Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ahmad Ismail, just apologise!

Update: 4. 50pm: DPM Najib Tun Razak apologises on behalf of Ahmad Ismail

A simple apology from Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail, that's all it will take to end this controversy. Now, surely that is not too difficult to do. As it is now, the pressure has been mounting with police reports lodged by fellow Barisan Nasional component leaders. Ahmad had stirred the hornet's nest when he reportedly told voters at the recent Permatang Pauh by-election campaign that the Chinese were "squatters" and as immigrant races, they could not be expected to attain equal rights amongst races. His listeners were presumably Malay voters but politicians like Ahmad do not seemed to realise that politicians can no longer sing different tunes to different audiences. The days of Malaysians reading just one newspaper or one website are over. Many Malaysians can read Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese or Tamil newspapers. News travel fast and if he or others, like him, think they can get away with such tactics, then they should know by now why they are losing their audience or plot. Playing the racial card doesn't work as the results of the general election and the Permatang Pauh by-election has demonstrated. It should be a lesson to all politicians, whether Umno, MCA, MIC, PAS or DAP, to put race or religion aside. Times have changed, so please adapt to the realities of the New Malaysia. In any case, why would any party want to win the votes of only one community instead of winning over all Malaysians regardless of their races? Let Ahmad apologise, let's not go over board with talks of sacking or charging him with sedition. Enough has been said, let's move on to more important things.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! Uncle you still want to angkat all these racist bum ah. Saying sorry definitely would not be enough and do you know why? Because they will never learn.Throw the book at them. Tell me from the bottom of your heart, what will be their reaction if it is a chinese who utter this words?

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong, why should you feel there is need to be apologetic to Ahmad Ismail for his racist remarks. Apparently, he did'nt feel there is a need to apologise to the Chinese community. His silence speaks volume of his attitude and arrogance. A MP like him should be taught a lesson, so others like him, will in future think twice before walking the same path. Racialism has no place in a multi-racial society like ours. Time has changed but the mindset of UMNO racist members have not!

Anonymous said...


Do you think apologise is enough? Is it fair to Hindraf? Treat Ahmad as what they do to hindraf as to be fair.

Abi Ayyub said...

Is it just to easy, say what I like, and assuming that nobody make any noise, I am ok. Are we not suppose to be responsible to what we say and the intention behind the statement we made.

If one is of no importance, maybe people will not bother, now if you are part of the main ruling party and the government of the day, you got no choice bur to choose your words and statement correctly.

The party bosses should have reprimanded him unless they themselves are party to the form of statement he made.

This politician, forgot thatpeople are watching them, so if they still think they can do as they like, should it be used against you and your party, don't blame the people when the times come.

Some people may forgive, but most people will not forget.

Anonymous said...

Tp UMNO leaders cannot discipline Ahmad because he can just look at his boss and says, "Boss, I was only following the example of your VPs. I thought that's what we are supposed to do. In fact I forgot to bring a keris along to make it more dramatic". You know, monkey see, monkey do. Big monkey do, small monkey imitate.

Anonymous said...

> Many Malaysians can read Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese or Tamil newspapers.

Agree. So I believe we should all be aware and sensitive to issues of everyone in this country.

I look forward to the day when we all automatically stand up and speak out for all citizens as well.

Just as we expect politicians to embrace the new agenda, we, as citizens, must also not be focused on our own immediate interests.

A citizen should not only speak up or speak out when issues affecting his ethnic or faith are under threat. He should speak out for his brothers and sisters when theirs are affected.

That is the true test of a mature democracy. It is no point reminding our politicians when we ourselves harbour our internal prejudices and biases and act only in our own interests.

In this holy month of Ramadan, I wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters Selamat Berpuasa and I look forward to attending the many open houses of my ordinary neighbours who truly reflect the real Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

And what will an apology serve, Datuk? That will leave other like-minded politicians thinking they can get away with making similar statements, then just apologising. It doesn't help that all our esteemed leader can say in Ahmad's defence is, "He didn't mean it." The whole country knows he did mean it, and an apology doesn't even have face value.

colorless said...

Everyone is a squatter in Malaysia. Only the Orang Asli has the right to say Balik Indonesia, Balik Cina, Balik India.

Freddy Toh said...

Datuk Wong,

Haven't you heard the Malay proverb 'bapa borek, anak rintik'?

In 1987, we had Najib. Then we heard of so many others along the way. Then the infamous UMNO Youth assembly and the numerous of the likes of racism exhibited by UMNO. This Ahmad Ismail won't be the last if people like you are so submissive to UMNO to just allow him to get away with a slap on the wrist.

