Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sodomy or no sodomy

It's certainly a dynamite. A doctor working at a hospital - who first examined Mohd Saiful - has purportedly concluded in a medical report that there was no evidence of sodomy. The said medical report has now been posted on at least two Internet websites. The dramatic event was revealed today by Raja Petra Kamaruddin. In a more dramatic twist of event, RPK has alleged that the doctor has gone into hiding. But the police has claimed otherwise, saying the doctor was never arrested. We can be sure there would be more rebuttals from both sides. Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid has rightly called on the police to wrap up the case. If there is no case against Anwar, the police should just say there is no case. What is the decision of the Attorney General's report on the allegations? Would foreign experts be brought in to assist the case to ensure transparency? But what's certain is that Malaysians are further confused with the latest episode, who are we to believe or not to believe?


tzarina said...

No, we the rakyat are not confused.

Only the police, AG and the rest of the government's machinery are confused; sodomy or no sodomy.

And Saiful of course.

conscience said...

I believe in God and I believe in the medical officer's report. Why should we need to doubt, a qualified doctor with 20 years of experience in his field. The police is trying to get out from this mess, they are in. Well again, anything is possible in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

NO we are not confused. We are very clear.
The Home Minister, the IGP, and the AG should all resign over the fiasco. They have been very unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

The Government is treating we Malaysians like a blady-fool.Why keep us in the dark when the medical report stated that it was no case.It seems that it was a conspiracy and wanted to oust Anwar from dreaming to become a PM.The Home Minister should wrap-up the case as soon as possible as he all the while is like a clown clowning himself like a fool in the eyes of foreign dignitaries.

Anonymous said...

No need to arrest the doctor. PDRM has got a report from a bomoh that Saiful was sinfully sodomised. Oleh Siapa? "Itu saya tahu," said the bomoh. Malaysia sinfully boleh!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

What should have been a clear-cut case to scare or scar
Or right from the start a completely non-issue at all
Has now turned into a mystery drama worthy of a backlane 'oscar'
With all parties involved waiting for the next major directive or call

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290708
Tue. 29th July 2008.

Carling said...

So far, Anwar has been very transparent in this case. But has the police been that fair? Can't the PM and his cronies shut their big mouths and dont impose unnecessarily pressure on the police?The police has confirmed that they have interviewed the doctor but do not want to confirm or release the report. Are they waiting to "amend" it ? If this report is true, just admit it and close the case. If not, rebut it with evidences, talks are useless. They have lost a lot of credence and trust. There are also many instances of unprofessional conducts, i.e balaclavas, overnite jail etc.Thus, BN and all its cronies cannot blamed the rakyat for believing Anwar much more than them. On a similar basis, we trust the internet more than the MSM and thats why we think Sep 16 can be a reality to reduce our misery and sufferings.Keeping our fingers crossed, with more silent prayers, it can happen.

Unknown said...

More than 90% of the Malaysian know the sodomy is a politicall conspiracy! So pls don't used the word 'Malaysian are confused on who to believe'!
Only people with low mentality like you try to brain wash others to believe!
If Saiful said you sodomy him, then we all will believe!
Naive, Shallow, Hyprocript, no personal integrity and no personal dignity are all represents u!

Anonymous said...


I think the question should be "Do Msians trust the Police, ACA, AG ?". Your title implies that there is no more credibility in these agencies.

I would rather that we focus our energy to call for the independence of Police, ACA, AG, Judiciary from the executive. When that takes place, we can let them do their job and we can carry on with our lives.

de minimis

Anonymous said...

Syed Hamid Albar said the medical report was a tactic used to confuse the people - hmmmm ... On the contrary, the authorities had better give up trying to "confuse" the rakyat. Syed H Albar's insinuation alone is an insult to our intelligence!

Anonymous said...

This proves that there is no conspiracy !!!!

