Friday, September 5, 2008

Dr M misses the point in Ahmad Ismail issue

Update: Sept 7, 12.30pm - Dr M has written a clarification in his blog, saying he has been misunderstood. Hear him out, given him space, it's only fair. Read Che Det.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has added a new spin to the Ahmad Ismail - he has said that Indian and Chinese leaders should also apologise over other issues. In the case of the Hindraf, he said so many unfair allegations including claims of "ethnic cleasing" and "Islamic terrorists" were hurled against the Malays and yet no one demanded apologies from the community. He also cited the case of student Wee Meng Chee who made a parody of the Negaraku but his actions were defended by Chinese leaders. I think Dr Mahathir has forgotten that Wee made an apology, organised by the MCA, but it was rejected by the Cabinet. In short, Wee admitted wrong and the MCA took the trouble to organise the press conference. Even his father apologised. In the case of the Hindraf leaders, some are still being detained under the ISA. In the case of Ahmad Ismail, the DPM, wanting to end the controversy, took upon himself to apologise. He was supported by the PM. Dr M may have overlooked another point - no one is asking the PM, DPM or Umno to say sorry. They just want Ahmad Ismail, one person, to admit his wrong, Others have demonstrated remorse and in the case of Hindraf leaders, being jailed.
It involves an individual, who should be responsible for his remarks, so there is no reason for Dr M to widen the issue, by dragging in the communities at large and sharpen the racial tones. Let's keep it to Ahmad Ismail. As a statesman, Dr M should cool down the temperature, not make it worse, or just to score political points against the leadership.


sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mahathir is the biggest Racist in Malaysia.;

Ask him to shut the @UP, this country is divided bcoz of him. He is a "shit stirrrrrer" why even bother to give him space, boycott him.... sometime these idiots never seem to amaze me, always full of shit.


sorry folks, ini sudah melampau, PM or elderly man, one can only take so much.


Anonymous said...

Does it matter if Dr. M misses the point.

I welcome Dr M into the fold. We play this up and set the soup to boil. Let's purge the devil in each and every one of us.

Without the destruction of the old order, things will not change. Burn. Burn Burn. From the ashes, the pheonix will rise. We will have a new dawn

Anonymous said...

Touche Mr. Wong. Tun clearly has missed the point here and is acting as stone in PM and TPM's shoe again. Tun cannot refrain himself without looking at the facts and history. Its all red mist really.


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are right on the mark.

To think that a former PM who preached about Bangsa Malaysia can think and make such a statement. Sad. He has lost all credibility.

Obviously Dr M made those statements for a political purpose and to achieve his goal.

Sad that politics should come to this state. I hope nobody will buy his reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Datuk WCW,

Ah, the self-proclaimed champion of Malays, who is not quite a Malay himself, has spoken like a bigot again.
Like always, Dr M chooses to look at things with blinkered eyes.
I suppose this is Dr M's way of portraying that he is this the undisputed Ayahanda of Ketuanan Melayu.
Instead of condemning this racist rascal Ahmad Ismail's remarks, he chooses to justify it.
He ridiculously brings in Hindraf and Namewee of Negarakuku fame as poor examples, declaring that no apologies were offered by the Indian and Chinese communities.
Is that your best shot, Dr M?
If you care to look back, any comment on the Malay race(which itself is a misnomer as the 'race' covers Javanese, Bugis, Banjaries, Boyanese, Minangkabau never mind the Mamaks) by a non-Malay has always resulted in much kris waving and threats.
Umno leaders, on the other hand have always gotten away with calling everybody else kaum pendatang. And they are not supposed to be offended.
Has any Malay racist been charged with sedition? Or ended up in ISA detention?
Continue to champion the Malays all you want, Dr M, if that's what it takes to be accepted as Malay in spite of your actual genetic makeup.
But Malaysians now need leaders who dare to set aside their ethnic origins and champion the causes and rights of all Malaysians.

Mojo Filter

Anonymous said...

Hidup Dr. M...

Unknown said...

Now is hardly the time to allow for racism..

Anonymous said...

Well as an ex-PM he should not do this now. Please ask Mahathir to stop!

Anonymous said...

TNS says...

How I wish all the things done (bad as well as good) can be undone with a click of the mouse just like Windows.

We can then turn back the pages of time well before the M-era and start all over again - from scratch. With the benefits of hind-sight I'm sure Malaysia will not re-tread the journey taken. Today will probably be a better place in Malaysia.

Where is the UNDO button?

And I can't find the mouse, but rats are everywhere! Damnit!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wong,

Im a middle class Malay and i am an UMNO member for 10 yrs, however, Tun Maha's comments in his blog is just downright insensitive. We live in a world without borders today, and although we never forget our customs, traditions and racial origins we Malaysian's must stand above insensitive comment like from Tun Maha and Ahmad Said.

As a Malay with friends from many backgrounds I apologise humbly in the month of Ramadhan. Lets move on and be politically mature as Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir still ringing the same bell.