Leadership in example, don't you think those Malays out there telling Chinese to 'balik Cina' didn't get inspirations from someone higher up?

You keep showing your true colours, datuk. What the nation needs in order to forge ahead is a Malaysian Unity and here you are promoting racism be let off with a simple apology!

Anonymous said...

When will we ever learn to respect each other? I disagree with you that simple apology is sufficient because it would not serve to deter others from making remarks and get away with them. A severe rebuke from top leadership must be given and leadership responsibilities taken away from him.

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

"..Let Ahmad apologise, let's not go over board with talks of sacking or charging him with sedition..."

You mean he actually apologise? Did he? Why would sacking him and charging him with sedition be considered measures that are overboard? Simply because he is from BN, your paymaster?

He has commit a crime against each and every Malaysians and he is not even repentant about it.


Anonymous said...

Just apologise and that's it all is forgiven. you have seen how polarise Malaysia is today. The likes of such racist from UMNO cannot go unpunished. Look the PM have to cover him and makes excuses for his conduct. It only shows that this racist has not repented and refuses to do so. You are wrong by asking him to just apologise and let business go on as usual.

JH Hoe said...

An apology is minimum but not adequate to end the issue, police should begin their investigation too. If there is an apology, I guess something like "I am sorry if my remarks offend somebody", which is not a sincere apology.
Racial harmony is utmost important to move the country forward, but some politician are just bankrupt on ideas.

amoker said...

Ahmad refuses to apologize. He and UMNO seemed to sweep it under the table. Would even accept if he apologize under duress but no.....

So, think it is better for him to resign. Zulkifli from PKR is another candidate that is under scrutiny.

Ikrak said...

The Muslim Malay fellow Ahmad does has the gut and the courage to apologise when he knew that he has condemned another race. This is so because he thinks that he belongs to a superior race that practised the peverted Islam Hadhari sect.

I am not racial here.I am a Malay and a Muslim. The bunch of UMNO leaders and office bearer like him think the same too. Nothing can be done it is genetic in nature.

No need to expect their apologies. We hope in the near future to see these corrupt and racist BN-UMNO regime be arrested by the new Malatysian government and dumped into jail!

Robert Teh said...

Chun Wai,

Ahmad Ismail is a Big Racist! And it is only now that BN component parties are saying something about these UMNO Racists.

What happened to Tsu Khoon? Not a word from him? I remember the last time he tried sacking Ahmad Ismail from the Penang Exco (for not attending Exco meetings), only to be told by Pak Lah to let him stay! After that incident Ahmad Ismail had warned Tsu Khoon not to contest in "his territory" during the last elections.

Why should you asked people to not try to charge him under the Sedition Act? UMNO people has called for others to be charged under this Act for lesser things!

We all eat rice and breathe the same air - unless Ahmad Ismail don't eat rice nor breathe the same air.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong.

I think you are very naive. The issue is much bigger than Ahmad Ismail. Consider these:

1. Najib was there and he did not say anything
2. Badawi acted like the father of a spoilt
3. Annuar Musa said Gerakan dont asked for action

This is a defining moment issue. The time and place is now to take the bull by its horn. PP's result showed the maturity of the people.

All the above basically show the non-relevance of MCA, Gerakan and MIC.

We dont need any apology from Adhmad Ismail. He served his purpose. I rather he remain the whipping post. A symbol of the arrogance of one political party and the impotence of the others.

The next time when we see him on the street, he would be a reminder of the worst of the politicians, something we do not want.

Mango said...

He doesnt't have to apologise if he is not sincere about it. If it had been a MCA, MIC or Gerakan member that asked him to go back to Indonesia or wherever his ancestors came from, it would have been a riot.That showed how much tolerance , patience and care others have for this country.
It is also for this simple reasons that MCA. Gerakan and MIC lost heavily on 8 Mar. What crumbs are these parties still waiting for? The smart ones have left these parties for Pakatan and many more smart ones will leave.
This PM is a hypocrite and this is not the first time such incident happened.It happened to Koh Tsu Khoon last year in Penang in the presence of this PM when Umno Youth insinuated him with racial banners and the PM did nothing. How long do Gerakan need before it gets its backbone back ? Quit now and lead by example to a better Malaysia for all. Anwar may not be an angel but that doesnt mean Badawi is not a devil too.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this sound like a "Tidak Apa" attitude? Shouldn't he and others like him be punished as an example to prevent such racism from taking root in our multi-racial country. There is a saying, setitik nila akan rosak susu sebelanga.

Anonymous said...

