Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No yoga ban yet in Indonesia

While the decision by the National Fatwa Council to ban yoga has generated a controversy here, the Indonesian Ulama Council has said it would not follow suit immediately. Its deputy chairman Umar Shihab said the council wanted to study the matter first, saying it wasn't sure how wide yoga was practiced in Indonesia In any case, Jakarta Post quoted him as saying that he had no problem with yoga if it was meant for "sports" and neither was he sure that the Muslim faith would be affected. The Indonesian authorities have often taken differing stand on religious matters despite having the world's largest Muslim population. Last year, it allowed Beyonce to perform in Jakarta although she would likely be banned here. Last week, the authorities allowed Rihanna to perform in Jakarta but it was called off on security grounds. Again, it would have been unlikely for Rihanna to make her way to KL.


Anonymous said...

Call your MPs now and tell them that We, The Rakyat, reject the racial and religious ploys of corrupt politicians:




Tell them that politics must be based on real issues like the economy, education and human rights — not bogus issues like yoga fatwa and Ketuanan Melayu. Tell them that we reject the blatant use of racist rhetoric, religious bigotry and police brutality used by followers of Mahathirism to divide and rule Malaysians.


"Today, all are integral to the Malaysian landscape; all belong.
If we continue on the present path, great dangers lie ahead. We must avoid falling into a new and destructive form of modern day tribalism." -Raja Nazrin Shah

Anonymous said...

I am working in a factory with 95% Indonesian workers. They feel religious authority is so powerful that it is no longer between the believer and the creator. No one will be charged or question should one not fasting.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


You preached earlier on that non-Muslims must understand the 'reality' that "issues relating to Islam that does not infringe upon their rights is best left to Muslim groups".

Why the heck are you, Wong Chun Wai, a non-Muslim (a christian, to be precise), in your personal (capacity and) blog flogging this yoga fatwa over and over again?

Cakap serupa bikin lah! TNS

Anonymous said...

In blogspeak, this is known as traffic-whoring!! Geddit?

Anonymous said...

I saw a report on CNN today that Indonesia plans to declare cigarette smoking haram among Muslims. It would be very interesting if Malaysia follows suit. We must remember more than 60 per cent of Malaysia's smokers are Muslim. Anyway let's watch the fun. Better than any comedy flick.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

do not be so concern on fatwa on Yoga.

we the chinese are not angels but in fact full of dirty habits from being the worst litterbugs, spitting ,profanity king, gambling and drinking,black society activities and the most selfish. ( a fact that cannot be deny)

in fact we should come out with our very own fatwa against all these
chinese malaysian with bad characters and habits.

what say you ?

Anonymous said...

What to do when Malaysia wants to be more "ultra-religious" than other moslems countries, liked in middle east, indonesia or others? What next, are they going to be "fatwa-ing" against "oops, our beloved bomoh biz"? qi-gong? tai-chi? hindi movies?

Anonymous said...

Ah Wai, the talabanisation of this country has gone full throttle. We can only stop it if our Muslim brothers stand up and be counted. We need moderate Muslims to tell a minority who imposes their view on the people, that enough is enough. We shall overcome.

ken said...

I am non-Muslim but i fully agree non-Muslim should not keeping chatter on Fatwa issue unless u convert to Muslim. Respect ppl religion, that is sensitive, democratic doesn't mean u can interfere someone life and belief. If ban Yoga is incorrect that is Muslim's concern, they are the right person to speak out. As long as the rule did mess up ur life, why so busy body to keep preaching?

Hokkien lan said: jiap pa bo su zou

zackdanial said...

Dear Dato ,

This Fatwa is for Muslim , why you need to sibuk ? Are you converting to Islam ? Don't argue , you dont want to be in najib's bad boys list right ?

Desert Rose said...

Why is it become so offensive that Yoga is prohibited religion wise??? That's the law, its up to u, its your option. Beside, gambling, drinking liquour etc is also forbidden in all religion (i believe) and still its being done.

As for the Indonesian, mind u this is the country which allow a marriage between muslim and non muslims without the fomer having the needs for conversion.