Anonymous said...

Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.

Anonymous said...

I once said cynically of a politician, 'He'll doublecross that bridge when he comes to it.'

Anonymous said...

When the politicians complain that TV turns the proceedings into a circus, it should be made clear that the circus was already there, and that TV has merely demonstrated that not all the performers are well trained.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the Internet has evolved into a force strong enough to reflect the greatest hopes and fears of those who use it. After all, it was designed to withstand nuclear war, not just the puny huffs and puffs of politicians and religious fanatics.

Anonymous said...

It does no harm just once in a while to acknowledge that the whole country isn't in flames, that there are people in the country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals.

Anonymous said...

A politician will always tip off his true belief by stating the opposite at the beginning of the sentence. For maximum comprehension, do not start listening until the first clause is concluded. Begin instead at the word "but" which begins the second, or active, clause. This is the way to tell a liberal from a conservative -- before they tell you.
Thus: "I have always believed in a strong national defense, second to none, but ... " (a liberal, about to propose a $20 billion defense cut).

Anonymous said...

Why are we surprised when politicians play politics? It's not like they are supposed to be real adults... they are, after all, politicians and don't have real jobs and aren't playing around with their money.

Anonymous said...

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Anonymous said...

The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.

Anonymous said...

TDM shld just enjoy retirement lah. Ride his horses in argentina or go around the world and say sorry to those he had cheesed off earlier in his career. He was the reason why all this racist politics started in Malaysia.

Tok Janggut

Vesu said...

if i have the power i will recommand to the King to strip out his Tunship . he has done uncontrolable damage to the nation and still doing all monkey tricks to distablise the country.... just waiting for DSAI to take over the government and teach him a lesson... the whole nation is waiting for the day ... the day we call - best gift from GOD

Anonymous said...

Please don't treat this mad d.g that can bark only as statesman. He is not fit to be called a statesman. One of the crimes committed was the fixing/temper of our judiciary. What happens after the Royal Inquiry? I thought the government promised to get to the truth.

Anonymous said...

I was privileged to make a trip to Yemen a few years ago. It is common knowledge in Yemen that many Malays in South East Asia have Yemeni descent. Anyone with a surname of Megat and Syed most probably came from the Hadramawt region, the coastal region of Yemen bordering Oman. In fact my Yemeni sources informed me that Syed Hamid, Syed Ali Alatas, Megat Junid and other Megats and Syeds can trace their roots to this area. Quote from Wikipedia
"Since the early 19th century, large scale Hadramawt emigration has established sizable Hadhrami minorities in South and SEA Asia, namely Hyderabad, Bhathal, Malabar, Java, Sumatra, Malacca and Singapore."

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Malay were never racist till Mahathir took power. He played with thier sentiment to the core. corrupted them with money. Took their honour away. Malays are good nice ppl. Its Mahathir, the root cause of hatred and racist politics. Why he banging abt HINDRAF? Because he left his old pal samy to take care of the poor indians whom were sooo shortchanged by MIC.

Tun pls, your racist thoughts are no more welcome.

Ahmad Jais

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Well said! Hopefully all your future post is as unbiased as this one from hereon.

Penang Kia

Vincenzo said...

Dear Chun Wai,

Was it ever a surprise as to who created the mess that we are in? All that talk of racism, bigotry and even to the point of nullifying the judiciary, media, education system, even road names and history were not spared by this extremist. And he still has the audacity to incite further hatred and racism? Honestly, he should be thankful that he is not behind bars for 'ops lalang' and 'lingam-gate'.

Anonymous said...

Dr M is not the only one who appears to be stirring up sentiments. Now it has been reported that all the UMNO divisions in Penang have rallied behind Ahmad Ismail in defending him.

I am surprised that even after the beating they took at Permatang Pauh, they still thump their chests in arrogance.

A very dangerous line is being drawn by this UMNO bunch pitting the Malays against the non-Malays. I pray good sense and sanity prevails.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you, Mr. Wong. Dr. M has this trait of fighting fire with fire. Instead of resolving issues, he 'defends' by attacking back. This does nothing to help the situation. Instead it further infuriates people.

BareSheen said...

Nowadays I wish that Tun would just shut the %$ up, as someone here put it, ride into the sunset and never bother us Malaysians ever again.

It is might as well that he resigned from UMNO.

Coming for a supposed statesman and for a person of his age, it is downright shocking and shameful to hear such disgusting racist remarks.

He is behaving more like a senile and petulant old man, that perhaps he really is.

Sad, sad old man.

Whatever vestige of respect I have left of this man, it is gone forever.

So what if he has 6 millions over hits in his blog, most of which are inane fawnings.

Anonymous said...

To All the good Malays, we wish there were more of you who will tell the racists to stop all this now. To all the non-Malays who have racists thoughts or remarks, stop it too. We, as Malaysians must learn to love one another. Otherwise, Malaysia and all its rakyat will suffer as shown in all troubled countries. United as one and bring our nation to great heights.