Is a photo of this joker Ahmad Ismail available? I'd like to know what he looks like.

Anonymous said...

You too don't get it, do you Wong?

Supposing you have offended your colleagues would you be apologetic or would your colleagues demand an apology from you?

Apology must be heartfelt and not by forced. But in Ahmad's case even compelling did not work. Come on, how do you expect a leader who stokes racial sentiments, protected by UMNO which keep assures fair treatment to all to be a leader for all?

How do we create a bangsa Malaysia, a call that you too supported with fellows like Ahmad? If the leadership of is UMNO serious about racial unity, forget about apology.

At least a 3 months suspension should be meted out against Ahmad and anyone who behaves in such manner so that it could be a lesson for the rest.

Moreover, this is one way UMNO could prove to its partners in BN, it really means business. But this would have been addressed in the first place when they had the opportunity. Remember the DPM was the guest at the time he said that?

I wonder what sort of PM for all we could expect from Najib.


Freddy Toh said...

Datuk Wong,

Quote MalaysianInsider:
....There is too much power in the president's hand ..... puts people on the board of The Star ..... he's so powerful that he can just appoint all yes-men ..... the problem is that so many rely on politics as their rice bowl. You need to treat it as an obligation and duty rather than a profession so if your principles are compromised, you can just resign.

any comments? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

dato chun wai ... this is the problem with Umno leaders today. Arrogant, insensitive and more aptly, pure stupid. They (the list start from the top) never learn, refuse to accept that Msians are growing tired of them.Simply say ... reject item. BN component leaders are beginning to get tired of their Umno bosses and strong remarks are now normal even in mainstream papers. Its time for you to hit hard bro, not just to Ahmad Ismail but his bosses and friends in Umno. Stop being nice and jaga your backside. The ship is sinking and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Dato Wong, this Ahmad Ismail should be detained for sedition.
But we all kbow that is never going to happen. ISA is only for the opposition fellas, as UMNO members enjoy immunity. Can you publish his photo so that we Penangites can recognise him and spit at him when we see him.

Anonymous said...

The latest is that Najib has apologised on behalf of UMNO. But this Ahmad Ismail fella is NOT apologizing. So what does that mean? Is UMNO going to keep him there, or is UMNO gonna sack him? And if Najib is apologizing,and saying that Ahmad is wrong, does that mean Ahmad Ismail should be detained under ISA as the DPM already pronounced him guilty? And where is Syed Hamid? Isn't he going to use his powerful Home Ministry to detain Azman Ismail for sedition? Or does the and the PRDM think that Najib is wrong and Ahmad is right?

Anonymous said...

The words would not have been uttered if it was not in his mind. He is bigger than the DPM is he? That the DPM has to aplogize on his behalf. And I don't like apologies which are "I apologize IF ....." Excuse me. This is not a sincere apology. We have heard many of these. You must apologize wholeheartedly or don't do it.

Anonymous said...


How can Najib apologise on behalf of Ahmad?

1. Badawi say he down mean it. I tell him not say that next time

2. Then Najib say UMNO is sorry.

Where is the person who made the mess in the first place.

What kind of logic is this?

Anonymous said...

"..Let Ahmad apologise, let's not go over board with talks of sacking or charging him with sedition..."

Datuk Wong, I'm surprise by your line of thinking that sacking and charging Ahmad with sedition be considered measures that are overboard? Are you saying this because Ahmad is from BN,and your paymaster The Star is part of the BN?

As a fellow Penangite, Ahmad,has disappointed me and all Penangites tremendously with the racist commentary about the Penang chinese. I dont know about you lah Datuk?

The racist attacks on the Penang chinese are unfounded and downright mean to the core. If Ahmad want to support Arif Shah and UMNO, by all means, that is his perrogative and he certainly have the right to endorse Arif Shah if he choose. However, demeaning Penang chinese who have never demeaned him or his fellow UMNO chaps is truly unfair and speaks volumes about the unfair nature of his character.

I guess UMNO Bukit Bendera and all Penangites sees this as well, which is why many in Penang are so bitter.

Ahmad Ismail could never garner enough support at the coming UMNO Bukit Bendera divisional contest. This time he is going to lose his Ketua Bahagian in Bukit Bendera. The bulk of Penang Malays are not like Ahmad. Ahmad should channel his energies into his failing career and cease in attacking those in the political world who have never hurt him directly.

Very disappointing to hear a Penangite talk like that in his own hometown.

His refusal to apologise when facing the wrath of the Chinese community showed how arrogant and insensitive he is to the multiracial society in Penang.

