Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sept 16, Sept 23 and now Oct 1

First, Malaysians were told that the plan to topple the Barisan Nasional government would take place on Sept 16, that the plan was on track and that enough BN MPs had defected. Then, we were told that the list had been drawn up. But that time would be given to the Prime Minister to hand over power peacefully, a transition of sort. A new date - Sept 23 - was then fixed for an emergency parliamentary meeting to be held. Predictably, the PM gave Anwar Ibrahim the snub. Now, Tian Chua has announced Oct 1 as the new date for for the formation of a new government, saying the Pakatan Rakyat wanted to have a round of negotiation with the PM. Seriously, Pakatan Rakyat cannot keep on fixing new dates if it is serious with the question of credibility. Already a few Pakatan Rakyat MPs, those from outside PKR, have privately expressed their unhappiness with these date settings. They have grumbled if this continues, it would prove what the BN has been saying - that the Pakatan Rakyat has been lying to Malaysians including its supporters all this while, something the opposition do not need as all they have to do is to continue with their campaign or just sit still and do nothing, as the BN continues shooting itself in the foot with more unpopular decisions and in-fighting. So how many more dates will we be hearing?


Anonymous said...

People are tired, Anwar! Well said, Datuk

Anonymous said...

Anwar no more credibility left? Now have to change spokesperson to Tian Chua? Disgrace..

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Oct 1 : And finally the prolonged political arousal which will lead to a CLIMAX. Or will it ????

Anonymous said...


Pakatan Rakyat have squandered the faith that the rakyat put in them. Instead of concentrating on governance in the 5 states, they went on and on about crossovers.

This wasnt supposed to be the script of a two-party system.

-Wei Chin

Anonymous said...

A BIG change needs meticulous timing and deliberations unlike government's many fast and furious decisions. The change is so BIG leaves dates unimportant. It doesn't really matter except the change of government. Release RPK and others and review ISA NOW!

Anonymous said...

Yup, I agree with your comments. It's not good strategy to keep on changing the goal post and updating your competitor/enemy on each move you make. Better for PR to be quiet for awhile and let BN/UMNO do its own damage.

Ordinary Joe

BlueMoon said...

This is the best of PKR in action. Their leaders will continue to deceive and diddle the very people who'd voted them into power. And yet they don't feel guilty about it, let alone remorseful. In case they are running short numbers to form a date, may I suggest that they visit a statue in Bukit Martajam which was reportedly yesterday famous with punters.

Vesu said...


Anonymous said...

I will wait another 51 years or however long it takes to throw BN out. Let's face it, BN has not been doing its job either, and now we are seeing a rampant abuse of ISA.

If an election is called today my vote will go to PR.

Choosing the lesser evil between the two, PR it is!

Anonymous said...

tian chua... i know u have much greed to be in power.. but please respect aidilfitri.. Muslims want to celebrate end of Ramadhan, a month that brought muslims closer to Allah. 1st of October is hari raya, and it is not to be a propaganda for PKR to topple the government. Tian Chua please have some respect to the muslim majority. The only reason i'm being nice with my comment is because i'm fasting and observing ramadhan.

Hey if today is not ramadhan, i can't imagine what kind of language i will use against your latest date of toppling the government. Having said that, I didn't meant to curse or use foul words..

Maybe just stronger and more vocal to say my dissappoinment with PR which is soooo greedy and can't wait to be in power.

The only thing i observed during this holy ramadhan were the spreads of lies (by anwar, tian chua and the geng) and rumours, misleading smss which tainted the holy month of ramadhan.

Tian Chua, Saifuddin, Anwar, PKR.. STOP IT..

Anonymous said...

come off it! So fast already tired-ah? What the heck are all these comments??? You all have given UMNO/BN 50 years, wait a little longer-lah. You think to undo 50 years of corruption and deceit takes six months, a year, 2 years... come off it! Be mature, will you all???? I am still for DSAI FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!! PERIOD!

Anonymous said...


I see you are always very sceptical about Anwar and PKR. I wonder if you still be sceptical if PKR actually forms the Federal Government. I wonder what you will say then? I hope you are not saying what you are saying because of your paymasters the Star and the MCA.

