Friday, September 26, 2008

Game over for Pak Lah

It looks like it's all over for the Prime Minister. The bottom line, following the Umno supreme council meeting today, is that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would exit from his post much earlier than 2010. It would appear that he would step down by March next year. How it would be done isn't clear but it is only proper that Abdullah be accorded the dignity and respect in carrying out his plan. Don't forget he is still the PM. No dates have been given and no one is talking about taking over positions. A face saving plan is now in progress. There is no question that the sentiments on the group have been strong over the past months. The decision reached at today's meeting has been unusually swift. It started at 10am but before noon, news had leaked out from the meeting on the outcome. Najib Tun Razak is now set to take over the party and government leadership. The next six months would be absolutely crucial for Najib. He has to accord the highest respect for Pak Lah, appease the supporters of the PM who must felt the carpet being pulled underneath and see a smooth leadership transition being carried out. He also do not want to see snipe shots being fired against him by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who has been outflanked in the whole exercise. More importantly, Najib now has to restore public confidence for Umno and Barisan Nasional. Will Malaysians seen a serious, if not radical, renewal in the image and policies of Umno, or will we see more of the same things, which would be disastrous for Umno. Malaysians are demanding changes in government and unless Umno can respond to these calls, even to acknowledge these voices, then Najib would have a tough time ahead. It can be business as usual following the March 8 elections. Umno cannot continue the same way. Najib has the best position to bring changes from now. Politically, it is to his advantage to introduce popular reforms and do away with unpopular legislations. He has to show that BN can do better than Pakatan Rakyat. He has four years to fix things and the clock is ticking away fast.


Anonymous said...

God Help Us.
There is no way Najib can restore confidence. For a start, he is part of the problem. And secondly, due to the controversy surrounding him, his enemies in UMNO will have plenty of ammunition to attack him.
We will not be surprised if the PM's supporters start to attack Najib now to prevent him from becoming PM. Will we see more "leaked info" fromUMNO regarding Najib

BlueMoon said...

Bro. Wong, I'm still doubtful whether or not Najib can reverse the rot. He has some serious image problem to overcome. Even though he has sweared before the god, but, Anwar has managed to neutralise this using his now famouus oratoric Machiavellian skill. Judging from recent bi-election in Permatang Pauh, Najib seems so vulnerable especially to Anwar. If Najib is not careful then things could get from bad to worst. One requirement for the next PM is this person must know how to deal with Anwar, and, at the same time please the rakyat. Unfortunately there is no figure within UMNO's rank who has this quality.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Come, let's play a new game
Whereby you win, yet I gain
Forget the label of duck lame
Since I travel on fast exit lane

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260908
Fri. 26th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Makes no difference whether we have Najib or Badawi as PM as UMNO's policies will still be the same - downright racist! Majority of Malaysians don't wan't the game to be over for Pak Lah only, but for UMNO as well. We are already tired of 50 years of UMNO racist politics and time the people need a change by voting in Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. Let UMNO/BN go into opposition for a while. Maybe their eyes will be open, and UMNO will transform itself into a Malaysian organisation, if it is really serious about reform. Then it can compete with PR on a multi-racial basis.Malaysians want a 2-party system not a one party dictatorship like UMNO with MCA, MIC and Gerakan to provide window dressing. The people spoke this out loud and clear in the last GE on 8 Mar and Permatang Pauh by-election 26 Aug. But Pak Lah, Najib and UMNO don't seem to care. So it is logical that we, the people make the game over for them, i.e UMNO and BN.

Anonymous said...

Restore confidence? God forbids, WCW.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Anwar over Najib, is a much preferable option.

Anonymous said...

Do not write PM off yet. You never know that all the surprises and under the sleeve political manuever that he is going to pull out that may put some of his disloyal party members and the hypocrites within UMNO supreme council in disarray and in trouble.
Just wait who will take the initiative and make the preemtive strike? Pak lah. Najib or ANwar?. May be after Hari Raya?

Vesu said...

well said. Najib has to prove that BN can serve better than PR. we are going to have 2 party system and both but especially BN must fairplay -as Federal and state government relationship is crucial.
Poor Najib ; he has to undo so many things in UMNO and also his allies in MCA.MIC and Gerakan are now at a very low morale. by the time they wake up to crawl...the next election will be there and PR will win by 2/3 majority. God willing

Anonymous said...

