Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr President, No You Can't

It has got to be the hardest thing to give up for Barack Obama - his Blackberry. The newly-elected US President has been told that he can no longer shoot off an email from his Blackberry and neither can he carry his laptop to the White House now. The Internet-savvy politician has already resigned himself to the fact that he may have to sign off soon for apparent security reasons.

He was hoping to be the first e-mailing US president but that is unlikely now.
Like Obama, there are many of us who are addicted to our little hand machines and we cannot imagine going through the day without getting an SMS, making call, browsing through the web and just sending an email.

It's really addictive for Blackberry owners and certainly many of us understand how Obama must be feeling right now. I have been asked why I sent out this posting - it's simple. I understand his withdrawal syndrome! This posting has nothing to do with politics, it's merely about the joys of the Blackberry. There are many of us who love new gadgets and this is just a way of sharing.


Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, what's the point of posting this nonsense with a negative title? Isn't there enough negativity in the world already? What are you trying to say, really? If you're trying to be funny, it's not. Try and write more positive, uplifting articles with positive titles to inspire people instead of posting negative rubbish like this. Can you do this? YES YOU CAN.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When there's strict security
There'll be much restriction
Just to maintain its integrity
There'll be sacrificial action

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 161108
Sun. 16th Nov. 2008.

Anonymous said...


Agree with lerpre posting...wonder why you have not posted your opinion on the war of words between MCA's President and Deputy President? Is it true that the Deputy President is sidelined deliberately? What will be the repercussions for the Chinese community and MCA should this rift widens?

Anonymous said...

Yes,I agree with lerpre, posting like this has no upliftment to any of your readers. If you want to write nonsense, there are many nonsense thing that is going in the government and you should be free to write on them.Our concern is how we as a nation is going to overcome many a myrid problems in socio economic development and deteroting race relations.
From: S. Ganesan

Anonymous said...

hi chun wai. Nice Article, i'll be like to say that you should try iPhone.:)

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

This is still your blog isn't it? It's your prerogative to write anything that pleases you.

Perhaps you should explain the blackberry to some ignorant readers.

BTW I like your one para blog, it's shows your style and your own brand of writing. It sort of makes you different from other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a geek will understand Mr Wong's post.

So to all the geeks, if you think you want to be the President of America, think again. ;)


Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, it's your blog. Don't let others dictate what and how you should write. This is a free world.

Anonymous said...

The President of USA know how to use the latest IT tools, but is not allowed, for security reasons. The Black Berry can be tapped. But for many politicians in Malaysia, especially the dinosaurs in old UMNO, they can't even turn on the PC. and it is not for security reasons, they just cannot because many are illiterate! But they sure are good at making racist insults and raising the keris in a vain attempt to boost their mojo. Real shameful quality of people governing Malaysia. Low class cabinet.

Anonymous said...

lerpre, you accuse WCW of being negative. But I find that you are worse, and your comment reveal a person filled with hatred. This blog belongs to WCW, and he can write anything he wishes, whether we agree with what he writes. But it is obvious you are just happy to be a WCW basher. That is not being very positive, is it? And no, I am not a WCW fan, and I don't like UMNO, BN,MCA and MIC. But WCW has a right to write on any topic here.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a geek? Bill Gates was a geek, and he contributed a lot to technology. I am a geek, and I have done wellin life and made my pile of money. And a lot of people who thought they were "cool"in school, but became drop outs, had to work for me and called me boss! So you jaguh kampung better not look down on geeks. We get the money,the flashy cars, the big houses and we get the good looking women, while you jaguh kampungs got to toil under the sun for a few sens per hour.
A GEEK and proud of it

Jasonred79 said...

I suspect that with tech firms having so much free time coming up, someone will work out a system that will allow Obama to maintain his communications network on hand.

They'll probably just run it through additional layers of security servers or something.

And he won't be holding onto it, his secretary will.


But I can understand how he feels. Poor guy.

Withdrawal symptoms indeed.

Anonymous said...

I cant understand the security bit. Is it bcoz they can track him by getting blackberry msg? Blackberry goes thru server held by RIM Canada. Is that the reason?

Cant even bring laptop to white house? cant understand

Anonymous said...

errrmm .. who cares about MCA? only a fraction of 0.0001 of the chinese population in Malaysia perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This is your blog and thus, you can write anything that you want. Commentators like lepre just don't get it or lack some grey cells.

If YB Lim Kit Siang can blog about food, you can surely blog about blackberries.

The main reason why Obama cannot be allowed to have his personal IT toys is to protect him from receiving any information that may implicate him in any covert activities that won't look good for the President of the US. Otherwise, he cannot claim that he was unaware of such activities.

Unlike in Malaysia, the US has independent legal counsels who can investigate the President, such as Ken Starr 10 years ago.