Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sodomy: More updates and opinions

Anwar Ibrahim has called for a stop to the police investigation, saying the case should be dropped. He has pointed out that the doctor from Pusrawi has said in his report that there was no act of sodomy. The report had said that there was no indication of sodomy as alleged by complainant Mohd Saiful. Anwar wants the Attorney-General to call off the probe. Meanwhile, senior lawyer Tommy Thomas has written an interesting piece for the Malaysian Bar website questioning whether the country can afford another sodomy trial. He also asked whether public interest would be served. His perspective is thought provoking and certainly deserves to be heard. Public opinion is certainly not with the government. Should the AG decide to go ahead, the political backlash would be strong. The AG's Office has to announce soon whether there is any case. If there isn't, it should just say so. The perception is that it is dragging its feet. If the AG's Office wants to go ahead with the case, Malaysians should also be told. At the same time, a new perspective has emerged, with a doctor asking whether RPK has erred while Uncle Pet has thrown a challenge against RPK. The Health Ministry said today that it would stand by the findings of the doctors at KL Hospital. When will all this end?


rainbow said...

being the Group Editor of the Star I wonder the media looked at this? It is not Malaysians getting confused... Malaysians 'nak muntar' on being called the citizens of Sodomy land. I really wonder what the BN government thinks and is marveled at how the issue don't seemed to make them feel shy about it. Imagine being termed from Bolih land to Sodomy land.

BlueMoon said...

For the first time since March 8, I'm in agreement with the PM when he called for police to expedite and hence conclude the investigation to this sodomy maniac. There's no more excuse for to the delay. Either you have the case or you don't. If you do then please act quickly or else just thrash everything particularly the accused. It cannot be as simple as this. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

We are very sure this will happen: The police will charge DSAI with Sodomy. They will throw him in the lockup. A kangaroo court will convict DSAI who will spend several years in prison. UMNO will try to regain power during this time. A few years later DSAI will be freed as another court and judge will overturn the initial conviction. By that time DSAI will bean old man and no longer able to challenge UMNO. Shame on our government. We will NEVER vote for UMNO/BN ever again. Shame on MCA, MIC and the rest of the accomplice in Sabah and Sarawak, for supporting such a corrupt and cruel regime.

Anonymous said...

Why repeat what other people are saying? Cant you give your opinion? Or are you keeping it to yourself? If a journalist of your standing cannot say what he really thinks at this stage of the sodomy saga..then you should just close down yr blog.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, to your question "when will all these end?", the answer is staring in our face. When BN is voted out.

My friends and I simply have had enough of the sick rubbish that the BN government has been shoving down our throats for so many years.

Where is the zealousness in police investigations in the many scandals that we have? The PKFZ scandal, for instance. Need I say more.

And here we are - one ex-DPM with a bad back allegedly having sodomized a young healthy chap.

Really, so what if it is true? So bloody what? I would vote Anwar into Parliament anytime!

Anonymous said...

We can all see the government's eagerness and urgency to stop Anwar at all cost. UMNO does not want Anwar to run for a by-election. They don't want him to appear in parliment. Anwar will be thrown into the lockup in record time, and convicted in record time, so that he cannot run for election. Never mind if he is innocent or guilty. He must be found guilty. At least for now anyway. He can be found innocent much later and freed later, after he has added more grey hair, lost some hair, and lost some years. The press statements issued by the relevant UMNO personalities are so blatant and crude, and they are not even bothered to conceal their true intent: GET NWAR at all cost.
SHAME ON BADAWI and his bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

UMNO will sign their final death warrant by convicting ANWAR of sodomy. Such is the blatant and badly implemented conspiracy. It is like the government does not even care whether the accusation is realistic or not. They just want to ram it through to stop ANWAR. Well mr UMNO.even without ANWAR, we the rakyat will be OK to have anybody at all, like Mrs Anwar to carry the torch, and we will support her and the whole Pakatan Rakyat, with more resolve than ever. We will vote PR just to spite you, UMNO, for being so cruel and corrupt, ANWAR or no ANWAR, and any which way.

Anonymous said...

When one thinks of the country, one would consider social development, justice and the economy

When one thinks of his/her children, one would ponder about education, cost of living and support of family

When one thinks of oneself, one would contemplate career, living standard and hobby

In no case, one would think about sodomy. Lets move on with our lives and get used to this balance of power. Hopefully, we get a stronger, better country.

amoker said...