And the country where your maid who came in by the name of Sunarti, went back and came in again as Kris Dayanti....what the heck. Who cares about them????

Anonymous said...


A blogger from Sabah posted an article in his blog saying Christians also discouraged from doing yoga. The story was taken from the Sabah paper Daily Express. I think you may want to look at it too..tq

ali BJ

BlueMoon said...

I agree with the anonymous that they should have gone for the fag rather then yoga. Thousands of people are dying everyday because of their habit to puffing. What more when muslims form the majority, many of whom are working class. Thus far all deterrent measures like printing a dead lung, almost mutilated in form, have gone unnoticed. Probably the fatwa will make a different.

Anonymous said...

Dear WCW,

Appreciate if you could read the article Catholics also not in favour of Yoga from Daily Express. Excerpts:

Sacred Heart Cathedral Youth Counsellor, George Thien, said the Catholic church's advice to Christians is also "not to go for it."

Thien was commenting on the National Fatwa Council's Fatwa (edict) banning Muslims from practising yoga, which is said to involve mantra (chants) and the concept of oneness with God which are based on Hindu beliefs and, thus, deviate the faith of Muslims.

George said it is not difficult to understand the reason for the Fatwa.

"They believe in one God and not in any other. Meditation in yoga is like tapping into a different realm but where is the source?

"We (Christians) believe in Jesus Christ and that every peace and joy only comes from the Lord. That's why we don't go deep into yoga."

amoker said...

Your blog seemed to attract a lot of attention from a group of people with specific agenda.

In a multiracial country, people do talk and discuss. I think we have been so brought up in a culture of 'dun ask questions' that people are not thinking. People who are not thinking will just accept everything thrown at them.

Anonymous said...

Christians, Islam, Judaism...they are all the same. It matters not. All man-made with one goal in mind - world domination by inflicting fear. Look at what these religions have turned the world it is today. War and terrorism. All originated from during the time of Constantine the Great. Read your history.

If any of you feel offended reading this, that negative feeling in you was sparked because of your belief in your religion, and this is precisly how we are puppeted around by the higher hierarchy to either fight with one another, or collaborate together. Most of the time it's the former. Divide and conquer. Order above chaos.

Be moderately religious. Don't be a supremacist, fundamentalist or fanatic. Or better yet, be religion-free. Your inner instict will guide you right from wrong, unless you're a moron. And if that's the case, only do you be moderately religious.

Anonymous said...


did you check the Daily Express pg 1 article about Christians and yoga? i think you should because it's another perspective to the controversy.

ali BJ


Besides Indonesia, we have another open-minded cuntry in UAE - Dubai.

Rock and pop fans had a tough time deciding where to go on one Friday night as Dubai hosted three gigs on the same day.

Queen raised the roof at Dubai Festival City. The group performed classics such as We Will Rock You, Tie Your Mother Down, Bohemian Rhapsody, All Right Now, I Want It All, Bad Company and their latest hit C-lebrity.

It was an ultimate dream for rock fans watching Queen and frontman Paul Rodgers string their classics.

Meanwhile, Fergie, the frontwoman of Black Eyed Peas, performed a solo act at Dubai Media City.

Fergie belted out the favourites Big Girls Don't Cry, Finally and Glamorous.

She has won "Favorite Female Artist (Pop/Rock)" at the American Music Awards; "Female Artist Of The Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards, and "Top Female Artist" at the Teen Choice Awards.

Filipinos who were eagerly awaiting Pops Fernandez, the "concert queen", finally got their chance at the Dubai Tennis Stadium.

Fernandez was accompanied by artists Jay-R, Geneva Cruz, Chris Lawrence, Iya Villania and John Prats in the "Divalicious" concert.

Thousands of fans attended the concerts. Thanks to the open-minded and far-sighted leaders who have made all these possible.

If NFC could name Indonesia and Singapore as examples in the controversial YogaGate, why not also include Dubai as an example when it comes to matters concerning entertainment in Malaysia?