Anonymous said...

Do you all remember that years ago when Mahathir was PM, he himself referred to the Chinese as "pendatang" in a speech?

This provoked strong protests, even from MCA members, and calls were made that he, Mahathir, should apologise.

However, no apology was made by him and he dismissed the matter with his silence and the issue eventually faded away.

Now he is encouraging this Ahmad Ismail to follow his example of willfully insulting others and then arrogantly refusing to apologize whilst at the same time contemptuously ignoring the injured party.

He is an odious character, bloated with an overweening ego, who thinks that only he is right and everyone else is wrong. He is totally unworthy of the people's respect.


Anonymous said...

I dont believe that PR can form a good government. Given that we still have this pendatang thing, and all these plundering going on, we need to destroy to re-build.

All this BN stupidity is driving the non-malay 100% to PKR. With the malay votes that we are sseing PKR picking up, BN will be destroyed by the next election.

BlueMoon said...

Bro Wong,

I am afraid you are the one who misses the point. Wee meng did not apologise, but his father did. He was somewhere in Taiwan having good time when we in Malaysia have to absorb the insult. The same goes with these Hindraf leaders. They are far from being remorseful. Utahyakumar is now in exile runnning down the country in every possible opportunities.

By the way how could the prime minister of 22 years like Tun could missed the point?

Anonymous said...

I bet Mahathir is trying to add fuel to the fire.He knows that Pak Lah is weak and so he tried to stir the hornet's nest and see how this lame-duck PM is going to solve the issue.

Old Fart said...

He obviously is being mischievious in this instance. Not that he does not know. He is just trying to push certain buttons. And sadly there are enough idiots within UMNO who will submit to such pushes and nudges.

Just wish he will just turn over and die if this is what he is left with insofar as strategies are concerned. It is evil personified.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

The heartless Mamak has forgotten all the insults and anger he heaped on the Malays.

You apoliogise to the Malays and ALL Malaysians for the mess you havd left behind.

Malaysia may not have developed into what it is today in certain ways BUT it would have been a happier country.

Development, in any case, is relative.


Anonymous said...

We cannot stop people like Tun Mahathir or Ahmad Ismail from voicing their opinions. There is freedom of speech in this country.Only when they make their comments can the people judge them for what they are really like. It is then up to us the people to decided what kind of leaders we want.

Anonymous said...

My Ex PM, please do not say anything, better you go and pray for this nation wellbeing because your time is up now is the time for others.... pray hard for this nation before it worsen by your comment..

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir made a career out racism and champion malay supremacy. This mamak is the one who championed Malay rights by feeding them poisons of racist ideas and messed up the education, economy, politics, law, police, govt service, etc.

Surprised to find people still supporting racist No. 1 in Malaysia. Surprised why the mamak is not put to trial for racial genocide against the Indians in Kg Medan in 2001. Cant' believe the monster can put such sweet smile despite all the nonsense he has done. Mahathir is demogogue monster in disguise.

Malaysia is the only place this mamak mahathir can get away with his racist vomits.

Anonymous said...

already in old age....miss the point ... who's that.... Toon Madhatstill ...let him be....Alice in Wonderland!!!

Anonymous said...

already in old age....miss the point ... who's that.... Toon Madhatstill ...let him be....Alice in Wonderland!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah..what can you expect from TDM?
A half Indian(or is it half Bangladeshi?) who pretends to be 100% Malay, and who have forsaken his Indian/Bangladeshi roots, and discriminate against all things non-Malay, and who looks to the likes of Mugabe for company. Publicly he railed against the west and the western leaders, especially the Americans, but then paid a lot of our money to the lobbyists so that he can have a meeting with George Bush! What can you expect of this man, really!

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Chief Racist talking !

Anonymous said...


spot on Mr. Chun Wai. It's so obvious that while Mahathir has managed to keep this country peaceful from any racial fracas during his tenure thru his iron fist, what he did not know was that by doing that he ALSO DIVIDED THE RACES... and that is something he and his fans will never be able to grasp and understand. haih!


Anonymous said...

I read Dr.M's Chedet earlier with full of disappointments. Can one believe this is the man we Malaysians supported over the years. Anyway I could not help but retaliate to writings. This is what I replied in response to his "Pohon Maaf"


Dear Tun,

I remember saying that I was despised by most part of your tenure as PM. Nevertheless I thought you could be forgiven for the past. You could realize that in my previous comments.

However, now it occurs to me it's not worth pointing out anything to you. Like Rafidah once said you really have become a senile. It's simple fact for anyone to understand and I'm perplexed how in the world you couldn't understand the gist of the issues and I’m equally wondering who is more imbecilic, is it you or Abdullah. Let me point it to you since you failed to grasp the issue.