Isn't it funny that the "The Health Ministry said today that it would stand by the findings of the doctors at KL Hospital". Does it mean that the minister have seen the doctor's findings? At the same breath, the ministry is saying that it will investigate the leak and championed doctor - patient bla bla ... and they somehow managed to obtain this report. Did Saiful give it to the minister? Did the doctor give it to the minister?

Anonymous said...

Dear CW

When will it end? With a just trial for both. Wow, Anwar conveniently called for case to close. Merely on the basis of an unauthenticated cert. What about Saiful? Let's not lose sight that this is his case being buggered. It's the song not the singer here. A case of a promising boy whose future is in ruins. Will US offer him asylum? If he is in America, he will have life-long protection with new face, new identity and new location. Anwar's got nothing to lose. Just ambition to be PM. And not many can become one. Justice must be deemed fair for Saiful too. And to do that our police and legal people need to build a fool-proof case. High-profile or not, it takes time.

alvin lee said...

In general, we have 3 groups of people who are following this sodomy case.

Group A - those who want to see anwar charged

Group B - those who do not want to see anwar charged

Group C - those who just watch the development.

Unfortunately, Group A belongs to the group who is in control.

Under this scenario, i do believe that chances are anwar will be charged. Whether or not he will be convicted by the court is another thing. The point is he will most likely be charged.

rainbow said...

I fully aGREE WITH Annoymous "If a journalist of your standing cannot say what he really thinks at this stage of the sodomy saga..then you should just close down yr blog."

You gave good opinions in your weekly 'onthebeat'column but I don't seemed to read that in your blog. Like what RPK said 'do we write and speak with our conscience?" for our children and generation's sake or do we join the Rat race and plague this country of its beauty? We must speak up as a Human with clear CONSCIENCE and not hide behind POLITICAL AGENDA !!!! Maybe the BN government-Health ministry need to read up the dictionary and understand the meaning of Sodomy and not feel proud of being called Sodomyland. 'Pelek dan Meluat' as some of my Muslim friends said..

Anonymous said...

Datuk WCW,

Anwar is so clever but there is a saying in Malay: Pandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.
Right now, public opinion, no thanks to the lost credibility of the BN government and the police, is helping him ride high.
Everything he says seems believable because, he has cleverly pre-empted all anticipated moves.
As soon as Saiful lodged his buggery report, Anwar staged the Turkish delight drama,claiming his life was in danger, conspiracy again, blah blah2. The blur foreign media, as usual, went to town with the story.
Then he left the Turkish embassy after securing safety, konon. Lepas itu, buat rally sana sini, without fearing for his life. First he said he would cooperate, then he said he won't go and then changed his mind. On the day he was arrested, another drama. He was supposed to leave the ACA office and go to the police HQ, but half way, he made a u-turn to back to his house.
Sure lah the police, bodoh as they are, grabbed him. The last thing they wanted was for him to be holed-up (he! he!) in his house again, surrounded by all his stool pigeons (he! he!).
Imagine if that had happened. That would be like the opera lah, like 10 years ago when they had to storm his house.
Only after they grabbed him, he said he wanted to go home and pray and makan first lah etc. If really so, call the cops and say you are coming at 4pm instead lah. But no, it must always be play-acting when it comes to this guy. Once in a while oklah, don't always play-play.
Then there is the latest case about this Burmese doctor who checked Saiful's behind and certified him a virgin in his medical reports.
All his supporters heboh that this was this final proof of Anwar's innocence. As it turns out this Burmese doc member Anwar jugak. Working here for 15 years but only registered three years ago. Aparently Anwar and him were in Riseap. Conspiracy? Peeh dah!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Feels sad to be a Malaysian nowadays!!! A friend of mine is jobless. Some of my other friends are also not doing well financially. And to be frank, in my own opinion a leader is judged by his or her actions. If they cannot perform, so must they go. This is the premise of meritocracy. If we want people not to judge us, let us not judge other people. Giving a person with potential a chance at the top job is the basis of all democracies. Even if the incumbent does not want it and is doing everything in their power to stop it is not fair to the majority who want it. I wait for the day where we are all judged equally based on our merits and our integrity rather than our race, religion or skin color. I wait for the day where someone in our MSM will stand up and FIGHT for the rights for ALL MALAYSIANS!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for recommending the article by Tommy Thomas on the Bar Council website....comprehensive and food for thought at many levels and angles....esp. the 'inner' legal aspects.Must read to broaden perspective on this national issue.