Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Attacks - British Terrorists?

One of the young gunmen with his weapon, looking for more victims. Indian authorities say two of the arrested militants were British-born Pakistanis
Indian newspapers are reporting that at least two of the captured terrorists in the Mumbai massacre are Britisn-born Pakistanis. Up to seven of the terrorists could have connections with Britain. One online newspaper has even speculated that they could be from Leeds and Bradford, where members of the July 7 coordinated bomb attacks on London's transport system were from. The Mail has quoted Mumbai's Chief Minister for the arrest of these Britons, or at least, they were British born. But for these misguided zealots, they may have targetted Westerners, especially Americans and Britons, but in the end, the largest number of people they killed were ordinary Indians in these hotels. There can be no compromise for people who kill in the name of God. The mop-up operations taken by the Indian security forces seems to have dragged on, like a bad Bollywood movie, but it would wear out the terrorists, some of whom are still holed up in the hotel. The lack of sleep and food would eventually slow them down, making them less alert, and they would be easier targets for the security forces. Let's hope this madness will end soon.



the india pm's says that it is pakistan behind the incident?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a very sad thing for all of us around the globe.Nobody have the rights to kill innocent peoples.These terrorists should be washed off from this planet.I've been watching BBC,CNN,Aljazeera and Astro Awani.Everyone is condemning the cruel act but I came across one of Astro Awani news reporting that the terrorist have their own reason to act in such a manner as they are minorities in India.I think the media can report anything on local issues as we're idiots but they should be more careful when it involves international issues.The best part is most of the terrorist are confirmed from Pakistan and how could they be minorities of India.Terrorism is silent killer and any ordinary human being regardless of any religion should condemn this cruel act.

Anonymous said...

If the Muslims say that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion,then they must stand up to put a stop to their ulamas and mullahs preaching intolerance in the mosques. When the people in the world sees such violence conducted by Muslims,then it is only natural that they develop a phobia against Islam. I urge the peaceful and tolerant Muslims to actively take back control of their mosques and NGOs so that the religion does not get hijacked by the radicals.