You claim that:-

1. Hindraf accused of this government of many prejudice against Indians in Malaysia.

2. A woman who was forced to strip and squat was not even a Chinese so why the apology for.

3. Wee Meng Chee, the student who modified Negaraku was not punished enough.

All these are issues that actually involved ordinary Malaysians. Hindraf was a fraction of Indian community with issues of Indians. The government has however failed to address their issues affirmatively. No national leaders came out in support of them publicly though some of the issues were pertinent. And those who led Hindraf are under ISA; their own lives are in jeopardy for now.

The woman who was made to squat was not Chinese although the Chinese community and leaders were the ones to take up the issue. Here we talk about basic human rights and not race; it’s very unwise of you to exploit it along racial lines.

Wee Meng Chee is also another unhappy student of Chinese origin. What he did was wrong, in fact very rude and unpatriotic. When the entire nation was critical of him, he realized his mistake followed with his formal public apology. Some accepted and some didn’t but no leaders backed him for what he said.

Now, let us touch on issues that involve Ahamad Ismail. In fact it’s not Ahmad Ismail alone, the list includes Najib, Hishamuddin, Khairy and many others. Who are these people? Are they ordinary Malaysians? No, they are not and this is important.

Najib said about blood bathing Chinese as the then UMNO youth chief who is the present DPM. Hisham had his Keris wavered stressing what he was prepared to do; he is a national leader, in fact a potential future PM. So was Khairy with his ferocious speech warning non-Malays, said to be another future PM. The latest to join this group is Ahmad who had called the Chinese “squatter” in the presence of DPM. All of them have one similarity, leaders of top level.

If top leadership speaks against one race or religion, calling them pendatang, immigrants, or squatter, that can only be construed as deliberate attempt to deny the non-Malays of their basic rights in Malaysia. With inheritance of Indian, you too could be regarded as pendatang so to say. Will you accept that?

National leadership must be of highest moral standard. They should be fair to all Malaysians as more than 40% of Malaysians are made of non-Malays. Anyone who fails to understand or accept this is not fit to be a national leader.

It’s very disheartening and disgusting to know, after leading Malaysians for over 20 years and after having them supporting you all those years, you have backstabbed and betrayed the Malaysians of Chinese and Indian origins and of course the majority of poor Malays.

What kind of leader are you, Tun? Aren’t feel ashamed for posing such imbecilic question that is pathetic and racist in nature?

Anonymous said...

All said and done, the problems we are facing in Malaysia were all created by Tun Dr Mahathir in his 22-year rule!!!! Let history judge him. He destroyed the judiciary, he created a money culture in BN/UMNO, he created a culture that suppresses dissent, and the list goes on and on. If he has any issues with the current UMNO leadership, let me remind him that he was the one who honed their behaviour. AND NOW HE IS THE BIGGEST, MOST EXTREME RACIST in the country!!! He will surely die without peace. I am glad that Pak Lah/Najib is standing up to him.

Anonymous said...

The old man is using this issue to discredit the blur PM.

Anonymous said...

Hindraf and Namewee saw the unholy treatment handed down by the half-bakeds in this country. What is Ahmad so sore about? Without being in umno and to strive for himself outside umno, let us see what a shit he will become like most of the goons in that party.. You guys over there check it out.

Anonymous said...

Whatever respect for this old man,had evaporated from my heart.It confirm one thing,as many people suspect earlier on,he is a RACIST.His style is outdated now.Please by all means,RETIRE peacefully.

Anonymous said...


To hell with relics of the past like TDM. Selfish and downright racist. Thats the only type of politics he knows to play. He knows what racial buttons to press. When there is a suspicion of revolt he will threaten and blackmail, worst..he will put an indecent proposition to suppress that will. TDM is a paleolithic specimen in political thought.


Anonymous said...

Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia

The article defines a Malay as a Malaysian citizen born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore. As a result, Malay citizens who convert out of Islam are no longer considered Malay under the law. Hence, the Bumiputra privileges afforded to Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution, the New Economic Policy (NEP), etc. are forfeit for such converts.

Likewise, a non-Malay Malaysian who converts to Islam can lay claim to Bumiputra privileges, provided he meets the other conditions. A higher education textbook conforming to the government Malaysian studies syllabus states: "The non-Malay thought that is when a non-Malay embraces Islam, he is said to masuk Melayu (become a Malay in Malay language). That person is automatically assumed to be fluent in the Malay language and to be living like a Malay as a result of his close association with the Malays."[1]

Anonymous said...

tomorrow my whole family is gonna apply to migrate... after seeing all this, all i can say is this country is hopeless... they say, if you stay on,your children will be 3rd class citizens forever, if you migrate, your children might be the next obama.. bye malaysia i wish you good luck esp. when there's no more petrol for you to dig.

Anonymous said...

Tun is a hypocrites, his family is a hypocritic family. See the father left UMNO, the mother left UMNO but the son want to be UMNO youth leader. What a hypocritic family.

Don't forget the sinking of UMNO start from Tun M.

Anonymous said...

1) What do you do when you are bitten by a snake?

Do you chase the snake and hit it....