No wonder Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, calls him a low-class politician who has no concern for the feelings of fellow Malaysians.

I thought I liked him and attended his Hari Raya open house last year. I didn’t know he is just another mean jerk who is a racist.

selvaraja somiah

Anonymous said...

Your update says that DPM has apologised on Dato Ahmad's behalf.

Two points stick out :

(i) DPM must be feeling the heat from the other component parties and this is damage control

(ii) The person who spoke those words obviously does not feel repentant. Otherwise he would have issued the apology himself and not the DPM.

The second point is more worrisome.

Anonymous said...

Dato WCW,

Are you an immigrant?

On playing racial politics, the overwhelming perception in all peace loving and truth seeking Malaysians is advocated by BN especially UMNO. Yet, there was no criminal action taken against them. How can one justify this?

Malaysian in Serumpun country

Anonymous said...

I dunno what WCW means, but let the police find him first. I think he has gone into hiding because the latest report by The Star is that he ignored the summons and ran, or something like that. He is now a suspected thief, on top of being a yellow-livered coward. Supposedly he stole some money from his own fronting company.

Anonymous said...

How can a politic doesn't even know what is racial unity? He doesn't deserve to be a politic when he touched this sensitive issue...

One word for him, RESIGN. He should go back to school because even a 7 year old knows that to bring peace to a country, racial unity is the fundamental steps towards greater peace. Oh yea... He should also read Sejarah Text-Book government set for secondaries students... There's a proverb saying that "those who repeat the past are condemned to repeat it" And this Ahmad guy really wanted to repeat it cause he's IQ is so low and education level worse than a donkey.

Remember wad happened in 13 May 1969? The rusuhan kaum?? It is the past. And because of this Datuk that never study Sejarah, said something so sensitive. Go back to school brother... the sejarah book is free since government gave free book loan since the previous budget. Really a low-class politic. There's another saying about a person who talk big and now hide in his father's underwear. IF U DARE TO SAY IT, U MUST DARE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.

If u still keep a low profile now, i doubt that u are a man... Political parties are the one to make our living in Malaysia a better place. But u created chaos. Just come out now and resign.

Stop hiding now because we already know that u loss ur mojo after that incident but u still have to face it.

Anonymous said...

apparently the latest news is that this SOB Ahmad Ismail refuses to even provide a 'simple apology' citing that he did no wrong.

so what do u have to say about this?was the intention to charge him for sedition taking the matter too seriously? now that he has shown no remorse whatsoever to the statement he made, is an apology from him still sufficient?

imho in the event that he does apologize, it wouldn't be sincere,probably just pressured from the 'higher-ups'

what a b******

Anonymous said...

We should all thanks Ahmad Ismail for helping all chinese, MCA, Gerakan to recognise that it is time to abandon the racist UMNO.

Anonymous said...

from the History, we can know that many of us, including Malays, are not really natives. Some of them are descendants of Bugis(in Selangor), which originates from somewhere in Indonesia.... So, almost all of Malaysians are not natives...So, all of us can have same status...there are simply no such as "status quo".....respect each other, and live peacefully together, is the way to achieve Wawasan 2020...yes....many of us forgot this

Anonymous said...

Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan

Anonymous said...

this is one stupid stubborn headed politician..
Racist is the word for this dumb looking monkey breed.
I wonder where do UMNO pick their leaders from.

CT said...

"Hidup Mankind" instead Of "Hidup Melayu" Is More Helpful! Don't you think so? I support Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan!

Sigh...I am very disappointed that there are some politician and members still don't understad this!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of everything, right now fate had arranged us to be in the same boat, so if we dont work together and get our boat back to shore, who know a storm might come and swept us all down.

Anonymous said...

a simple apology will ease so much tention .. but we must ask our selves again.. why are we begging for his apology? i feel like the chinese community is like.. please la.. say sorry la, then all this problems can be over... i think we should not even bother asking for an apology now, its too late.. just sack him jail him and all his cronies along.. sudah makan rm 500,000 diam la.. mau cakap banyak lagi.. get ACA to probe this mofo. send him to the gallows. we survived discrimination all this years, you think we will go down with just a few words from u.. dream on ahmad.

Anonymous said...

let him apologies? you think he wants? Or you want to help him on his behalf?

Anonymous said...

A word of sorry from a small fart does not carry weight.Don't waste our time waiting for his apology. As a young Malaysian Chinese, it will be embarrassing to admit Malaysia as my home country. Being a young professional, I see my future somewhere else and not in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

He has the audacity to ask Gerakan to leave. If he is not in ISA, i have Lost all my respect for BN, the leadeship and the country. There is No justice anymore. Double standards. Poor Hindraft people were put in ISA.

