Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SAPP leaves BN

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It has finally happened - the Sabah Progressive Party has pulled out from the BN, saying it has had enough of the BN policies and decisions. The SAPP has turned independent but there can be denying that the SAPP is backing Pakatan Rakyat. With the SAPP pulling out from the BN, it has lost two MPs. It waits to be seen if any Sabah MPs would join the "third force" which SAPP chief Yong Teck Lee has been talking about. The SAPP action is surely a boost to the Pakatan Rakyat.
The move has exerted further pressure on the BN leadership, particularly with some BN component parties becoming more vocal, with their objections against the use of ISA. The MCA has openly called for the release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Teresa Kok while Gerakan wants the ISA repealed. The sentiment, it is understood, was voiced by MCA ministers at the Cabinet meeting today.


NewChief said...

sapp was forced to leave bcs bn can't decide its status which was very simple. i'm proud of sapp leaving with dignity instead of being oust out with shame!!

bn's recent and continuous flip-flop decisions will make more components to leave - make no mistake about it!! all who don't leave only seeks personal gains and easy RM and the claims by them about caring for the rakyat is all lies lies lies!!!

rakyat suffered high costs and no bn mp comes out with a plan to help out the less-rich!! now is the best time to prove it by reducing petrol to RM2.05 per litre since world oil barrel has dropped from usd115.00 to usd92.00 NOW!!!

syabas to sapp for 'Pulling Out' & is 'Quitting' . syabas to zaid ibrahim for diassociating with the always 'wrong way' bn style .

Anonymous said...

Blogger Kickdefella picked up by police-- NST

Malaccan view said...

Heard Sheih,Kickdefella blogger been arrested by Police while ago,is that true?

Anonymous said...

Pandora box finally buka!!!

Anonymous said...

We are waiting for MCA and Gerakan to do the same. After all the insults from UMNO, how can MCA and Gerakan leaders and members even want to be partners with those bigots. We want MCA and Gerakan to leave BN and join Pakatan Rakyat to help usher in a new era of freedom, unity and hope for Malaysians. Dato Wong, do you know if the people in MCA are listening to the people they claim to represent?

amoker said...

Hurrah to Teck Lee and SAPP. Good decision. To MCA and Gerakan, sure that your talk is heard AND understood?

Anonymous said...


In the light of what happened to Raja Petra and Sheikh, I hope they don't brand you anti-National (or at least anti-BN) for posting the above. At this stage, you are not ready to suffer same ISA fate as the other two. Though you try vefry hard to steer a middle neutral path, their zero sum game perception is you are either for them or against them. In this case you are against them.They don't accept middle ground. Hope they don't strip you of your datukship because of what you posted.

The SAPP has opened the floodgates for all the others to follow. Now all those who intend to jump ship but waiting for someone to start the ball rolling need not wait any more. As Jeff Ooi said, the BN Titanic is already sinking with the SAPP being the first to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

Who is next in line?

Barisan is an unwieldy unatural (no, i dont mean sodomy) sructure slapped together in 1970s to solve the problems of the 70s and 80s.

We faced a different set of problems now. But we still have this coalition of communal political parties.

The UMNO arrogance that resulted from the overwhelming majority win in the 2004 election marked the starting of cracks in Barisan. The events after the 2008 election is accelerating the cracks - like an avalanche ?.

The anomaly that Barisan will have to end one day.

Anonymous said...

SAPP I take my hat off to you. You stood by your confidence with the PM. Will other component parties of BN follow suit. If MCA cannot change the mindset of UMNO from within, what good for a few leaders shouting from their blogs?
This is the 21st century, don't still behave as though you are in the 2oth.century. Time is ripe, for MCA to seriously consider what she stands for and who do they really represent.

