Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai terrorists with Malaysian identity cards?

Updates: Nov 30, 1pm - Syed Hamid: No Malaysian link in attacks
Nov 30, 2.30pm - IGP: Probe on Malaysian credit card found

It's just a single mention but certainly it is a serious allegation. Former CNN reporter, Maria Ressa, has quoted unnamed Indian intelligence sources as saying that one of the gunmen, now under police custody, has said that the terrorists pretended to be students, stayed in Mumbai apartments and allegedly carried Malaysian identity cards. According to Ressa, who is now with ABS-CBN, there is increasing evidence that the terrorists were from Pakistan. They were also believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda. The Times of India reported that the terrorists posed as Malaysian students, according to The Malaysian Insider.

Previously, there were talk that the terrorists could be British-born Pakistanis or they had links with Britons from Leeds and Bradford in UK. But the latest allegations of these killers with Malaysian ICs is something else. Why were they carrying Malaysian ICs and are these allegations true? If not, certainly the Malaysian Embassy has to dispute it. Such a report is not good for Malaysia and should be clarified, if untrue. The British PM Gordon Brown, for example, was quick to dismiss speculations that the terrorists were Britons.


romerz said...

Why the surprise if it is confirmed to be true?

Malaysian ICs are a dime a dozen and costs even less if you are Muslim!

Just ask those in Sabah.

Anonymous said...

Hmm....this is serious if it is true.Something like how Indonesian and other muslims getting the IC.
No wonder we have few tiny bomb blast lately.We need to be extra careful when bring in foreign workers.We already have more than enough problems to tackle and definitely we "rakyat" do not want similar incidents like 9/11 and 26/11.

Anonymous said...

The misunderstanding seems to have started from the live news where the reporter said MAURITIUS and it was garbled and many heard it like MALAYSIA. However, all later reports in print have shown that the ID card was from MAURITIUS.

BlueMoon said...

The indians like the americans have the babit of pointing fingers at everybody else except themselves. Instead of ensuring such incident would not happen again, their intelligence is busy linking every muslims regardles where they are. Such a habit is a hall mark of Bush and it is now being passed to Mamohan Singh. The presence of Malaysia IC at the scene of terror does not prove anything. I'm certain they have also found IDs and passports belonging to someone UK, Canada, China, Gulf States, mexico, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why is that surprising? 9/11 terrorist also met up and planned the attack in Malaysia. This is a known fact. Malaysia is a breeding ground for Muslim extremism.

Anonymous said...

Reporter probably misheard it:

Mauritian IC

Anonymous said...

There were many Pakis and Banglas who got their ICs in Sabah. Why should we be surprised?
But those ICs probably are illegal like those issued to Indons and Filipinos there. I am surprised why the govt is slow in taking action against this racket, are they going to wait until one day it explodes in our faces?

Anonymous said...

why? it is the works of UMNO. Here in Sabah it is open secret by the federal government to Marginalise the Non muslim by issuing the citizenship to muslim illegal from Philipine and Indonesia. So I am not surprise at all if the terrorist having Malaysia IC and issued from SABAH. PERSETAN dengan UMNO

Anonymous said...

Just read the indian times website : Http://

Interesting read on happenings and 1st hand accounts.
Probably a Mauritian not Malaysian.
How unfortunate in rhyming though.

Whatmeworry said...

If the report is indeed true then the Home Ministry better get their act together. A few years ago, I remember reading in the newspapers that illegal immigrants were caught in Sabah, they were proudly flashing to the enforcement officers their brand new MyKads. Only problem was that back then, MyKad had not been launched in Sabah yet!

So one can deduce that there are a lot of crooks in the Registration Dept who are working hand in hand with syndicates to produce fake MyKads.

The illegal immigration problem is already getting worse in Sabah with Project M etc. Soon the Kadazans will find themselves the minority in their own State if the govt isn't serious in tackling this problem.

Perhaps, a change in the next GE then this problem will be seriously looked into.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprise. Just ask any Sabahans they can tell the world about the IC problems. And recently they got the cheek to issue green cards to illegals who don't have identifications. And the best thing is there are still many natives here whose application for IC are being rejected. With people like Botak Sabah is definitely not for sabahans.

ChengHo said...

Investigate and get a true picture before any body jump into a conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised if these terrorists got themselves ICs, like most commentators said it already, beli 1 free 10 in Sabah.

However, if the terrorist themselves are Malaysians, then we have a major problem.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all. All you need is MONEY and you can have anything in Malaysia.

amoker said...

Too soon to tell. Everybody is jumping and nothing is coming out.

Well, if want a Malaysian IC go to Sabah. If want a malaysian passport go to chow kit. haha . Police don't even dare to go there.