Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calls to end the ISA grow louder

The chorus to abolish the ISA has become louder over the past 48 hours. It is not there to protect us, let us not bluff ourselves or be bluffed. It must end because it is no longer relevant. So should the laws requiring a permit to start a newspaper or magazine. These are laws which have become outdated and are no longer applicable if Malaysia is to be a progressive nation. There are enough existing laws to stop politicians, journalists and the public who incite racial tension such as the Sedition Act. Use them to arrest the culprits. There should be no double standards in enforcing these laws if the government wishes to be respected. De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim has spoken, so will there be many more in the days to come? It would not be easy for reformists like him who have stuck their necks out. He deserves our salute for speaking up. Malaysians are asking loudly whether the ISA itself has become a threat to the rule of law and our civil liberties.


Anonymous said...

It has been grossly misused...and I think Malaysians have had it enough. If this is how ISA is to be implemented, it is then no longer relevant in today's society. Wong, I hope more prominent poticians and writers like you will stick your necks out.

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim, I salute you.
You have today set an example and a new standard for all our leaders to follow. With a statesman like you, there is yet hope for our country.

Anonymous said...


Finally, when you know the current Govt is using an evil tool, we must all speak up against it!

Mango said...

Zaid Ibrahim have spoken correctly, ISA is for terrorists, communists etc and it is not a political tool. In the right hands, it can be used effectively and correctly.Unfortunately, this time it has been abused openly and the inconsistent remarks by Syed Hamid confirmed that it has been used wrongly. If we have leaders who can 'abuse' such Act, what future do we have for this country under Badawi?
This latest episode just increased the will and wishes of the rakyat for 916 to come true.
They better be prepared to be "ISA" to protect themselves from the rakyat soon.

BareSheen said...

Chun Wai, thank you.

It is time that we banish fear and suspicion from this country. All races have matured and we should be promoting brotherliness, confidence, dialouge (even aggresive ones so long as it is civil) instead.

High time ALL editors speak out to demand the abolishing of this despicable Act.

shankar~selina said...

Like the ISA the Barisan is also becoming irrelevant. I am glad I have left the nation I was born in. Look at our elections ( USA ). I attended the democratic rally yesterday. Did not require some silly permit and news was not suppressed on the media. Instead of calling names, USA this and that Malaysia need to learn a lot.
Malaysians are not fools and this, the government should realize now. The home minister's explanation was laughable.
On another note Mr.Wong, why is Star using the word "alleged" when it was not relevant...

Anonymous said...

Let me share some clippings (taken from The Star) with you guys.

PEKAN: Muslims must be fair to all races in accordance with the teachings of Islam, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
“In this holy month of Ramadan, we must continue to do more good and charitable deeds to gain worldly merits and in the thereafter,” he said in his speech...

In a separate clipping...

Syed Hamid Albar indicated that Umno had already punished Ahmad Ismail by suspending him for three years and stripping him of his party posts therefore he is spared from ISA for making racist remarks, in contrast with the cases of Tan, Teresa and RPK.

1)Excuse me while I puke my guts out.. oh wait, my anger and disgust for the hypocrisy of the no-brainer coalition still remain...

Don't even use the word Ramadan, it's like tainting mother teresa with shits on her face.

If BN have a sense of duty so that it regains whatsoever pathetic morsels of respect and faith from a nation that has been screwed for past 50 years, I would say there is no better time than now to move your ass and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Datuk Zaid is a man of moral courage and strength. This country would be a better place if there were more people like him, Teresa Kok, Tan Hoo Cheng and you yourself, Mr Wong! The only way for Malaysia to be strong again is to do things right, in an uncorrupted manner, in the best interest of all races irrespective of race, religion and colour.There is still hope.....

Unknown said...

Good evening Datuk,

Yes, we should salute Zaid Ibrahim and JIM for standing up for what is right and their call to abolish ISA.

romerz said...

Do not resign Datuk Zaid.

