaps, it's because of the quota being given to PKR for Perak.

In again case, Sing Ng has made an honest mistake. So be it as long as he admitted and improved on it. Anyway, no money being lost. It's still ok.

By the way, no news about MCA's president statement.

I hope that you would publish my statement. Otherwise, your credibility would go down


Anonymous said...

I wonder all that has been said about the dumb and dumber of Perak govt. Who is the dumbest? to put a journalist into ISA to protect her, the offer of RM1000/= allowance to marry single mother, etc..... all these dumb statements appear everyday in the Star and media, and we have had these dumb leaders for 50 years!!!
The new leaders took over just 8 months ago, INEXPERIENCE IS NOT DUMB, please mind your word.

Anonymous said...

yes, the Perak MB should have command his bodyguard to delete the photo instead of doing it himself. Just follow the UMNO way (like tearing down the ex-CM of Penang's photo), then there is no issue.

Whatmeworry said...

Dear Datuk,

I agree with Kongkor ... you should be more neutral in your writings in your blog. Anything you write here is your own opinion right! The Star is a MCA paper and MCA is really in the shit hole right now. You do write well and I look forward to your independant thoughts

Anonymous said...

Who has not done a mistake?
How about you datuk?
Its always nice to look and talk about someone's weakness.
Cmon, being a human being, we are bound to make mistake on and off. Its alright. Forget about it and move on.
Still gotta loads of things to do in life, as in something meaningful not meaning-fool