Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sodomy: Turkey, US and now what country?

The sodomy issue is becoming complicated. First, the Turkey Embassy allowed DSAI to seek refuge at its premises on humanitarian ground. The envoy was summoned to Wisma Putra but a diplomatic row was averted when Anwar left the embassy yesterday. Today, the United States has got into the act with a warning to Malaysia not to carry out any politically motivated investigation or prosecution against Anwar. The caution came from a spokesman of the State Department, according to a wire report. Now, Rocky Bru has alerted us with a blog posting quoting a PKR MP that the party had received information from various sources including from an intelligence unit of a neighbouring country that there was a plot to kill Anwar. Is it Singapore, Thailand or Brunei? There's more - Wan Azizah Ismail is meeting the PM at 5pm at the Parliament building. The press is already gearing for the meeting. Details to follow.


Meiyen said...

Mmmh! A person who runs and hide at the first hint of trouble leaves us a lot to think about. He was scared? Sure! More like scared and a guilty conscience?

Now what? Should the nightmare of Anwar becoming PM happens, Washington will be here in Malaysia, led by Paul, what's his name? together with this Paul what's his name? Malaysians better prepare yourselves for an invasion from Mahathir's nightmare come to life? We haven't heard from the Israelis yet?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this is the drama acting by DSAI himself. Now has come to July, which left another 2 months before he declare himself as the PM of Malaysia.

Do you believe he will repeat the same mistake twice? Especially when he just released from the jail? Where was he in the night of the alleged incident took place? He is a public person sure got body guards (when he said somebody wanted to murder him), PA and followers with him.

To overturn Malaysia ruling government is not an easy job, sure he have to meeting here and there. Just show us the evidence on where are you that night and shut the nation mouth up.

No need to hide or ask America to warn us, we are sick of this drama.

Can we have a normal day to earn some living?

Anonymous said...

Chung Wai, don't you wish you had started blogging earlier.

At the rate you are going, you'll soon be joining the stellar company of the likes of rocky, jeff, harris ... of blogsphere (and i don't understand why people would spell it "blogosphere.")

Keep it up.

BlueMoon said...

Messy, very messy indeed. The entire nation is confused. Who's telling the truth and who's lying? Who's fabricating the evidence and who's presenting the facts? At present, everything seems possible. Its difficult to tell the right from wrong. Both the accuser and the person that has been accused appear right.

But like any other contest, there could only be one winner. Who's the one? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

If you analysed the details so far, you cant blame the general thinking public to come to the conclusion that it is a conspiracy theory.
How did Saiful get the money to stay in Desa Dsara condo? It would be unthinkable that a 23 years old university dropout can rent or buy an unit there,unless his family or his fiancee support him. If that is true, why do he need to go to see Najib to ask for scholarship, as admitted by Najib? Saiful , in one of the website stated he dropped out of Uniten bcos he dont like to study, so the story of scholarship does not hold waters. The fact that Najib can state in the press conference that Saiful went to see him about scholarship say something . Shahrir , who was photographed with Saiful just said he dont remembered knwoing him at all, which is a fair statement. Thus , Najib's answer obviously lead one to conclude that Saiful is just not a casual visitor to the DPM's office. Its amazing Najib can remembered him when he has so many visitors or he just have one visitor asking for scholarship ? Since when, does anyone, can casually drop into the DPM's office to ask for scholarship? Even Umno grassroots have complained that it takes them months ,if not years to get appointment with Umno MPs!
So, its not surprising that the rakyat dont trust the BN's answers anymore as all their responses do not tally and smelt of a conspiracy to "kill" off AI's political career. The rakyat wont let that happen, BN has been trampling all over for the last 50 years, its time they wake up that most of us are not kampong boys, makciks or pakciks that they can pull their wool over the eyes. We have matured but are BN anywhere near past puberty?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha! Hah! As I suspected, now the cat is out of the bag. Kantoi Anwar, you have been convicted now as an American Tali Barut. Its unwise to be seeking refuge at the American Embassy or the Embassy of Singapore. They are too smart. The Turkish Ambassador was put in a fix by their big brothers. Anyway, what rubbish? How can you employ someone as your personal assistant and then blame everybody else for planting him to be your personal assistant. And then he blames the powers that be of conspiracy and trying to kill his politics. That is doing it the back way isn't it? I am sure Anwar knows best about getting in from behind.