Anonymous said...

do you really think that sapp left bn because of principle? dig deeper. it is because yong teck lee is personally unhappy with bn. just before nomination day, yong teck lee thought that he had a deal with sabah cm musa aman that his party will get the kota kinabalu and sandakan mp seats. his deal with musa aman was that he would whack chong kah kiat (the former ldp president) and in return he would get these two mp seats. that did not happen. and then after march 8 elections, yong teck lee lagi kecewa because he did not get any minister post. people if you really think yong teck lee is a hero, don't forget 1) he only thought of himself and not sabahans when he ditched pbs and then later became a rotated sabah chief minister and 2)when he was sabah cm did he really fight for sabahans rights? it is all politics for yong teck lee. he knows in bn his party's quota is 2 mps and four assemblymen. he is hoping to contest and win more seats when sapp is out of bn. in the end the rakyat get f....

Anonymous said...

There is a ground swell of MCA members who want MCA to pull out of BN. Unfortunately the leaders are not willing to do so, as they are thinking of their own minister and deputy minister positions,who are unfortunately really puppet positions. I hope the MCA leaders take heed of the call of the people to leave BN and forge an alliance with Pakatan Rakyat to bring positive changes to Malaysia. Do not go down in history as being a collaborator to suppress the people's freedom and justice. If the partnership with UMNO has gone bad, and differences is irreconcilable, please part ways. The window of opportunity is very narrow. Please do it now.

Anonymous said...

Dato Wong, you need to watch your ass. Your blog may be very tame in comparison with many others. But since you are the head honcho of STAR, the tolerance level shown to you by the gomen will be lower. Since they cannot win by debate and reasoning, they are resorting to the cavemen method. You have a big family to feed and would not want to be in Kamunting. Your best role is to tell the MCA dudes exactly what the people want them to do: Support PR, and stop undermining PR's efforts!

Anonymous said...

Watch it baby!
He has the PM-ship.
He has the Army.
He has the ISA.
He has the OSA.
He has the SA (Sediton Act).
He has the deputy by the balls.
He has got the power, dude!
And "uncle" is coming to get you fellas who have been a "nuisance" to him.

Anonymous said...

All members of MCA is currently busy jostling for highest dry ground in the sinking ship, where got time to think about repairing the gaping hole? Jangan angan angan lah.......

Anonymous said...

SAPP,make right choice leaving Barisan govt.All this while govt polies are not correct.Hope MCA N GERAKAN THINK IT OVER.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Tan and Jimmy Wong are big disappointments. They are willing to sell out the people's interest just so that they can keep their positions as deputy CM and political secretary respectively. They don't represent the people of Sabah. They represent themselves.

Unknown said...

Before 916: Political foreplay in action

916....... "A Political Arousal which failed to climax".

917...Political Arousal still going on.

918...Political Climax ?????

Anonymous said...

In my opinion SAPP should not remain an independent party. If Dato Yong Teck Lee really wants to reduce the present political uncertainty, he should team up with PR. Making his first move to leave BN is correct. Staying independent, incorrect. What can SAPP do as an independent. Ya, they can make some noise and be heard but what else??

Bear in mind his decision to pull out from BN was not unanimous. If a splinter party is set up, he will lose more ground and eventually, SAPP will be not so be relevant anymore.

The reality is you can only be strong if you belong in a bigger group. For years PAS & DAP tried doing things on their own but their success rate were not that high. So SAPP should not be stand alone. Otherwise, the party will disintegrate over time...and will lose it's influence in Sabah.

If Malaysia matters so much to you for you to make this big sacrifice to leave BN, then Dato Yong, take it one step further by teaming up with PR and go all the way to wrestle the power over. 916 is seen by many as a hope for change. So for those who propogates change, walk your talk please because after this week, SAPP leaving BN will not be a hot topic anymore. SAPP must make itself relevant in order to make an impact. So what's next SAPP??

Anonymous said...


Thank for supporting SAPP pulling out of BN. Actually we in BN, especially in UMNO welcome the move.

