Thursday, July 24, 2008

Video of Anwar Ibrahim in lock up?

According to the Malaysian Insider, the police are considering releasing a CCTV footage of DSAI when he was detained in a lock-up at the KL police headquarters. The move is said to be an effort by the police to refute charges by Anwar that he was treated badly while in detention. He had reportedly claimed that he had to sleep on the cement floor without a blanket. Yesterday, when Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar met foreign diplomats, he revealed to the envoys the existence of such a CCTV footage but did not say if it would be released. Malaysians would certainly want to see if such a footage exist, as reported by Malaysian Insider, and if yes, it could shed some light to the allegations. Anwar must also be allowed to respond to the CCTV footage, once released.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai,

Anwar actually said (in his own words) that generally the police treated him well. Except that he slept on the cement floor (knowing he had a back problem) and the medical check-up. So, your view above is a little off track.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping on bare cement floor is a side issue.
The issue is the whole episode that Saiful who claims of being sodomized ( which therefore makes him a self alledged PARTICIPANT of sodomy ) is not put in lockup, and did not received a police commando arrest. His charge against Anwar is also not made available to the accused. And the whole story about his "scholarship application" meeting with Najib is such a far fetched story. The whole episode is like a wicked fairy tale against Anwar. The CCTV thing is another diversion from the real issues.

conscience said...

Why bother showing the video, any fool can see, if there is no bed in the cell, Anwar accusation is correct....whereas can he sleep.
The release of the police report of the alleged person is more fair and transparent, is'nt it? What are these blokes in the PDRM take us to be...goons like them?!

alvin lee said...

agreed. sleeping on bare cement is actually not an issue on which the public should waste their time discussing about.

The real issue should be to seek the truth about the sodomy charge.

Anonymous said...

Yo Chun Wai,
It's time for the police to redeem themselves. They are so much maligned by Anwar and his sycophants. The No 2 proof of Anwar lies. The doctors have already called his bluff on the nude check-up. I believe Syed Hamid has good intentions to brief the diplomats, albeit too late. But do you think we should ape Anwar in seeking foreign approval? No explanations or apologies needed. It's indeed an exercise in futility since the foreigners have thier own perception. Why bother about foreign opinion when what we are doing is right according to our laws. He's just an ordinary citizen being investigated for an alleged offence.The government or the police should just ignore Anwar's misgivings. He doesn't want AG or IGP to handle his case, Dollah kowtow. SO MANY OTHER INSTANCES OF GOVERNMENT OBEYING HIS DEMANDS. THIS HAS TO STOP.

MartiniLover said...

What's the point of releasing the video? Anwar is going to claim that the video has been tampered with and the whole world is gonna believe him!

matkomen said...

I'm just begining to wonder about this sodomy thing. If Saiful has gone to the police,then should it not be for being a rape victim? Even though, let's say he was 'forced' to consent,which he withdrew later ... then the whole thing tantamounts to RAPE.

Surely, the police have vast experience in closing rape cases. So, why the hassle. Again, the DNA profile already exists . Just match with whatever was swabbed from Saiful's anus and bingo, file the case in court, lah. To say that the DNA sample is old is utter rubbish. 'Old' to be introduced into Saiful's anus, maybe!

Anonymous said...

Why are wasting so time and energy talking about this subject ? We've far more important thing to discuss. Crime rate ? Corruption ? Wastages ?

Education ? Yes, yes,...Hisham considering reverting teaching of maths and science in English read here

At the end of the day, it's the economy, stupid! Inflation 7.7% what's BN govt gameplan.

WCW, I would appreciate it if you could post this question to PR. After almost 4 months, where is their bloody SHADOW CABINET ?

The nation is far more important than individuals.

Anonymous said...

So what? ... the video of Anwar slept on cement with or without blanket or pillow is really materialize?
Anyway he (Anwar) said that police treat him well during investigation, so .. the police want to proof something else which show Anwar's different behaviour?
Does mr. Police try to find sentiment or just popularity of being right?
I dont understand what the police try to say, for me, they (police) just try to show-off being right by using very stupid way.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of all this CCTV?
This is a diversion.
1) Somebody accused of sodomy want to prison in a dramatic police swat team drama. The self-confessed particpant is walking around free and even get police protection.
2) Some people accused of murder or accessory to murder, using C4 are running free.
3) Some people accused of flasifying police reports are running free.

Where is the priority , justice, fairness, ...???????
Anybody can see the lack of justice here. The more the government do these terrible things, the more the rakyat will hate UMNO, and vote them out


adzha said...




lanaibeach said...

Video of Anwar
In Police lock up
To tell how he was treated?
The Rakyat want to know
The sodomy report………..

The briefing to the foreign diplomats
Waste of time and public funds
The diplomats have their own sources
To determine the truth of his case

The point is
Why Saifool isn’t charged under Section 377c of the Penal Code?
Why give him protection when he claimed he was in the act?
Is this the law of pick and choose charge?