Otherwise, a crucial thing like this will not happened.
Meaning, Saiful would have visited to a designated conspiring doctor that would gladly produce a confirming report beyond doubt.

The medical report was preliminary and not ultimately conclusive. In fact, he referred the case to HKL specialist for further investigations.

This also means Anwar's claim of a conspiracy can be ruled out. ( remember, he did panicked )

Supposed the police gained more conclusive details from HKL that made the case.

Anyway, all these will be produced in court if the police really have the case.

And Anwar, if he really have a strong alibi, he would have produced it with his lawyers when he was detained. And the police will have to close the case definitely.

Who was so dumb to plan all this???

alvin lee said...

i only hope that this latest development will not follow Bala's footsteps.

jojo51 said...

I will only believe when there is proof. What was published is just a document purportedly prepared and signed by the doctor. I prefer to wait for more proof before making my conclusion. How can I conclude when I am not sure whether the medical report is bogus or otherwise. Coming from RPK's blog, I have to tread with caution knowing that the blog has been printing unsubstantiated allegations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

This is the tale of two people. Saiful went for a check-up at GH. But the medical report came from Pusrawi. I smell a rat. Anything involving Anwar Ibrahim, there will be tales of twists and turns. RPK you be the author. You sure will outclass Stephen King.

Anonymous said...

on what basis was DSAI arrested and detained overnight?

where is the police report?

Anonymous said...

What is the decision of the Attorney General's report on the allegations?

The last time I checked , he cannot be involved, due to conflict of interests.

Would foreign experts be brought in to assist the case to ensure transparency?

What case ? If there is Anwar should already be charged.
And if he is the deputy AG will be widely seen to be doing the bidding of his boss.
Sad isnt it ? when we cannot trust our own Police and judiciary.

But what's certain is that Malaysians are further confused with the latest episode, who are we to believe or not to believe?

many are not confused, they are just upset, with the way the investigations are being handled.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Chauncey Gardener said...


The deputy IGP could have easily have confirmed either

(a) the medical report from Hospital Pusrawi is true, OR
(b) the medical report from Hospital Pusrawi is false

But he did neither. Instead he goes on about hospital records being confidential documents, mischievous publication by online news portals, etc etc.

Why can't he just answer to the point ?

kee said...

On what basis are you claiming that "what's certain is that Malaysians are further confused with the latest episode, who are we to believe or not to believe?"
Just because you yourself are confused(due to working with 'thestar' newspaper for too long and not allowed to use your brains) does not mean that other Malaysians are also confused. What gives you the right to insult us other Malaysians by claiming that we are confused? After working for 'thestar' for too long I only expect that you become confused and stupid, but not to become arrogant and presumptious. That is how you appear to me, arrogant and presumptious, when you claim that "Malaysians are further confused".

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Sodomy or no sodomy, really I don't care. However, it is the pride of being a Malaysian that matters most.

This matter has being blown out of proportion. If it is sodomy that the police can prove then go ahead arrest DSAI and put him behind bars. Period! If his guilt cannot be proven then rest the case. Why drag on and waste more tax money.

If our Honourable Minister called DSAI a snitch then could he explain why he called for an international conference regarding the sodomy charge. Is he and the Malaysian Government an agent of the entire International community too? Where is Malaysia's sovereignty?


In the corporate world, they will all be given the boot!

Anonymous said...

idzam ismail, you are either illiterate or you are blind and cannot read. Shitfull went to the first doctor who told him he has no evidence of being sodomized, and if he did not like the report as it is, he can go to another hospital. So Shitfull went to another hospital. Can you comprehend that, dumbo?

Anonymous said...

No Datuk, we are certainly NOT confused. It is crystal clear. The facts and proof are available. Only a fool who cannot read will doubt.

On the other hand, the police have not produced a single evidence nor a police report to say otherwise. How can you say there is confusion? The Rakyat can think, you know !!

Anonymous said...

It's Datuk Wong who is confused.