Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror - The new face of terrorism

Two of the terrorists caught on TV camera in the midst of the siege.

It's mindless. More than 100 people have been killed in the hands of a group of gunmen, said to be members of the unknown Deccan Mujahiddeen. Some of their faces have been captured on TV with one even seen smiling. Dressed in T-shirts, they had no beard nor goatees, trademarks of Arab and Indonesian terrorists. Their targets have been Americans and Britons. But their victims are likely to be just tourists, ordinary people like you and me. It could happen to you, your family members, colleagues or friends. This is what happens when religious fanaticism gets out of hand. Terrorists kill in the name of God, believing that's the fastest way to heaven. The lesson here is simple - the moderates must always speak up against any form of extremism in the name of religion.


Anonymous said...

As always Chun Wai, your analysis is spot on. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Right now, it does seem that Islam has the monopoly on terrorism. Almost all incidents of mindless bombings and killings outside of a conventional war, are linked to some deranged Muslim freedom fighter or Mujaheed/crusader. I fail to understand what is it in the religion that propagates such horrific acts of violence. Can somebody shed some light here? All religions teach tolerance and charity. Of course, there are acts of terrorism that are unrelated to Muslims. But for now, the statistics seem to lead us to believe that there exists a more than coincidental association between Islam and terrorism. Such a statement may be politically incorrect but a spade is best referred to as a spade, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Yes Datuk,

Very sad indeed. Just because we do not have the will to lock up some lunatics on the loose, a lot of innocent people will be victims.

These happens because "maybe" they do not have the ISA there?

As I have mentioned many times, the ISA can be abused, but without it many more innocent people will be abused. No harm in getting in the suspects and check them out first before they can do any harm. If they are found to be harmless, then let them go.

In some countries, the walls even talk. I sincerely hope Malaysians will treasure the peace and prosperity that we are enjoying now and put to book those (for whatever reason) wants chaos and disharmony.

As always, in a democracy, the majority rules, and in some instances they cannot be right all the time. I would rather they make one or two mistakes in enforcing peace and harmony than seeing innocent people dead or dying here and there.


Anonymous said...

Thank god, Malaysians by far and large are peaceful people. Here we only have cases of people running amok. The only terrorism we are facing is not physical, but mental. Right now, the fatwa threat is greater than terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Almost every major terror event this days are done by Muslim and this people are an insult to Islam.

As a Muslim I condamn this act of terror by people who call themselve as Muslim, in the name of Allah Almighty they will never be accepted as Muslim. They are the people who works for Satan, not Allah Almighty.

BareSheen said...

Moderation is wishy-washy. The real problem lies in the tenets. Do we see Tibetan Buddhists suicide bombers or machine gun toting Jainists?

An apple tree does not sprout oranges.

Christianity is no better. Witness the Crusades and the appalling "Hammer of Witches"

It is time we wean ourselves from any belief in the god up there.

Anonymous said...

Any terrorists who kill innocents for any religious purposes from any religion are murderers and God will condemn them. The name terrorists to identify them is a big mistake. They must be identified as murderers of the lowest degree.

Anonymous said...

You must also remember, when people are suppressed, when they are denied of their basic rights, when human rights are being ignored so the end result is violent/terrorism.
Since your pen/laptop/Pc are mightier and you are in position to correct things, don't you think before it explodes stop being sycophants.

Anonymous said...


A case in point for ISA?

I supported the detention of the JI or AlArqam people. And also recently the Hindraf leaders. No law in the world can pacify the victims and families of those injured and killed in the aftermath.What's the point of arresting those involved when lives, reputation and peace are shattered?

The rights of the majority should come first.

Vesu said...

DATUK, with terrorist we cannot speak we must attack them, always on high alert. you need a strong government with commitment to tell pakistan and its allies to behave. people of india is paying for their mistake . Congress is a toothless tiger. India was doing well during BJP -alliance ruling. India's greatest mistake was to let Mahathma gandhi to champion freedom. Ahimsa for Hindus and pakistan for muslims...back in malaysia we lost singapore to LKY..
its sickening .


and Muslims have spoken up against terrorism, Chun Wai.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of innocent people are dead.They do this in the name of God.But they have forgotten God is Grest s watching n counting their sin.........definately the terrorist wil b sent to hell.
Teroricsm s not the only answer for all this.
Human Traficking!

Anonymous said...

It is very sad; sometimes the invisible face of evil is in our midst.

Anonymous said...

''Dressed in T-shirts, they had no beard nor goatees, trademarks of Arab and Indonesian terrorists.''

I'll call this stereotyping and labelling?

I bit disgusting.

Anonymous said...


The affected areas are in the poshest sections of Mumbai, where you can even find a Rolls Royce showroom-rates for 5 star hotels in Mumbai are more than USD300 even for corporate rates. This is the place where the famous super wealthy Ambani brothers live...Well for me, I am lucky to be born a Malaysian...even in some of the restive areas in the world like Yemen, as soon as I produce a Malaysian passport, I am allowed to pass through.

Anonymous said...

I have many foreign friends who always bombard with one question: Shouldnt Malaysia be a hot spot for terrorism since muslims comprise the majority? My answer is very simple. Here in Malaysia, people think about eating, having sex every day and watching football. As a result they dont have time to bomb each other to smithereens. Methinks the laksa, char kway teow, nasi kamdar and all the shit we consume help to pacify our baser instincts. Although I was the guest of the government in Tanjong Rambutan and Kamunting, I know what i am talking about.

Anonymous said...

It was not too long ago when thousands of Muslims were killed by Hindus who were egged on by extremist Indian politicians.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

It would be unwise to equate conservative Muslims with extremist ones.

ChengHo said...

Looking around what had happened in Bangkok and Mumbai we are bless to be Malaysian .

Anonymous said...

NSTman, my two cents worth. Muslims here basically contented. Accept their fate. Most will say itu dunia saja. If jealouspun within our race.
We like people like Chun Wai for eg still young so successful. Two datukships (or 3 lost count).
But if Chun Wai is a Malay, then it's a different story.
So who says Malays racist.