Chan said...

The credibility of Anwar is left with nothing!! All his effort were merely led to disappointment.

Anonymous said...

So many gullible malaysians still thinking the imminent Pakatan takeover is not real!

Anonymous said...

Anwar is a charlatan, yet again he has lied to all Malaysians. And the worst part is people actually believes his lies. Why such reverence? are we that desperate to install such an undemocratic politician? Gow can u support a PM that bought over MP's to crossover? Its sick and appaling.


mynakednews said...

I at first do not believe from the beginning that Pakatan Rakyat will be able to do it. But the actions and panicking of BN leaders made sure to me and fellow Malaysians that Anwar is really on the course. Never mind, it can be 916, 1016, 1116, 1216. We are willing to wait. Remember it is first time in the history of Malaysia and credit has to be given to ANWAR for not rushing to it. Poker game is going on. UMNO's arrogance must come to an end. You should know better Wong, being MCA man.

johnny cheah said...

Aiyoh! Malaysians do be patience. Such things take time. Don't forget the BN/UMNO government sent 50 MP to Taiwan. After they finished their whatever work in Taiwan, some came back and some went on holidays to other countries. So you can see, this strategy by the BN/UMNO government did do something to delay the takeover. We have been ruled by the BN/UMNO government for 51 years already. If you feel the Pakatan people can govern the country better, THEN BE PATIENCE!

NewChief said...

another date again!!!???

comeon-lah PK. don't play sand sand anymore or give promises ..u ppl look more like bn ppl already and i now start to have doubts on your capacity to rule malaysia to a NEW DAWN !!!

can i safely say that if DSAI is sent to jail (for no reason or ridiculous reason just like the pitiful RPK) , will that mark the end of pk for malaysia?? if there's no successor , pk will fall & if that is so, that's what i fear for ALL!!

anyhow, i'm still banging on that hope of a NEW DAWN either from u or even najib!! pls push making PK a reality for malaysia without giving us false hopes but delightful surprises.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, What do you expect Pakatan to do ? Just walk in,claim Putrajaya and kick out Badawi and BN ? There are procedures to be followed my friend. When first Anwar wanted to meet the PM with his list, Badawi refused. When Anwar asked him to convene Parliament to prove his strength on the floor Badawi again chickened out. The options Anwar suggested were the right ones. Giving out the names of all the BN defectors in public is not the way to do it. Do you honestly think that the defecting MP's would be left alone in view of the events of the last few weeks, the trip to Taiwan, the ISA arrests etc. In the beginning I was against the idea of Pakatan forming a government with defecting MP's. But this is a vindictive and vile administration that must go. NOW !

Anonymous said...

dont just blame PRK, blame Badawi, he could just agree to the special session and expose anwar as liar, and end the uncertainty.

why didnt he?

meenu malsyam said...

Not easy to take over a govt in power for so long. But we do live in an era where change is possible and expected. There are bound to be hiccups but I for one, do not mind the wait.

For my community, as long as Hindraf 5 remain behind bars and now RPK, I say change is indeed timely!

Niuku said...

I think Anwar/PR is right to select the symbolic date 916 as it is a very important historical date when our country Malaysia (not MALAYA) was formed.

A slight slip of date for a new Government to be formed is totally accepatable as we are talking of a pretty big project and a big change. We Malaysians also have ourselves to blame as thus far, we had yet have any experience in changing a Government.

For an advanced country, government comes and goes. And for our country to progress further, we Malaysians must realise our full power. Just like our lives, the fate of our country is within our control. Together, we can change it.

When Anwar/PR's plan is finally realised, I think we will then truly have a New Malaysia. That also will bring a new meaning to the symbolic date of 916 where all Malaysians will be treated fairly and resources of our country will be used to benefit all and NOT only selected few warlords.

Bentoh said...

I looks like Tian Chua is now the PKR chairperson? I'm tired of it... I remember the night of 15th September, Tian Chua put up a blog entry saying 916 was on the track... and then just less than 24 hours later, the mother of all press conference by his party leader was proven to be a lackluster...