Quickly find a way to heal yourself ?

2) If a dog bark at you, do you bark back at the dog? It your answer is yes, then is there any different between you and the dog?

ken said...

This old mamak is the advocate in racism and money politic. Remember the fella is not real malay, he is a damn mamak.

He is the man ruin our country, in justice, unity and even economy. Although he push the country to new era in economy, but the GDP deficit begun since 12 years ago. Second, do u satisfy with our achievement? Our country have 2 oil, palm oil and petrol, no disaster, strategic geographical location, we can better than others, even Singapore. We still left behind, why?

Anonymous said...

Politics is like a second religion to some. A morality or rather amorality.
It touches the soul. It corrupts. Every politician has a motive behind their rhetorics. We serve the people. Yah, good.
However good or sincere one sound, we just can't believe them. Everyone after their goals. Sit too long, and you'd grow roots.

Mr Wong, if you were to become a politician, no matter how much La Sallian/Xaverian characteristics being instilled in you by the brothers, politics will just cloud you.

Anonymous said...

Oh that son of an Indian Immigrant again. That is the problem with rojak-genetic makeup Pendatang who are not pure Malays. They always try to out-Malay a pure Malay so that they can distract the pure Malays from questioning thier 'durian drop from the tree' rights. There are so many examples of Immigrants like Javanese, Mamaks that kononnya mesti mempertahankan hak Istimewa Orang Melayu. These are the people that should classified as Pendatang!! Instead they became Menteri Besar Selangor, Bukit Bendera strong man etc etc.
I am a Chinese who studied in a Sekolah Kebangsaan in Pasir Gudang 20 over years ago. At that time, myself and my sister were the only Chinese in the school, can you imagine that. That was the era when Dr Mamak first became PM. What I can say is that at that time, I have never felt intimidated or uncomfortable when surrounded by then a whole lot of Kampung Malays. I even know how to write Jawi. To me I have fond memories of studying with my Malay friends. As far as I know, the real Malays are gentle, sopan santun and humble. However this son of an Indian Immigrant taught us the real difference between Chinese, Indian, Malays and Bukan Bumiputra and how the line should be drawn so that boundary is clearer. He always goes along the racial line so that the real Malay forgets that he is actually a Mamak(sorry no offence to Mamak). He is downright a bloody racist. At this the current state of racial divide (Thanks Dr. M), I will never take the risk of putting my 2 kids in a all Malays school. My kids would then be reminded daily of how different Chinese, Malays and Indians are, what are thier rights and no-rights, how they should appreciate that they are given citizenship etc etc.
BTW, do you know how much he hates Singaporeans. This is kononnya when he was taking a Taxi in S'pore many many years ago while studying Medical Course there, he felt that even that particular Chinese Taxi Driver looked down on Malays (it is what he wrote in one of his books). I think the hatred stems from there and I think he has made a vow to make Singapore pay for it for what he so call experienced in the Taxi. Well I wonder how he came to the conclusion that the Taxi Driver looked dowm on him.
Dr. M, you have screwed this country for a good 22 years. It may take this country another 44 years to unscrew what you have screwed. May you go in peace.
My dear Malaysian friends, please look ahead and stop this racial thingy.

Anonymous said...

Let us remind the old mamak that his ancestor was a pendatang from from India.

Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Like you said, it is meant to score points. Sometimes, I think cyberspace maybe a pretty dangerous place to incite sensitive racial sentiments especially when you get intentionally biased/skewed views from leaders posted on the web accessible by anyone and by people who will just agree without really bother pondering and weighing the issue.

Anonymous said...

While on this "racist" topic, we are still waiting for DSAI to sack Zulkifli Nordin to show us that he is walking the talk, and not be like UMNO. Ahmad is at home in UMNO where all the racists reside. But PKR should not have a place for people like Zulkifli Nordin.

Anonymous said...

I have refrained from commenting on your blog altho I follow it regularly. This is my first ime commenting....WCW on your blog and WCW in the Star are two completely different people.

I am in support of your views that Ahmad is solely responsible for his view, and Tun is trying to spin it for his selfish interest in his war against AAB.. etc etc..but my big QUESTION to you is will your article see the light in the Star?? What I read in your blogs are not the same as in the Star..sorry..just another Cakap tak serupa bikin

Anonymous said...

IS Najib going to apologize for the words of Azhar Ibrahim? It looks like the the Penang UMNO is full of these bigots. And they are representattive of the type of people in UMNO everywhere else. Now MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc, is this clear enough for you? The rakyat have been telling you not to be partners with these bigots. So why do you wish to stay with BN?

Anonymous said...

UMNO is a party full of racists. And the leaders in UMNO thrive on racism. Ahamd gets support by making racist statements.And now Azhar Ibrahim is also making racist statements to get visibility in the party. If you trace the history of the UMNO, you will see many of their current senior leaders rose up the ranks making racist statements and waving keris. This include the DPM.
It is not possible for the party to reform as traditions of racism and corruption is too deeply rooted. It is almost like asking the KKK to stop being a racist clan.