Unknown said...

An apology from Ahmad Ismail is equivalent to a slap on the wrist. His war of words are not only viral but it also accelerates an already racial divide among Malaysians, let alone the large socio-economic divide between the Malays, Chinese and Indians. His comments are seditious and his political outwardness frankly does not do BN justice. His words are a fundamental expression that awkwardly shows the public that there are existing elements within the current administration who favor archaic social policies that are unfair and and frankly backwards for a country that is 51 years young. Malaysia needs to move forward as a country with a strong united front where the common good of the people are recognized. The current political and social climate reverses the push forward efforts of the country's progress where the few only favor the few. It is time that policies must change where regardless of religion, race and heritage everyone is in for a progressive change that is constructive, motivating and beneficial in a country where it's people are a melting pot of one. Reformasi!

All for one one for all!

Anonymous said...

Ahmad's should be detained under ISA because he has violated the basic rules of our multi-racial security..why is he still here? Should punish him!! He don't deserve to become a leader in Bukit Bendera. He's such an obsolete and brainless leader which doesn't use his brain to talk! He must get out from UMNO in order to prevent from further sabotage to the coalition and the community itself.

Anonymous said...

OMG is he stupid or wad???
At first he said that he was right... not wrong and the papers are the one to be blame. Then he blame Gerakan.
Today, he said Abdullah and Najib was right and they did their job to maintain the safety of the country by having him suspended for 3 years.

He is just contradicting himself.
From what he said today,
He literally means that he had did a terrible mistake and had cause the country's safety. Cuz when he said it's right for them to punish him for wad he had done. So he admitted that he was wrong all these while. What a stupid man...

I thk he didn't even realise this...

*Not supporting anyone... or parties but just like to point out people's stupidity... Like this guy here.

"Man that won't contradict himself like Ahmad Ismail"

Anonymous said...

for me, i can ignore his racist remark and the photo tearing issue

but seriously he got an ATTITUDE problem
kurang ajarnya dia ni...
no apologies lagi wanna berlagak-lagak...
please lah...
wad kinda leader is dis
how is he gonna nurture our future leaders wif dis kinda sickening attitude

Anonymous said...

Actually what Ahmad said is not represent Malay race in Malaysia. I as Malay and Muslim totally disagree with what he say to Chinese.

No racism in Islam! Nationalism is HARAM because the our Prophet Mohammad (saw) said in the following Hadeeth:

"Leave it. It is Rotten "

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can show prove of business owned by or related to this racist politician... We shall show him the truth of politics - MONEY. By boycott all his business or related alliance, for sure he will no have any fund or money to make any comeback.

Anonymous said...

This poltical bickering is making me very sick..we seem to be running in a never-ending loop...everyday,some kind of race related issuse seem's to be surfacing....Instability,will effect all of us in malaysia.Let's all be cautious,when using racial tone...

Anonymous said...

Face it! Malaysia IS A RACIST STATE.
All the talk about not bringing up the issue of racism is hypocritical until all Malaysian citizens are treated as Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Tentu ada sebab Ahmad Ismail bertindak sedemikian. Provokasi pembangkang pun apa kurang.
Mudahnya mengaku berbangsa Malaysia tetapi tidak berbahasa Melayu. Kenyataan Ahmad Ismail merupakan kesimpulan daripada apa yang berlaku sekian lama dan perlukan satu kesimpulan yang bererti. Nah! Itulah dia...Perkara ini perlu kita maklumi. Nah! Sekarang terserah.

Anonymous said...

Kenyataan Ahmad Ismail merupakan kesimpulan terhadap segala kenyataan yang ditimbulkan pihak lawan. Jadi usahlah dirisaukan sangat. kalau paidai buat provokaso maka sudilah terima sedikit kesannya.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Do the "Kaum-kaum Penumpang" even bother with an apology from Ahmad Ismail at all right now?

I know you're not THAT naive, so I have to conclude that you're actually trying to mitigate the political fallout from Umno's handling of that racist's antics.

Sorry lah, too little too late.

Ahmad Ismail can go "wave his keris" for all we care. We'll remember everything for the coming General Elections.

Philip ;p

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ismail is just another useless goon, UMNO "war-lord", Whether its fair or not, UMNO will always rely on guys like him to spark tension in the community.

The word responsible, multi-racial and harmony are non existent in his dictionary, who knows.. this man talks & acts like he'd barely passed secondary school.

Question here is how are we as a nation will progress for as long as we have individuals who are so called leaders such as Ahmad Ismail?