16 Sep, 23 Sep, 1 Oct... by 1 Oct it will be 9 Oct... and so on and so forth... until 2012/2013 the next GE...

If things happen in such rate, I'm not sure by then I'll vote for PR already...

Anonymous said...

For those who know Anwar will know his charater; if he has enough MPs in hand, he will knock Prime Minister Door at 12 midnight.

Where got waiting for suitable date?

If he can wait, you think his alliances can wait? especially the crossover MP?

If I was the MP who decided to join Pakatan Rakyat, you think I will let Anwar to hold my balls (holding the name list) and waiting for the date by date?

KTemoc said...

Don't blame PR coz it's Anwar and Anwar alone who, propelled by his burning obsession to become the PM he should/would have been 10 years ago if not for his impatience and disloyalty (of coz he doesn't see it this way), is propelling himself in reckless fashion to wrest the No 1 position from AAB by whatever means (inclusive of bluff and lots of crazed hopes), even as his credibility is peeled off shred by shred until he stands naked in front of the nation as nothing more than a self-possessed, vain, and very selfish person.

Alas, he has the mesmerizing ability to convince the other PR leaders of his rightful action to an extent that even level-headed Lim Kit Siang has begun to rationalize that party defection is a norm in democracy. Such is the dangerous power of Anwar to convince and convert.

Unknown said...

C'mon, you guys think changing govt is as simple as shifting house? Don't you see that the delay of the govt takeover is due to some technical hiccups in the process? Surprisingly, even a political newsman like WCW can't see it. Don't write PKR off just yet. Give it some time and space. You'll be even more surprised to find out later that you are one of those not so smart-asses around after all.

Anonymous said...

Good say! If anwar can't do it, then he shouldn't have given the dates! Shame on PKR!

Anonymous said...

As regards to what have been mentioned by KTemoc, I quote"
Don't blame PR coz it's Anwar and Anwar alone who, propelled by his burning obsession to become the PM he should/would have been 10 years ago if not for his impatience and disloyalty (of coz he doesn't see it this way), is propelling himself in reckless fashion to wrest the No 1 position from AAB by whatever means (inclusive of bluff and lots of crazed hopes), even as his credibility is peeled off shred by shred until he stands naked in front of the nation as nothing more than a self-possessed, vain, and very selfish person."

I sincerely felt that there is nothing wrong for Anwar to pursue his course or dream of being the PM. Anyway, he's enroute to becoming the PM 10 years ago. If he's following the line.

Honestly, I have never subscribed to high moral grounds of waiting till GE13

Malaysian political history has proven otherwise. Starting with Terengganu in 1959.Plus the fact that federal government would always finds ways and means of squeezing those opposition controlled state government into kowtowing. It happened before. It would happen again

The process of takeover must take place. The question is when and how to do it in a way without BN resulting in

1) ISA detention for all opposition MPs

2) Emergency rule

3) Military coup d'etat ala Thailand. (Forcing out Thaksin - popularly elected PM)

Hence, I believe what's happening now is psychological game plan between BN and Pakatan. Unfortunately, some of you might have fallen into BN's psychological trap

Anyway, I have faith in the changing of the government. I have no qualms about crossover of MPs. There is no morality to talk about since BN has been doing it. Heck, just have patient and wait.

Dear Wong,
Sincerely, I hope that you would not give us sublime messages that status quo is always the better. You must accept change is inevitable and imminient. Do get use to it.


Anonymous said...

Be patient guys.

Some people still think toppling a 50yr old govt is as easy as changing clothes. Wish it were!

A lot of care and meticulous planning is needed even if you have the numbers.

So many factors have to be considered - adherence to the Constitution, the racial composition of the new govt, the support from army, civil service etc.- to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition.

The last thing we need is a bloodbath due to hasty move to form the next govt.

You have to be strategic and wait for the right time. Such is its complexities. One wrong move and you lose everything!!!

So do give DSAI a chance.

amoker said...

Aisay, as long as at the end of the day .. UMNO is brought down to its humility la.

While the media spins on this on the morality of crossing over, what happen to this Raymond Tan of .. party dunno. AAB already said that SAPP is useless and irritant and Raymond still have the skin to stick around? Isn't that a crossover as well? hoho