Monday, September 15, 2008

Zaid Ibrahim quits?

Update: 10pm - The PM has rejected Zaid Ibrahim's quit letter

De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim is said to have quit his Cabinet post - just a day after speaking up against the use of the Internal Security Act. He had led the chorus of protest, saying he was prepared to quit as minister if he is considered to have broken the ranks. The resignation letter is said to have been sent to the PM's Office at 2pm but there has been no confirmation from the man himself. Efforts to trace Zaid has not been successful but the news rooms of media organisations have been alerted of his decision since 1pm. Zaid appears to have put in his letter before the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, where he is expected to face criticism from his Cabinet colleagues. The liberal and reformist minded politician has often spoken privately to his reporters of his frustrations in getting support for his plans to reform the laws and constitution. To some Umno leaders, he was never in favour because he did not campaign during the March 8 elections but was rewarded with a Cabinet post for his absence. Zaid's resignation would put Pak Lah in a tight spot as he had gone against the protest of Umno members when he picked him as a Cabinet member. But Zaid, a founder member of Aliran, is known for his liberal views and has never bothered about the need to win grassroots support in the party. Now that he is out of the party, we can expect Zaid to even speak louder.


Robert Teh said...

Zaid Ibrahim has done the right thing as a principled man with integrity - unlike the many other ministers in the cabinet, including both the PM and Deputy PM, who are clinging on to their power and position, for self-interest, personal gain and glory.

Hidup! Zaid Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

When it rain, it pours! The tropical thunderstorm has just been escalated to Category 1. It will quickly develop to Category 2 by this week (trying to be a weather man) or Category 3. By next week it will reach it's climax bypassing 4 to 5. Hold on to your seats!

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim deserves our support! He is someone with his head screwed on right. Syed Hamid should be ashamed of himself. In this day and age, he is still trying old and tired political tricks.
Let all Malaysians come together as Malaysians in this new Malaysia and not think foremost of Malay, Chinese or Indians, let alone Muslims or non-Muslims.
The race-religion divide belongs to the old century.
Hidup Malaysia!

amoker said...

Thas it a man with principle. He took the bull by the horn and showed up his words by action. Unlike Syed Hamid who denied giving the order and then blowed his own mantra when facing the Malay press.

So, it seemed that both MCMC and ISA orders are from him.

Anonymous said...

A man of substance.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

It is sad that Zaid Ibrahim has tendered his resignation from the Cabinet. I hope the PM would not accept his resignation and persuade him to stay on.

Man of integrity and principles like him is very rare and are fast becoming extinct.

Many have said that he is doing the right thing by resigning as a matter of principle.

However, by resigning, I can't think of any other ministers who is like Zaid... a man of integrity who joins the cabinet , not for monetary gain or prestige, but to carry out much needed reforms which he truly believes in, and which the country needed badly.

Perhaps, Zaid should reconsider his decision and press on to carry out much needed reforms judiciary and constitutional reforms the country needed as there are no one else who possess the integrity, conviction and ability to do it.

jrajster said...

When voices of justice and law diminish it signs the start of destruction.

For Zahid, this fits well. My Kudos to you Datuk!

“As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself... Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.” - Mahatma Ghandi.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon Datuk,

Another Bangsa Malaysia is born today. Welcome Datuk Zaid to the New Malaysia. The rest of you out there, come on. Let's make Malaysia a beautiful heritage for our future generations.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a big lost to the country to have lost a man like zaid ibrahim.....We need a lot more people like him to bring forth the reform necessary......a sad day indeed...

Anonymous said...

At least Zaid has the balls and walked the talk!!

He has my support.


Wee said...

Having read Zaid Ibrahim's book "In Food Faith",I tend to view his resignation as consistent with the tenor of his book. Seems to me, the nation could do with more leaders who demonstrate their integrity and by their actions show that they are FAITHFUL to the ideals they expound. My hope is ZI will not fade from the political arena: we need to build a new, strong, united, caring & progressive nation & such leaders are essential in this endeavour.