At least Datuk Yong realized that he is no "here no there" in BN. Malay proverb says:-

"Melukut di tepi gantang-"

Well in response to your sermon to MCA and Gerakan to leave BN, well they should know also that, their MPs and Adun inclusive of the seat hold by Datuk Sri Ong Ka Ting were through the support of the malays-in rural areas. (Kampung folks). Common sense alone will tell that , they will remain in Barisan. Only the outgoing President-Ong Ka Ting is trying to look as a hero now to cover up his error in leadership. Same goes to Gerakan President.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Chun Wai

It about time that we shed the old and RENEW MALAYSIA

You should get a POLL and Ask the Man in the Streets throughtout Malaysia on how tghe feel.

I feel whats relevant is, do the Govt realise that they have wronged these individuals and should come out clean and let them off.

I'm certain MCA, GERAKAN N MIC are sounding off what PR has said but are they doing it because of ELECTION YEAR?

If these political parties dont agree than they should walk out and sit on the other side ie Opposition without joining PR.... boleh kan, kalau sincere la tu. Jangan asyik tembak tembak tapi taaarrrrraaaaak ada bullet ke ke ke


Anonymous said...

Well, the chief of SAPP has a record of hopping a few times in the past. The "excitement" factor is 3 on the scale of 10. He is a hot potato BN is more than happy to get rid of. Anyway it only comes with 2 MP but interesting to see whether this small trickle will develop into a big gush.

Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Right after SAPP left BN, the Bukit Bendera Umno appealed to the UMNO Supreme Council to retract Ahmad Ismail’s suspension, and said that they still support and look up Ahmad as their leader and even appoint this fella as their advisor? If I am a member of SAPP and if the party had not pulled out of BN, I would have resigned myself.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan members want Gerakan to pull out from BN. But thanks to the chicken KTK, Gerakan still hang around BN to be used as a punching bag by UMNO. Really shameful. I suggest that either Gerakan pull out of BN or the Gerakan members all resgin from Gerakan and let KTK lead an empty shell.

Anonymous said...

I respect your guts, Yong Teck Lee. But you must also realise now that you are on UMNO's Bad Boys list! And you are now a threat to the national security! So you better watch what you say, and watch your behind too, otherwise they may put you in lockup under ISA, or Seditions Act, or Race Relations Act, or whichever Act fits the bill. But thank you for leaving BN! We wish the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest of the jing bang in East Malaysia all have the same courage and integrity as you!

Anonymous said...

SAPP, hope you will consider joining Pakatan Rakyat so that we can all be in one big family. Uncle Yong pls don't let us down. Our hope are resting on you too.

Anonymous said...

Hashim Haris, stop thinking that Malays are represented by UMNO. Actually the majority of Malays support Pakatan Rakyat, and UMNO won only due to the geomeanering and postal votes, and also due to stupid MCA and Gerakan sticking with UMNO. UMNO represents the cronies of the elite Malays. I am Malay, and I don't support UMNO, but I am a PKR supporter. So please stop playing the racial card. It is out of date because the ordinary (majority) of Malays have woken up to the plundering done by their own kind. UMNO should be shameful of its track record.

Datuk Naim Mohamad said...

Barisan Nasional (BN) should accept individuals to become direct members of the organization. As in the case of BN’s predecessor the ALLIANCE or PERIKATAN where if I am not mistaken had direct members ADMO (Alliance Direct Membership Organisation).

This will allow voters who do not want to be members of anyone of its coalition partners be direct members of Barisan Nasional. In this way their representation is counted because they believe in the National Front’s (BN) objective.

Other members through their parties will continue to form the coalition partners and the coalition will be managed by the present BN Supreme Council system.

In the case of SAPP members who had resigned from their party who no longer wants to be a partner of the BN coalition, these members can be direct members of Barisan Nasional and thus their representatives who had won on the Barisan Nasional ticket can continue to serve the Barisan Nasional Government as per the wish of their voters.