Anonymous said...

Dear WCW,
it is time to ignore this old man! He is irrelavant anyway, why bother? He is history, period.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the MSM is widening the issue.

He is just stating that in his blog just like any other blogger like you

The more MSM plays the racist issue, more tension will it create.

The Malay will not bog down for sure.
If the Malay felt threatened, they will fight.

So if anyone wants to see more spark, go on.

Maybe all of us need to be reminded the luxury of harmony that we have enjoyed.

The Malays have been fighting their own rights with blood for centuries on this soil, even before the Portuguese presence and they would like to keep it that way.

And if the Malay are truly racist, none of the kaum pendatang were grated citizenship.

In the middle east gulf countries, none of the foreigners ( mainly from india, pakistan and surrounding countries ) were given citizenship, even though their children or grandchildren were born there. They have no right to purchase land or properties.

We have endured 52 years of independence in harmony and lets keep it that way.

BlueMoon said...

Bro Wong,

I'm sure you've read that Ahmad Ismail together with 13 UMNO branch leaders in Penang have reiterated that he does nothing wrong. This came out as headline news in Utusan Malaysia. The same paper has also strongly commented that reports published by your newspapers and allies are highly flaws. The same goes with Tun M recent snippet. Sooner or later I'm sure other UMNO leaders together with ultraright or ultraleft Malay based NGOs will join the bandwagon. They are already writing and posting nasty messages on the net, something that the Chinese community do not wish to hear or listen. The situation could easily go haywire if we are not careful.

Bro Wong,

I'm sure you agree with me that this is not something that we are looking forward to especially after celebrating the 51st merdeka. More so it was you who had recently promoted the use of Bangsa Malaysia which I truly salute. Why not take the cue from Dr. Chua Soi Lek handling of Wee Meng Chee's case? Why not apply the same formula? Why not just close the case as DPM had already apologised?

I hope you would publish this posting.

Anonymous said...

the pot calling the kettle black. tun pun nyanyok ja kata abdullah flip flop. sama ja.

Nostradamus said...

Anwarwood Productions - The Biggest Blockbuster Show on Earth!
(Anwarwood Produksi - Tayangan Paling Besar dan Hebat di Dunia!)

Beware! Politics is a game not for the faint hearted in Malaysia. Malaysians will have heart attacks when you see the end. Even if you don't, you will suffer a mild stroke or high blood pressure. Why? The Titanic 2 show this time directed and scriptwritten by Anwarwood Productions will continue with the following scenes:

1. Little Napoleons will continue with the phrase "The End Justifies The Means" in protecting their interests.
2. Some passengers will lose all sense of conscience and humanity when the ship is finally sinking.
3. Everyone in the ship will rush to get on the lifeboats.
4. Money is used to buy anything to safe oneself from impending doom.
5. The Best Actor and Supporting Casts together with Trojan Horses are finally shown at the end of the show.

Whatever the emotions left at the end of the show, please remember that it was just a show, just like what politics is all about. The reality of living together continues in this land.

Anonymous said...

Satu saja yang Tun belum buat … Diam !!!

Tun Mahathir di dalam blognya hari ini, menulis dan mengkritik kerajaan dan kepimpinan UMNO kerana meminta maaf kepada bangsa Cina atas apa yang diucapkan oleh ketua bahagian UMNO Datuk Ahmad pada pilihanraya Permatang Pauh baru baru ini.

Beliau menyatakan bahawa orang Melayu sekarang takut dengan bangsa asing dan terpaksa meminta maaf dengan mereka kerana tersilap cakap sedangkan bangsa asing tidak pernah meminta maaf kepada orang Melayu apabila mereka juga sering menghina bangsa Melayu. Nak buat macam mana Tun, kita terpaksalah meinta maaf kerana orang Melayu juga suka menghina orang Melayu, malahan lebih teruk dari bangsa lain menghina Melayu. Macam mana bangsa asing nak hormat orang Melayu.

Tun juga berkata dia telah melakukan banyak perkara untuk mendesak Pak Lah agar meletakan jawatan malah secara terbuka menuduh beliau terlibat dengan rasuah. Saya telah secara terbuka salahkan Dato Seri Abdullah dan meminta dia meletak jawatan. Saya kritik keputusannya berkenaan dengan jambatan (bengkok ke Singapura) .

Saya telah tegur pemimpin dan ahli UMNO bahawa mereka akan menghancurkan UMNO dan sekutunya. Saya keluar dari UMNO, saya telah bercakap berkenaan rasuah dan kesannya terhadap nasib yang menanti orang Melayu. Saya telah mulakan blog saya dan pembaca pun tahu apa yang saya telah katakan dalam blog.

Betulah Tun telah banyak lakukan dan bermacan –macam perkara yang telah Tun lakukan termasuklah di bulan yang mulia ini sepatutnya Tun menumpukan kepada beramal dan membuat amal jariah dari pada membakar hati rakyat untuk menaikan kemarahan rakyat kepada kerajaan.

