Friday, November 7, 2008

Double blows - A bad day for the Attorney-General

It's a bad day for the Attorney-General's Office. The AG lost two high profile cases in one day. The day started with Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin succeeding in obtaining a court order for release from ISA detention. The decision must have surprised many Malaysians. More surprising, at least until now, RPK has not been re-arrested. In the past, there have been cases of ISA detainees being re-arrested after the courts had allowed their habeas corpus applications. DAP politician Karpal Singh was freed by the Ipoh High Court in 1988 but nabbed in Nibong Tebal on his way to Penang.
This afternoon, the AG lost another case. This time, Judge SM Komathy ruled that Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case would remained in the Sessions Court and would not be transferred to the High Court, as applied by the AG. But more importantly, it shows the independence of these judges. It's a victory for the judiciary, really. In the case of RPK, some of us may not agree with his free-wheeling methods but we must not support the ISA. Detention without trial cannot be defended. There are still plenty of legal battles ahead for RPK and it should remained that way. He must be allowed to defend himself in courts and not kept in Kamunting.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is a victory not only for RPK and Anwar, it is a victory for the people for Malaysia. Let me congratulate you-since this blog started, I have noticed that your "on the beat" column has become more expressive and representative of the feelings of the Malaysian people, instead of the "sitting on the fence" type of comments of the past. contributions.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

As you have said we must have hope for Malaysia.








Richard Loh said...

Well said Datuk.

We hope that you can highlight more on the abolish ISA campaigns that are ongoing.

To start off please guide your readers to support the call for the ISA to be repealed. Upcoming candle light vigils informations here.

You agree that no one should be detained under the ISA but use the law to charge them in court if they are guilty of any wrong doing.

Please use your power invested in you to help and voice out against this draconian act unless your hands are tied by some unseen forces behind.

Julian said...

*victory jig*

yet, i long to see real justice here in Malaysia. Y'know, the one blindfolded; sword and scale in each hand? No other invisible hands lurking in the shadows.

Victory to the judiciary is somewhere in the foggy future. We need clear separation of power among the main branches, no?

Anonymous said...

Datuk WCW,

I would not called it a double blow to the AG.... this should not have happen in the first place if the AG knows his job well and follow the rule of law.

It was such a waste of public money and worst still the agony for RPK and his family....all this due to the incompetency of the AG and the Home Minister.

Gone are the days the good people of Malaysia is going to accept such high handedness in governing..I hope!


Anonymous said...

Now let's free all the other ISA prisoners.

Anonymous said...

RPK should sue the AG for unlawful detention leading to RPK's and his family's traumatic experience, psychological torture, physical and medical injuries, loss of earnings, loss of freedom, etc due to the unlawful detention. The AG need to pay for the abuse and off scot free.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Wong

This is victory of the alternate media and the voice of the real people.

If there is anything that can demonstrate the power of the alternate media, this is it.

I congratulate you for playing a role.

Ghifari X said...

What free-wheeling methods - RPK is a human phenomenon; it is necessary when all else failed, the human spirit proceeds. I hope the numbers grow dramatically after all this government isn't listening and it's attitude reflect that of the Neo Cons and the racist Zionist regime. Just look in earnest and you'll be damn scared of the monster you aren't looking for. We've been prodding on a wine-press much to long.

Anonymous said...

It's a victory for the people of Malaysia. It's a victory against fascism, nazism, bigotry, racism, hatred. It's a victory for the people of all races. We shall persevere. We shall battle Umno bigotry, hatred, lies and division of the people. Umno, the people have spoken. Umno, are you prepared for change? Or are you still mired in Ketuanan Melayu? Are you still cocooned in hatred, stupidity and self-denial? Or are you still hunkered down in the bunker of May 13?

Anonymous said...

hi RPK, get back ACTIVE in your and release more 'secret' for us of the wrong doing of the current government....

BlueMoon said...

Lets be a lesson for RPK. Freedom of expression doesn't mean that he can write and trespassing the sensitvity of others. His previous posting had undoubtly offended muslims and he must not repeat this again. Perhaps he should consider taking a sabbatical. His wife deserves a break.

Anonymous said...

AG? What AG?

Abdul Ghani?

Another Garfield?

Junah said...

Datuk Wong, it would be great if you could grace the ISA vigils as well.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong.

This is from the Star.

Parent lodges report over school video

PETALING JAYA: A parent lodged a police report against a school here for allegedly showing an inappropriate video clip to Muslim pupils during an extra-curriculum religious education programme.

Intan Sabrina Mohamad said her eight-year-old son was terrified on Thursday after watching the 20-minute video clip that had explicit images of a corpse.

She said her son’s religious teacher had allegedly inflicted fear in the pupils by telling them, “you need to pray or this will happen to you”.

Looks like we are having underground Taliban in the country.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...


Its a great day for Malaysia. Hail The Judges.