American Intervention or AI alias (Anwar Ibrahim))

Anonymous said...

Dato Wong, can you get STAR to do something about the response time on Staronline? It is crawling. Besides the extra traffic, maybe you got too much graphics/video intensive advertisements screwing up the response. how about sticking to static advertisment. No point for advertisers to do the video advertisement if the viewers cannot log in.

Garrett said...

Is our government going to take the USA's condescending warning lying down? These arrogant bastards should clean up the mess in Guantanamo first!

Anonymous said...

MeiYen, I think you should quit as an UMNO cyber trooper. You are so bad at it, that you become so obvious. Time for you to pack up and leave this blog. Why don't you go tender to your own blog to improve on it. Your blog is so horrible that there is no traffic there. Stop coming here to try to siphon traffic. Your blog's lack of quality is a reflection of umno...yawn. Maybe you should ask them to give you a new job, like crying wolf and making a police report that someone from PKR molested you. I hear that job pays better, and you only need to make the report once.

Anonymous said...

Anon, July 1, 2008 5:24 PM

I don't think that apt belongs to Saiful.
It could be anwar's since he's working for him.
Yes, nice apt etc... you like it? gimme yours....

Anyway, the death threat is highly unlikely. His opponents (presumably part of Government?) should know better the real effect of this. It will backfire the present government big time. The rakyat will overturn the government for sure.

Furthermore, a political ploy or conspiracy from the government side is also highly unlikely during this political crisis within BN. They are so uncoordinated among themselves and are more interested to contest against each other in the coming party election. We can observe their differences in recent statement on oil price, Ezam and current leadership.

Now, if the death threat is true, I can only imagine one reason.
Maybe this death threat allegations is all true after all.

He was quick to go into hiding after the police report was announced.

Yes, its the Ah Longs from the US. They have given a lot of support for Anwar (political and millions). And it seems that the sodomy case is going to bring down Anwar for sure.
They know they can't rely on Anwar anymore if this case busts anwar's political career.

So PLAN B for them :
Assassinate Anwar.
Malaysians will be outraged.
Government will get blamed.
PR will be at advantage this time.
Win the next GE.
Wan Azizah becomes PM. and their puppet?

The US wants some results after all the resources they spent on Anwar.

Checkout what happened to after the assassination of Bhuto and Aquino.


Anonymous said...

The best bet is to read what BN says and think the opposite. The odds are that that will be the truth.

Timing is everything in this silly episode. It is either BN is running scared that DSAI is about to kick ass or DSAI is timing to dramatise the declared coming by-election and defection of BN MPs.

Either way, BN loses.

History has shown that draconian regimes will be eventually overthrown and that power corrupts and absolute power breeds the worst corruption. The smell of corruption had been filling Malaysian air space for far too long. Malaysians of all races had enough and BN knows that for a fact.

History also shows that political prisoners often become the eventual leaders of the country. Try Nelson Mandela for size.

BN beware!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong...All this while your comments is always 1 sided to our goverment...can you improve on this issues?

BobbyNZ said...

How come US comes into the picture suddenly? Are they keen on Anwar to be the next PM of Malaysia? Is Anwar pro America? Has he done an exceptional favour for the US? Undoubtely! In 1997, Anwar legalised short selling of currency and stocks so that the CROOKS could devalue the Malaysian currency and stocks by 90% wiping not no less than RM$500 billion. Should we support the nation's most despicable traitor?

footballer said...