It is twilight time for Abdullah, leave gracefully, if your party UMNO no longer enjoy confidence in you.
Sadly, Malaysia will not be better off with Najib...too many skeletons in his cupboard!
Malaysian politics need a complete overhauling. Old type of politics based on race and self interests, no longer, have a place in our political arena.
It is obvious, the rakyat dman a change and Nijib with his old mindset, will not deliver.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia cannot survive in its present status quo for one day more. By march the landscape will be so different and thankfully Najib will be leader of a defunct UMNO

I think Badawi has been a dismal failure, so why the deference? but Najib has too much baggage for him to lead or even stay as a desireable human being.

DR SURESH said...

What difference does it going to make if Pak lah,Najib or even Muhyiddin going to be the PM?All these people will be subscribing to the same attritioned `divide and rule policy.Institutionalized racism will be reinforced infact, to win those malay hearts who had slanted towards PKR.A change of govt is imminent now.At this point in time,I still have my doubts as to wether Anwar can deliver or not,nevertheless I will give him the benefit of my doubt.If Anwar comes to power,he will have one term to prove himself,eventhough he may not be able to achieve most of what he promised,at least if he can convince the rakyat that he and PKR is on the right track,I am sure the rakyat will give them the mandate to rule for another term.

Meanwhile BN will also have enough time to learn and redeem themselves.Therefore it will be a win-win situation for the rakyat.I believe the rakyat stood to gain in many ways with a change in the ruling party,than anything else.

Exchanging portfolios between the PM and the DPM,setting dates after dates for transition of power between them are nothing but merely trying to hoodwink the public to achieve their selfish motives to stay in power and rot the nation further.

May god save the nation.

Anonymous said...

KU Li wants to go for number 1? Aiya, don't dream of it, Ku Li!
KU Li has got no minister position now to throw contracts around to get support. So how to get nominated? That's UMNO style. No contracts no talk. maybe KuLI should consider joining PR.

Anonymous said...

So what are you saying BLUEMOON?? Earlier u said overthrowing the Govt is not right. Then Najib is the wrong candidate. Then no one is UMNO fits the bill. So u want to ask Pak Lah to stay on izzit but u already said the the situation is now a rot??

Pusing sini pusing situ. I think next time u want to write u better be clear lah. U r only good at inciting people with your claims on Teresa and etc etc. So what's your stand on molotov cocktails being thrown at her?? U know what BLUEMOON, why don't u come up with your own blog. I am waiting to see your thoughts more and comment on it! Next time, tulis baik2. Don't write to mencabar!!

Anonymous said...

FREE RPK Pak lah sebelum awak resign. Saya pasti ramai yg akan menyokong tindakan awak ini.

Saudara Wong, saya rasa message ini perlu disalurkan kepada YAB PM kita secept mungkin memandangkan keyakinan rakyat and rakan sekerja beliau semakin merosot sejak kebelakangan ini.


Anonymous said...

Abdullah's exit wont change anything. that is what we can see. there will be still the same politicking, the same tit for tat racial slings. this country needs a major change and race issue seems to be its major enemy. somehow some malaysians dont want to believe that any one race's collapse will mean a malaysia deeper in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Why just stop of having someone from UMNO to "handle" Anwar? Might as well give Anwar the key. You never have enough of BN/UMNO, haven't you?

Dr Suresh,
With the kinda of rot/shit happening in malaysia, No thanks to 51 years of BN/UMNO rule, one term is too short. I think it should be at least 2 terms. The British has given Tony Blair 2 terms for PMship. We should do that
By the way, if one term is enough, why don't you try. As for Abdullah, no excuse! UMNO's in power for 51 years and not 7 months


P.S :-> Dear Chun Wai, "looes74"'s my name. Plus "74" the year of my birth. Me transparent one.

Anonymous said...

In the event that this really is game over, the PM should have the decency to free RPK and the Hindraf boys and wash his hands off this blatant injustice which has come to soil his adminstration.

If Najib wants to reimpose the ISA on them, then it will be his perogative as the new PM and will weight on his (Najib's) administration.