It is better to disclose the details
Yet I feel it isn’t there to discredit
It is only used to derail a person plan
To form the next government by September

Make as much noises as they can
Until the masses tend to believe it
The BN leaders fail miserably
And they know it in their minds
The Titanic is crumbling
The holes can’t be mended quickly
Water is gushing out without direction

The plots and twists
In the dark alley sings
The echo of desperate leaders
Hammering out a plan to escape

The tidal waves looming
Inflation shot up 7.7%
Economy isn’t encouraging
The trembling signs harvesting in the minds

The country has to move on
Enough of Saifool and his antics
Stop entertaining his episode
We have important crimes to solve
The Police should prioritize its efforts
Otherwise all go in waste………

amoker said...

Did police have a vidoe of them intercepting Anwar with their commando suits?

Syed Hamid should resign. He is too late. And funnily, there is no feedback from any of the 98 ambassadors called. No media interviewed them? Star not interestd?

Anonymous said...

Yeap! Why Saiful a consented party to sodomy is not put in the lock up? Why should Anwar be potray as the guilty party when in actual fact Saiful (Sinful) is equally guilty!

Anonymous said...

Please release the CCTV in full. With the video clip, it'll tell us whether the PDRM is in a fishing expedition or is really asking pertinent questions as to his whereabout on the day in question. If the video proves that Anwar had given the police on his alibi and his whereabout on the day in question then we need to find out if the police is already following up on its investigation on those alibi. If not then why not.

I believe the government has no case because he'll be paraded into the lock up within a week of the allegation. All the government has to do is take a swab of Saiful ass and compared to Anwar profile already with the police.

It is time for the government to go back to governing the country. This country is in bad shape especially when the global economy is now knowledge based.

Standard of living in Malaysia is still a pity after 50 years of Independent. Living wages have been slow to catch up with inflation. Is there any wonder why Malaysians wanted to work in Singapore living in cramp quarters?

It is time to start governing the country in the true spirit of fair play and concern for the citizens. It is time to stop race baiting and let the best mind run the country.

Anonymous said...

what our saudara and saudari said is veru true.

why the gov and media are so intersted in this case???

it's not a heavy crime case also...

the inflation that gone up to 7.7% should be more important rite???

the media should play their role to push and pressure the gov...

the gov should not make so many drama to divert the attention of the Rakyat abt the inflation k...pls...

Rakyat now are smart and more fear to CHANGE.

That had been show in the past GE i guess...

Think la...

Young Malaysian

Anonymous said...

In his press conference Anwar had said he was treated fairly except the stay overnight was tough for him due his backache problem.

I don't understand besides Police the entire cabinet has come to their rescue.
May I ask if they are going to show Anwar being stripped or are they going to show the Former AG assaulting Anwar?

In fact, police should show all Malaysians and world the CCTV footages on all disputable cases in lock-ups. How a couple was asked to perform oral sex on policeman; how the Indian boys were forced to perform oral sex on each other; how a detainee died mysteriously in a lock-up and many more.

Wong, why not you propose this to Malaysian Police and their minister boss Mr.Syed Albar?


Anonymous said...

I am actually fed up with everything. If the police have proof, charge Anwar.

And it doesnt make any sense to arrest him before 2pm dateline. If police have video that Anwar is not sleeping on the floor, perhaps they should just show it to EVERYONE.

Always NATO. And lastly, it's already been more than 3 mths since Election. Our political situation is in a worse situation than ever. I think politician especially BN & Minister should just focus on their work. If you can perform, regardless of what Anwar say of MP crossing over... it won't happen. Rakyat got BRAIN too.. and let ACA be independent so that NOBODY in the country can be corrupted. Why so scare dear Prime Minister?

Unknown said...

Missing the point - another diversion or Hamid is really incompetent. To reclaim people's trust on the police and government, no need to show the CCTV video. Just publish the police report made by Saiful. That is more critical, a step forward in settling Anwar's case, and far easier to do. They can take all the trouble to show an irrelevant piece of video, but not a simple piece of very important paper. That says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dont waste the rakyat's money investigating nonsence allegations such as sodomy and make us the laughing storck of the world. That's why missing children like Sharmini etc. cant be found and the crime rate is so high. PDRM should become apolitical and do their job professionally.

Anonymous said...

What's next? CCTV footage of Annuar's check up?
Can the govt do some real work for a change?

Krishna said...

Is this an example of a trial in the media? Almost everyone of the ministers, the "victim's" family have asked Anwar his blood sample.

Can Anwar not exercise is right not to give his blood sample? The court, if Anwar is cahrged, can draw whatever legal inference from it. Why all the fuss?

Then he already convicted because he has not taken his oath to swear his innocence. Since the DPM took an oath claiming his innocence, he has set a precedence. Now everyone can just do that and go scot free!

I have not seen a single newspaper, including yours, come to the defence of Anwar that he should not tried in the media.

Luckily we have the foreign newspapers and the blogs which give us the real news.