Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Armed and dangerous in Bangkok

IT'S not a very good time to be in Bangkok. The government has declared a state of emergency following violent clashes between pro and anti government supporters. The street fights have left one dead and many more injured. Many roads have been blocked and literally taken over by the protestors. Pictures coming in from Bangkok have showed angry protesters walking around with parangs. Thousands of protestors who occupied the compund of the Prime Minister's Office have refused to leave as pressure is being mounted for Samak Sundaravej to quit. The defiant PM has insisted he has done nothing wrong and that he won't resign as he has been legally elected by the people. But his aggressive nature has not helped cool down the political temperature in Thailand. No one is sure how the army intends to clear the protestors off the streets but the worse has yet to come. The messages coming in from Bangkok is that no one is ruling out a military take-over if the violence continues.

Click on visual for photo gallery posted on Star Online.


Anonymous said...

To the thais rioting,street protest and overthrowing elected government are as common as changing underwear.
No big deal!!

Anonymous said...

See the similiarity??? Ours are equally stubborn and saying the same rubbish and more..."legally erected, oops.. i mean, elected by the people. Only short of 8 seats to be 2/3 majority, yadda, yadda, yadda..."

Nah! like that la.. ours keep sitting there looking pretty and soon, we will all be seeing the same "Made in Bangkok" scenario here! Can someone please tell that good for nothing, hopeless piece of dumb ass to resign as PM?? Can someone please tell him to have some dignity and pride like that Japanese PM.. resign when you cannot do the job!!!

Ahmad A Talib said...

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Anonymous said...

lolz....no nid say to much la....support the new goverment leader by annuar our life will be wonderful and better..