Now what? Should the nightmare of Anwar becoming PM happens, Washington will be here in Malaysia, led by Paul, what's his name? together with this Paul what's his name? Malaysians better prepare yourselves for an invasion from Mahathir's nightmare come to life? We haven't heard from the Israelis yet?

we have heard from the israelis - weren't they the main contractors to all the major Minisitry Of Defense project$$??

are you dense or just a bit slow - maybe too much thinking of butt issues

Anonymous said...

Rosmah is a joke. She has been accused as an accomplice of a horrific murder. Yet she says she will not sue the accuser for defaming her. Why is she afraid of appearing in court to challenge him?
And this whole Saiful applying for scholarship at the DPM office begs a lot of questions. A dropout getting to rub shoulders with a busy DPM and posing for pictures? A dropout applying for scholarship from the DPM? What a joke, whichever angle you look at it!
I am appalled at the lack of quality in the people running the country.

Anonymous said...

The BN govt has taken our Malaysia to a new low. Now the other countries are looking at Malaysia like a Burma and a Zimbabwe.
We have C4 used to blow up this Mongolian girl case. We have immigration records tampered with to erase her entry into Malaysia (and no investigation on that). We have an opposition leader who got a black eye before, now threatened with worse things. We have the Lingam gate shedding light on a questionable judicial system.
The list goes on.
We are becoming a banana case country

Anonymous said...

We are sick of our current government. The track record is so bad that the rakyat don't trust our government any more, whatever they say. And nobody trust our police. We used to trust our military, but even that has been tarnished recently with the use of C4 in the mongolian. And nobody trust our judicial system anymore.
We support DSAI not because we love him, but because he is our only hope to galvanise the opposition to get rid of the BN government. Whether hs is gay or not, I don't care. Anything is better than an UMNO government.

Anonymous said...

The country's economy is screwed up, the stock market is more screwed up, and the government of the the day, together with its large machinery of the police, the AG and media is more focussed on this screwed up story of sodomee...now the rakyat are suffering due to increased cost of living and is the gomen doing anything to improve the situation?? The rakyat are totally Screwed big time!



ayoyosamy said...

The financial cyclone started from the US cos of their shitty economic fundamentals. So Malaysia is not the only country affected, fools!!! Dont capitalised on the economy. It would have been in a position to weather this cyclone much better if not for that sodomite's legalising short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 for the CROOKS to "gang rape" the economy!

amoker said...

There is just too many 'anonymous' in this threat and one who signed off as "MM". Can we have some integrity in identity before rambling on and on ...?

My take is that other nations can smell when we are weak. And this is not just on DSAI but more on AAB's administration.

Anonymous said...

Who is to blame for the sad state of affairs in malaysia? Of course the incumbent government has to take responsibility and accountability. If the UMNO government cannot do the job, it should move aside and let a new government take over. At least there is hope. The current government is already proven to be corrupt and inefficient. The UMNO government is just trying to divert the attention away from the real problems by coming up with this stupid sodomy case.

Anonymous said...

Amoker, this MM fella is a bit too much. But then many anti-umno people would not dare use their real identity. They may get death threats or get sued until their pants drop.
But the ground swell of hatred for umno is very high. In a fair elction, umno will lose.
Anyway, Chun Wai, your blog is starting to attract a good number of viewers. What you can do next to make it more interesting is to append an index of stories from the other blogs. That way your blog becomes a good gateway to the other blogs, and attract more traffic. And if that happens you could charge for advertising space on your site!

Anonymous said...

How can a senior guy like Syed Hamid simply shoot his mouth off and accuse Anwar of snitching to the USA? This is libelous.

Anonymous said...

Haha meiyen, you are so predictably comical.

Anonymous said...

meiyen, what are you doing at ChunWai's blog. Your other cybertrooper colleagues are busy hacking malaysia-today and malaysiakini.