Tun hanya perlu bersabar, Pak Lah akan tetap turun seperti mana Tun juga ada jangka waktu peralihan dahulu. Kenapa Tun tidak boleh bersabar sedangkan ahli UMNO boleh menrima peralihan ini dan Najib juga tidak mempunyai sedikit halangan tentang proses peralihan ini.

Jika alasan Tun UMNO akan hancur dalam proses peralihan ini berlaku ,saya setuju dengan alasan Tun itu kerana selagi ada orang-orang yang mendesak macam apa yang Tun lakukan ini cepatlah, UMNO akan
hancur, kerana setiap kali UMNO mahu mengadakan proses pembetulan parti dalaman Tun akan menghentam dan cuba mengaggalkannya.

Isu memohion maaf ini buka lah satu isu yang hina sangat, tidak hina jika kita memohon maaf terutama dalam keadaan sekarang, memang benar kata Tun Melayu sedang lemah, kita akui kita sememang lemah, lemah kerana siapa , Tun tentu jawab kerana Pak Lah, selain itu kerana siapa ? Tun perlu jawab kerana Tun pernah akuinya sebelum ini bahawa Tun juga salah seorang yang mengakibatkan UMNO lemah.

Kita meminta maaf kerana kita merasakan kita telah menyinggungkan perasaan bangsa asing dan terus terang kita telah menyinggung mereka. Apa salahnya kita memohon maaf, sama ada mereka terima atu tidak itu hak mereka. Adakala kita tidak boleh terlalu ego dalam kehidupan, jika kita terlalu ego dalam kehidupan akahirnya kita akan membenci semua orang dan kita akan menuduh semua orang sebagai tidak betul.

Persoalanya sekarang , kenapa Tun perlu bakar jiwa rakyat, apakah Tun mahu bangsa Melayu ini bangun dan berperang dengan bangsa asing dan tercetus kembali peristiwa 13 Mei ?

Tidak salah sekali sekala kita berundur, mungkin kita sudah membuat satu kesilapan kerana membenarkan pihak pembangkang menjadi kuat dan pembangkang telah memberikan muka kepada bangsa asing. Nasi telah menjadi bubur, kita perlu mencari kekuatan kita kembali untuk mengatasi perkara ini. Tun juga yang mengukuhkan parti pembangkang dengan banyak mebantu mereka untuk menghentam kerajaan kembali.

Seharusnya , jika kita turutkan hati, elok saja kita desak Pak Lah lepaskan kerajaan ini dan berikan saja kepada PKR. Rasanya itu yang akan memuaskan hati Tun.

Lepas Pak Lah turun Tun boleh lah menyerang Najib pula kerana tidak ada satu pun Perdana Menteri di Malaysia ini yang Tun setuju dan menerima cara kepimpinan mereka, jika Najib turun ,cepatlah jalan untuk Mukhriz naik jadi Perdana Menteri.

Sebanr ini saja yang kami berharap dari Tun, Tun telah buat bermacam-macam perkara sudah, mungkin Tun juga sudah letih kerana Pak lah masih tidak berganjak dari keputusan beliau, kerusi yang beliau duduk adalah kerusi sah bukan kerusi pintu belakang.

Yang ini Tun belum buat lagi, buat lah….. Duduk diam-diam.

Kervin said...

For someone of a mixed heritage, Tun is one to talk. As it is it was his policy of segregation of politics, education, economy, social and every aspect of Malaysian life that today's problems should be part of the previous government's burden to bear as well not only the present. We 'pendatang' even the Malays who are from Achenese, Bugis, Java, Thai, Arab, etc. are just temporary residents of this earth. In the end should we focus more on what divides us rather than what our differences and strength can achieve for the better, together? Racist in any form should never be tolerated from any party. In Ahmad's case all everyone expected was a personal apology and we Malaysians would be forgiven for a slip of the tongue, but the recalcitrant politician instead chose to be obstinate and rebuff each any every Malaysians to the extent of blaming everyone else but himself. If the politicians of the old order are such we need to trim the weeds and burn the field to let the new shoots sprouts lest all that remain at the end of the day are field of weeds, chocking the life from each and every rightful Malaysian citizens. We are Bangsa Malaysia its time we face the facts and blaze the trail towards the future and not backtrack to the stone age.

Anonymous said...

In the 80s we high regard and respect for our PM Dr. Mahatir. Today he has defame himself and he is not only being racist, he is the biggest destroyer of the this country. I fully agree with you, as a former PM he should have all the experience to advise the raykat or the present leader to calm down the situation than to escalate the issue. Deos he want to see another May 13 ( I hate to even remind the people of the date ) but our leaders does not seem to learn. The 3 word Malay, Chinese and Indian should not be mentioned at all in any ceramah or any speech by any leader. Please Mr. DR M you are retired and enjoy your retirement with high respect.