This is one way of avoiding unnecessary and expensive by elections if in the near future any coalition partner wishes to withdraw from the Barisan Nasional. If the party so chose to discontinue from the coalition, the elected representatives who had won on the Barisan National ticket can opt to be a direct member of Barisan Nasional and rightly continue to serve his or her constituency. If he or she wishes to follow the party out of Barisan Nasional then rightly a by election should be called to let the voters decide on the future of the representation.

It is a crime to deceive the voters when one stands in the election on one ticket and along the way to change to another ticket for personal or other reasons. The voters should be given the priviledge and the right to decide on their representation of the elected members platform, ticket or party. It’s the voters who decide to vote on the ticket and if the ticket holder wants to change, he or she should give it back to the voters to decide.

The Barisan Nasional Direct Membership Organization will be a good transition vehicle for a One Malaysia Concept Party to move Malaysia ahead after 2020.

As of the present, Barisan Nasional will consists of its coalition partners and the direct membership organization. The Barisan Nasional supreme council in the meantime can appoint three members from the Direct Membership Organization to represent their views in the Supreme Council until such a time when the Direct Membership Organization representatives can be chosen from their own meetings or Congress.

This will be an alternative political membership forum where individuals who are not accepted by Coalition Partners Parties and or who are not wanting to be part of the Coalition Partners Parties due to its objectives or beliefs can be a member of the Barisan Nasional.

A condition for Direct Membership will be that the applicant must be a registered voter. Non voters should not be accepted as the Barisan Nasional Direct Member.

Until a time when the number of Direct Members achieve a figure exceeding at least 50% of Malaysian voters, then the Sopreme Council should review to look at the structure of Barisan Nasional to register of formulate it as a poltical party of the future.

Sincerely yours,

Naim Mohamad
I/C No: 540525-04-5023

Anonymous said...

Naim Mohamad speaks like BN is the only thing under the sun,and willbe governing Malaysia forever. Don't assume BN is going to run Malaysia perpetually.It may get thrown out eventually. Also don't assume that anybody who quits a BN component party wants to remain with BN.

Anonymous said...

Pengasas SAPP keluar parti

KOTA KINABALU 23 Sept. - Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) menerima tamparan hebat apabila seorang pengasas parti itu, Datuk Tham Nyip Shen mengumumkan keluar parti hari ini.

Beliau yang juga bekas Timbalan Ketua Menteri dan Pengerusi Institut Progresif Analisis Polisi Awam (PIPPA) iaitu badan pemikir SAPP memberitahu, mengambil tindakan tersebut kerana tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan majlis tertinggi parti itu untuk keluar daripada Barisan Nasional (BN).

Katanya, berikutan keputusan SAPP itu juga, beliau telah menghantar surat meletak jawatan sebagai Penasihat Sains dan Teknologi kepada Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

”Saya telah menyerahkan surat keluar daripada SAPP kepada Presiden parti, Datuk Yong Teck Lee pada 18 September lalu iaitu sehari selepas majlis tertinggi parti membuat keputusan.

”Saya tetap dengan pendirian bahawa SAPP mampu memainkan peranan lebih baik bagi membela rakyat dengan berada dalam kerajaan BN yang memerintah hari ini,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Nyip Shen yang juga Ketua Biro Sains dan Teknologi Maklumat SAPP berkata, meskipun BN tidak mempunyai majoriti dua pertiga di Parlimen, namun ia bukan penghalang kepada kerajaan melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab.

”Saya berasa cukup terkilan dengan keputusan keluar daripada BN,” katanya yang mengasaskan SAPP bersama Teck Lee semasa parti itu keluar daripada Parti Bersatu Sabah pada 1994.

Menurutnya, beliau ada menasihatkan Teck Lee sebelum keputusan majlis tertinggi pada 17 September lalu tetapi jelas pendirian SAPP bertentangan dengan semangat BN.

Menjawab sama ada akan menyertai mana-mana parti, Nyip Sen berkata, pada masa ini beliau belum memutuskan mengenai perkara itu.-Utusan