Anonymous said...

Just back home from CLV at Bogger House at Damansara KL. Almost 100 ppl participated despite of the rain and short notice.

Jom lakukan HARTAL untuk selamatkan negara tercinta ini.


Let's do HARTAL for our beloved country.


jrajster said...

As journalist you could come firm on this. The journalist union could also call for emergency meeting something similar to BAR councils' to make known your collective stand on issues affecting press and public.

It's now or never, when it comes to public we shall not give in.

Anonymous said...

Please check harris Ibrahim’s site. Disturbing news, RPK in danger.

Ghifari X said...

Act of desperation cowardice and sheer ignoramus. Papa & Baby Doc Duvalie`, French and US tyrants reign poverty and fear on the Rakyat of Haiti for 4 1/2 decades.
That's until they flee seeking asylum with their ill-gotten wealth leaving the country in squalor divided and perpetually broken.
I fear this semblance and we ain't short of the mindset.
Free RP! Free Koh! you illiterate gluttonous coward.

Junah said...

The ISA is an abhorrent act which I would not wish on my worst enemy. Why not just charge them in court and bring everything out into the open. If they are found guilty than punish them by all means. What kind of justice is this where a person is incarcerated even before being found guilty. In the case of Teresa Kok it would appear from the various reports that this is a case of false allegations. So can I suppose that they arrested her to 'protect' her from the fanatics out there? Gee, why not 'protect' Khir Toyo too or the Utusan reporter for starting all the false allegations? Come on, the mosques concerned have come out to say that she is not involved in the 'azan' issue. Even the person who took up the petition in Bandar Kinrara has said the same thing. In the case of Raja Petra aren't there already a string or civil and criminal cases against him? Why not let the whole thing be resolved through the courts. In the case of the Sin Chew reporter I won't even comment because the reason given by our honourable Home Minister was so silly. Our Government has made us look stupid in the eyes of the world. Or don't they care at all? Maybe this is a case of Malaysia Boleh?

Anonymous said...

The leaders of MCA and Gerakan finally spoke out against the use of ISA on civilians,and that is encouraging. But at the same time it is disappointing that some of them only protested against the use of ISA on the journalist, but kept quiet on the detention of RPK and Teresa Kok. Does it mean that these Gerakan and MCA leaders support the use of ISA on opposition politicians? If in the event that Pakatan Rakyat actually came into power, would MCA and Gerakan leaders still support the use of ISA on politicians? Principles must stand irrespective of who is in power. MCA and Gerakan must make up their mind on the ISA issue.

BlueMoon said...

Bro Wong, This man was the first BN's politician to call Dato' Seri Muhyiddon Yassin to resign when this minister was merely asking PM to review his sucesssion plan. If Muhyiddin's act is un democratic then ISA is even worst. If Zaid truly believe in democracy then will he dare to ask both the PM and Internal Minister to resign?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Can all with ears hear the ISA call
Especially made by those with gall
For no more bouncing with ISA ball
Since it will bring about nation's fall

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150908
Mon. 15th Sept. 2008.

Robert Teh said...

Chun wai,

I have always had utmost admiration for Zaid Ibrahim - one of the few Barisan Nasional Ministers who are sincerely concerned about the well-being of the Nation and the Rakyat.

I salute you, Sir! Zaid Ibrahim, for your courage and conviction in fighting for your cause.

And Chun Wai, thanks for speaking up against the draconian and oppressive laws - the ISA and the Printing & Publishing Act. Many ordinary rakyat of this country appreciate your noble act of speaking up for them as they don't have the same position nor platform as you, to speak their minds and get a chance to be heard by the insensitive and heartless Government.

Repeal the ISA & the Printing & Publication Act. Please heed the calls of the commom rakyat.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

The Home Minister explained that the chinese reporter was detained under the ISA for her safety as the police has received news that her safety is being threatened .

