Friday, November 21, 2008

Kedah MB - Too Much Time at the Golf Course?

Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak and his state exco members have reportedly come under fire from their own party leaders for spending too much at the golf course. It is not sure whether they were spending time on the greens itself or they were just accompanying others to the golf clubs. According to Malaysiakini, these division leaders are upset, saying the present state PAS government is no different from the previous BN government.
But I am told that the MB, whose golf club membership expired in 1978, is not goofing his time away as alleged. If the grievances are inaccurate, then it looks like a case of grassroots leaders feeling neglected and demanding attention from the MB. Party members sometimes expect their MBs and CMs to be on call without having to make appointments. Sometimes, it is the over-protective aides who make it difficult for these grassroots leaders to meet the bosses. But the word is that the MB is a victim of a rival faction in PAS. That's politics and it is the same in every party despite what they preached.


Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought Pas peple are readng the quran, citing rosary beads, prayers wajib and sunat and usrah etc.
I'm beginning to like them for being like BN guys

Anonymous said...

On the subject of politics and politicians, here's something that's rather engaging though it's not exactly in line with your blog's topic. At any rate, it may help spark some ideas for you to blog on at a later date, while readers may find it to be of interest.

The Economist (the UK weekly news magazine) has some interesting things to say about Indonesia in its latest issue online with the title "Indonesia sets an example".

After the Suharto regime came to an end people wondered if the country, made up of an expansive and impoverished archipelago and an amalgam of hundreds of ethnic groups, would descend into chaos.

The Economist suggests that the answer is no, and that Indonesia has consistently surprised observers with the positive, while listing these achievements:

* Indonesia’s shattered finances have been repaired.

* It has developed a free press.

* The army’s hands have been prised from the levers of power.

* And, above all, Indonesia has become a democracy in which the voters can chuck out their government. Freedom House, an American think-tank, now rates Indonesia as the only completely free country in South-East Asia—putting its richer neighbours, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, to shame.

That last sentence is worth repeating: Indonesia rates as the only completely free country in South-East Asia - putting its richer neighbours, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, to shame. Wow, isn't that quite a claim!

amoker said...

what is funny is the current RTM's effort to potray and demonize the Kedah and Perak government in their news.

anyway, like your analysis which are more balanced. that is the right way.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Thank you America, for voting for change we can believe in!

it has been more than 8 months
but there is No Change in Pakatan Held States in fact we the voters has been short-changed.

rubbish is everywhere esp in the little small town.

the toilet in restaurant and food court are really disgusting.

Majlis perbandaran president who cant performed are not sacked.

frankly speaking PR state govt no difference from BN state govt.

sungguh memalukan.

over to you exco for dirty environment

Anonymous said...

playing golf is normal for politicians...

after 5pm...keen golfers will normally get thier feet in the golf cource to play a 9 holes round or sometimes weekend for a 18 holes round...


Playing golf will be good for them but i hope they don't talk abt some project-project in the golf course with some businessmans or contractors...haha..

Jasonred79 said...

His membership might have expired, but why am I so very certain that he has a nice set of well maintained golf clubs in his home?

Anyhow... does it really matter whether he spends a lot of time at the golf course? From what I hear, that's where a lot of things actually get accomplished.

Though come to think of it, if you believe the rumors, if Malaysia were to outlaw politicians and businessmen from going to KTV joints, Health Centres, Hotels, and golf courses, all business deals would dry up as they have no venue for discussion. HAHAHAHA.


Seriously though, if the man does his job well, let him spend his leisure time wherever he likes.

If he doesn't do his job well, it will become readily apparent, sooner or later, and there will be something more concrete than "plays too much golf". Tell them to come back to us when they have something like "road system failing" or "abandoned housing projects are rampant"