Anonymous said...

Now, that's someone with sense. One worth voting for. I appreciate his stand and his beliefs.

Wonder if we'll see him in Kelana Jaya tonight? Just a thought. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Heard the brainless one from Kinabatangan (BNBBC deputy)over Bernama TV commenting that Zaid was trying to be a hero. Can't blame him (the "brainless one") and his goonies because they do not even know how to spell "principle", "integrity" and "honor". What a fool!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this the people's minister. Be it where you are, we are all behind you. You should be the next PM. The person to rsign is not you Datuk. You will win our vote come the next election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zaid definitely did the right thing. Whether he wins support or not from his colleagues is not important. He is not here to please them. So they can hurl any criticism at him but it doesn't matter. He has support from the logical thinking Malaysians who knows his decision was correct. I suggest he spends his next 2 weeks preparing for Aidil Fitri rather than burdening himself to reconsider Pak Lah's offer. He can do so much more when he is out of the party. If he remains a Cabinet Minister, he will be indebted to Pak Lah and will not be able to speak his mind freely.

Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

If I were him, I would too. Why work for a party which does not even recognise his contribution? Imagine being a senator and soon-to-be full blown Law Minister, yet, he can't secure enough nominations (28/112) to contest the 'ketua bahagian'?

jrajster said...

I'm penning this views after reading the star. I see there is fresh approach in reporting. Hope this continues.

Meanwhile If you were to check with NST you would get disappointed. Complete black out. So this is how MSM under the control of Umno works?

Anonymous said...

We should have more Malays like Zaid who really looks beyond
race when justice is concerned.
This is the type of people we need more in Malaysia. I pray that we would have less people like Ahmad Ismail who are hypocrites. They shouted a lot about malays but if you really look into it it is their kocek which is shouting. Money.. Money .. Money.. I want money. That is their real M word not Malay.


Anonymous said...

The Earth is moving under our feet!
Dato, put a bed in your office! Stock up on your coffee. Cancel all leave. The sky is raining resignations from BN! There may be a rash of ISA arrests on Tuesday 916 as the UMNO govt do a last minute panic action to prevent a PR takeover! There will be announcements after announcements. UMNO will have lots of internal strife and we will see crazy actions by their crazy leaders. I believe God is answering our prayer that we be rid of a corrupt and cruel regime, and nothing is going to be able to stop this 916 transition. Does not matter whether it is 916, 918, 930 or whatever. It is gonna happen soon!

Anonymous said...

This is what I call stand up and be counted on one's principle. What say you, datuk?

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim could not achieve more judicial reforms because his UMNO bosses and peers were blocking him! Zaid, come over to PKR and you will find more supportive colleagues for positive changes! UMNO is beyond reform. The messed up judicial is reflective of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Sir Zaid ibrahim quit? You should be joking.After losing Kota Bahru division post to Datuk Fahmi, the special assistance to Dato Najib, what else Sir Zaid the Master illusionist has but to resort to becoming a maverick minister.

Just imagine, with a stature as an appointed senator, he has to be the lapdog to Pak Lah-flip-flip PM.

Isn't it silly of you Datuk, to raise Sir Zaid stature as the champion of the judiciary when actually he has no choice but to resign his post since he has no position in UMNO. It's his gimmick to be retained as a minister.

Frabkly, if he sincere enough, knowing well that, once Najib is in power, he will be removed his ministership. (Fahmy-Najib proxy)

So please, open your eye....what can sir Zaid do, he can't leapt over to Pakatan since as an appointed senator, he has no locus contribute sitting power as an elected MP.

Anonymous said...

I am strongly do not think so! I am kind of relieved to know Malaysia have a potential great leader, a very committed Great Law in practice Leader and Rakyat interests protector "born" in Malaysia; especially when the country really in need of such a person in this capacity.
I do not felt sad when he resigned for the disagreement on the Implementation of ISA. I am proud for his braveness, imaprtial spirits and "Non-Yes-Man".