Friend of Penang

Ti Lian Ker said...

Me think Mahathir is just trying to score political points against Pak Lah and Najib for not succumbing to his political will of late. Mahathir is at it again, provoking and manipulating racial and religious sentiment but this time around, we Malaysians are not going to be dictated or manipulated by him.
Are we?????

Anonymous said...


please read;

please be more objective next time.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

The second posting by Dr. M showed he is not such a bad man after all. I think we have to give him due respect.

But I am vey sad with the last statement by Badawi. I dont know what game he is playing. He is the epitome of bad leadership. With his statement, we have crested the hill beyond. Now, it all downhill to the pits.

These few words of support for Ahmad Ismail is all it takes to push all the non-malay voters to PR. We already now know the result of the next general election.

I do not support the crossover of the MPs. But I have now changed my mind.

What a fool!

Anonymous said...

don't you wanna write another article on what Tun had said in his latest posting (Pohan Maaf 2)?

at least you will clear the air like he did. It would be grossly unfair that you had criticised him for his first article, but decided to remain quiet on the second, which would absolve you allegations of calling him a racist.

If you don't do this, then you seriously need to think abt ur credibility.

After all, he was your boss whom you had put on a pedestal. To run him down is similar like a dog who had bitten the hand that had fed him.

Anonymous said...

pls dont play this racial issue anymore..
the more you play, the more it boils..

what happen next, maybe another 13th may.. (read today citizen blog; the star, good writing by samcwpen)

i believe anybody who went thru it, want to see it happen.. again..

Anonymous said...

this case is simply being overblown into unknown purportions with unknown repercussions. Why not bring forward Ahmad Ismails recorded speech on that day to clear the air once and for all.

The lack of respect between races in Malaysia today just highlights the state of education in malaysian schools. our education system has been trimmed without regard for national interest. Just compare a textbook from the year 1980 and today and you will see the differences for yourself.

History plays a vital role as a foundation on which a succesfull society is built on. Sadly our education system has systematically disacknowledged this important essence in our nation building. Equal positive importance whether minute should be given to the contribution of every race in Malaysia towards independence and nation building. Only a society that acknowledges its roots, is a society that has future to reach great heights.

Anonymous said...

Chung Wai,

Are you dumb or just wanna play dumb? Yes, the Hindraf fellas were jailed for disrupting public peace by organizing illegal rally. But have they ever apologized??? And the Wee fella, was he really sorry? Kiss my ass... U know he doesnt.

Anonymous said...

Eh.. dont talk bad about my Tun ah.

Even if he is a racist, so what? I being a non-muslim, non-malay didnt suffer during his era. Infact, I had the time of my life! Life was good then. You think like now ah??

Life is total shit ah. All because of that thing sitting on the PM's chair now la. If that is what non racist is all about, than I rather have a racist like TUN anytime la.

Always harp on my Tun. Damn dont like. Think again la.. you think our society is so matured that we can have absolute freedom of everything meh?? See la, we have sakais like Ahmad Ismail and that amuk king call Nazri la! Total freedom is like now lor.. All hell broke lose la!

Total freedom/democracy is a double edge sword la. Tun did what he thought was the best for this country. So, it is not very democratic la.. so a lot of people have to shaddarp la.. so, some people had to be locked up la. Ya la..all the whys and becauses is really a matter of opinion lor but at least we had stablity, every single one of us enjoyed a good economy then la and no matter how envious other countries are of us, they have to give us credit for all the progress and all. NOW!? What shit also don't have. Waiting to die like that.

Everyone is a "shit stirer" la. Who isnt?? All mengumpat and batu api everybody everyday. Thats life la!! Live with it la!!! If cannot, than get lessons from women like me la!

Anonymous said...

Don't be taken in by racists. Look at the pictures of those at AMENO HQ in Penang especially the one who took KTK picture in his hand b4 tearing it, does he look like a MALAY? Does he look like one who the NEP has not help, pls look at his ring and the pen he uses (could it be Mont Blanc???) and the shirt brand he wore. Are these "special" people suffering from the current prices affecting all Malaysians? Are they being told to change their life sytle?

Watching NTV 7, I saw they shouted at a lady reporter and in some of the blog I read they were asking her to shut up and be shot. Come on this is the Holy Month, even in normal months we don't ask people to shoot another. Are these "special" people worried that their gravy train might not be making the necessary stops?
We hve our dear Tun to thank for as he was the undisputed leader for more than 20years, how can things be so bad if they were doing stuff correctly for the past 51 years. On our 50th year independence we were so proud of our unity what has happen from then, just another wayang kulit from the "special" few. Divide and rule policy of the British ??


Anonymous said...

tak kira la dr.m tuu join balik umno..anwar masih akan tubuhkan kerajaan baru...inila yg kita maukan..sudah 51 tahun kami percaya tuu bn same dia org buat???rasuah rasuah rasuah dia org je pandai...sokong anwar barula bleh capai wawasan 2020..