Is it true that those in the print media industry who feels threatened or fear for their safety can now APPLY to be detained without trial under the ISA. In that way will their safety be guaranteed? Somebody please tell me.

Is this a new provision of the ISA?

All the while, I thought the ISA is only invoked against those who threatened national security.

The Home Minister explanation is indeed baffling.

It qualifies for entry into the Malaysian Guiness Book of Jokes Record.

Malaysia BOLEH!!!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Chief Editors of other newspapers should be bold enough to unite and call for the abolition of outdated laws like the ISA, Printing and Publication Act, and other outdated and draconian laws which are really unjust and not necessary for the industry.

There is really no need for such laws as there are other laws which are adequate to deal with those who break the law in the print media industry.

Anonymous said...

There must be a stop to all this. How can we accept such ridiculous explanation? There must be irrefutable and concrete evidence to take such drastic action. We are talking about imprisonment here. The Minister must be made answerable and responsible for this type of action. Are there laws to punish such abuse of power. Punishment must be by imprisonment. Not because we want him to taste his own medicine but to make known to all future ministers that wanton abuse of power is punishable by imprisonmnet.


Anonymous said...

i'll be frank. I was not a fan of yours as I believe you keep tip-toeing around the serious issues just to please the powers that be aka your paymasters. I think it is incredibly pathetic how the standard of the Star has fallen so drastically over the years - for myself (and for most people I know) the Star is only useful for its classifieds and for lining my cat's litter tray.

HOWEVER, I have just read your article "Punish not the messenger" and I must applaud you for finally saying what needs to be said. Kudos on that and I sincerely hope it's not going to be a one-off thing.

You must realise that you are in a position of tremendous power where you can contribute to much-needed social changes. Please stand up for what is right.

shankar~selina said...

Mr. Wong,

Don't know how old you were in 1969..
The Straits Times had a blank front page when the government started clamping would on the print media. ( that is all we had then ) Tells you something don't you think?
It is time for the media to act and if you don't, all is lost. They cannot send the whole country to ISA !!!


amoker said...

After reading your article at the Star on Sunday, I salute you too for being brave. That is indeed consistent with what the rakyat is feeling. Justice is ignored but for a few.

Since nobody knows who ordered the ISA ( like the MCMC case), Zaid can bring respect to this BN government by resigning. Another hantu gave the order and nobody wants to take responsibility. If ISA can be ordered by hantu, then it should not be there in the first place.

lanaibeach said...

The ISA sits
On the steep rock ready to fall
Holding it few remaining strings
Only a better of time
It will fall

The dark clouds try
Shading the curse of the light
And the wind getting angry
The soft breeze begin to blow

The dark clouds gather
Feverishly protecting ISA
Knowing it will fall any time
The final battle must be fought
Precariously shifting away

The corrupted leaders
Walking towards its haven
They don’t know yet
The timing is just perfect

The shifting gears
Slowly without notice
When the corrupted leaders walk in
The wind sings its final breezy tune

At the far corner
The pitying souls in custody
Broken planks and leaking roofs
Let them suffer in heat and rain
For their belief they suffer in silent
For the truth will let them free

In the night
The rumblings begin
ISA wakes up in fear
As it tilts precariously towards its doom
Deep in the valley of discarded demons
Burning it into pieces
For ISA will not rise up again

BlueMoon said...

Dato' Zaid resignation is an anti climax. I was hoping to see him asking the PM and HM to resign as he did to Mahyuddin. Unfortunately he dare not. No matter what Zaid has set a fine example. Regardless from UMNO, Gerakan, MCA and MIC, all BN ministers who're critical with the recent ISA saga should should emulate Zaid's move by resigning now.

CheeWee said...

Zaid is a man of principle.. no double standard here. How abt the editors in MSM? It's abt time o write the truth.. for a start, publish the kinrara residents' petition, the mosque committees that defended theresa.. if hands are tied, perhaps time to resign? then we will salute the editors!