Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sodomy: Medical report completed

Doctors at the KL Hospital have completed their medical report on Saiful Bukhari who claimed he was sodomised by DSAI. Utusan Malaysia quoted hospital director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain as saying that the report has been sent to the relevant authorities. There is no hint or any leak so far on the contents of the report. The next step would be for the police to question Anwar and possibly to get a DNA test. PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali said Anwar was prepared to cooperate with the police following the assurances given but said Anwar would want to see if they live up to their promise. Syed Husin was asked by the media if Anwar was prepared to have the DNA test. Anwar is scheduled to give a press conference at around 3pm at the PKR headquarters. Anwar is also filing a report against the IGP and AG for allegedly fabricating evidence against him in his previous sodomy case.Meanwhile, Saiful's family members have said he is not being used as a tool of the government or being paid. They claimed the cops and government didn't want to buy his story. The drama has become even more intriguing following the claim that Saiful is engaged - presumably to a television newscaster and this is supposed to be her blog, claiming she stands by her man, according to Rocky Bru. Again, we have to wait for verification. She has not picked up phone calls from reporters after her pictures were posted on some blogs. But she could be talking today, stay tune for the excitement of the day!


Meiyen said...

I think it is shameless of some people to put Saiful's girfriend down. What kind of men are these? They make it sound not Anwar can do no wrong. How about Saiful's rights to justice if he was really raped or abused. Raming him down only proves one thing. There is no justice whichever way you look in Malaysia. Lot's of blind people with no brains to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

So is that guy a willing participant? If so, why is he complaining about it? If not, was he raped? If he was, how come it seems like he didn't resist?

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...

I don't care about Anwar willing to cooperate. I'm more concerned about whether the public is willing to cooperate and let this thing just take its ordinary course.

Maybe to add credibility to the whole process, the police should bend some rules and invite a few select editors to be present to ensure that nothing fishy is done.

It's a long shot, but it would certainly help the credbility of the government.

Anonymous said...


the poor fellow may be pressured to participate

Anonymous said...

Somwne is lying out there. Can be Saiful, can be The BN, can be Anwar! If Anwar does not trust our police maybe the police department can allow a third country police department to investigate, or better still a panel of third party police departments and come out with the TRUTH once and for all!

Unknown said...

Breaking News!!! After knowing the anger from the majority of Malaysian on this naive political conspiracy, but inorder to close the episod of this drama, the medical report will tell the whole Malaysian that Saiful was having an insanity at the time he made the false police report. And then the PDRM close the case indefintely. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

When questioned on the existence of a photograph of Saiful and his (Najib’s) special officer, taken at the office of the deputy prime minister, Najib said that the photo was taken when Saiful had come to his office to seek a government scholarship to pursue his studies.


Ha ha ha! Since when was the DPM’s office in charge of scholarships? Where is the Ministry of Higher education and all Scholarship boards that come under it? Is he is a son of a military man? Huh. You have lost this. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

MeiYen, it is to counter people like you who put out stories to say that everything that Pakatan Rakyat do is wrong, that DSAI is always guilty, etc etc. So the PR supporters got to counter your propaganda. But unlike you, we do it in because we are sick of a corrupt govt, while you do it probably because you are a paid UMNO cyber trooper. Everybody can see through you. And don't always try to bring Dato Wong to your side. I know deep down that he is a fair person even if he occasionally tilt a bit to BN. But you are a shamelessly pro UMNO person. And I think you are just assuming a Chinese name, but probably not Chinese. You got ulterior motives.

Anonymous said...

How many times was the Accuser sodomized?

Is the first one a RAPE and the subsequent ones are sodomies?

When was the first RAPE-cum-Sodomy carried out, is it in the same Condo and who owns the Condo?

Were the sodomies done repeated one day or night after another?

If the first Rape-cum-Sodomy was forced upon the Accuser, and why not try to escape fromt he 2nd sodomy or was it a RAPE-cum-Sodomy too?

But 3rd time should have gone to Police why become a willing SODOMIZEE [sodomee]?

Should run for your life and go to your fiancee ..

Kiss and tell? Western media would pay handsomely for the details .... contact them can get millions US$ or Euros !

Anonymous said...

Since this is a sensitive and spectacular case which the whole nation is looking at, the government must be seen to be fair(not only said) by taking drastic measures to make sure it's fair in the eyes of the public. Malaysians have grown not to trust the said words anymore in this country. We want to see to believe!

Anonymous said...

The government has NO credibility left. Anyone who can think will realize Anwar won't be SO STUPID to sodomize another person when he is at the cusp of gaining a strong foothold in establishing our next government. For a person who has been accused before and now a pivotal player in Malaysian politics, would he risk it all to sodomize someone who is much younger and stronger than him? Think you people! Use your brain a bit.

Ask yourself, between Abdullah, Najib and Anwar, who makes a better PM? Whom do you think can bring glory and respect back to Malaysia?

Also the government has yet to answer to several key questions therefore their credibility is ZERO!

1. Why not provide the financial details of Petronas accounts?
2. What is actually happening in the Altantuya's case?
3. Is the police REALLY doing their job in questioning the VVIPs or having tea with them?
4. What is going to happen to the royal commission's findings of the Lingam-gate incident?
5. When the hell can we expect any actions on Sabah's illegal immigrants?
6. and many many more questions!

For those blind UMNO supporters, think for the future of Malaysia. Whom will make a better PM? We are fast losing our edge against other countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc. if we continue to let those people in government bankrupt our country.

Anonymous said...

any pictures of the medical report ?

I'm a Malaysian man.....get what i mean ?

Anonymous said...

For your ponderage: Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations

crower said...

"Anonymous said...

So is that guy a willing participant? If so, why is he complaining about it? If not, was he raped? If he was, how come it seems like he didn't resist?"

1. That is what investigation is all about : to ascertain the truth. In the meantime, we should not jump into conclusions.

2. Who are we to say he resisted or did not resist ?

3. What akar umbi umno damansara utama says is right "whether the public is willing to cooperate and let this thing just take its ordinary course". It seems like whatever the findings, some quarters would not accept it unless the findings are to their favor. Anything other than that will be brandished as "a lie" or "a conspiracy".

4. Talk about "Keadilan". A citizen can no longer lodge a police report about any alleged wrong doings for fear of a defamation suit.

5. Whose "Keadilan" is this ?

Anonymous said...

MeiYen, can a strong ox of 23 years old be raped by a frail 62-year old man half his size with a bad back? At 3 different occasions with different time and place? Are you sick too, MeiYen ? Can you use logic? But since it looks like you an UMNO cyber trooper , it is asking too much for us to ask you to use logic.

zackdanial said...

If the report is completed , why the delay in making it public ?

Anonymous said...

BN propaganda machinery is working at full steam. Look at the number of articles (just take a good look this blog), smses, emails focusing on DSAI's sodomy allegation.

Whilst the rakyats are trying to make ends meat due to fuel hike and food inflation, BN is busy diverting our attention on DSAI.

The world (even mighty USA's think tanks are working around trying to find a solution to global recession) is grappling on how to ease the burden of their citizens, our govt is busy politicking.

In 3 days time, it would be a complete month since the INSANE fuel hike. The real effect will be felt real soon when the credit card and monthly bills, house and car loan repayment are all due. I fear for the worst when the rakyat who can't make ends meet, will go to the street.

I bet that if the organiser of the fuel hike protest were to delay it for another month, the response will be overwhelming.

Our top guns in NEAC, EPU, Bank Negara, etc as well as our lawmakers must be so comfortable with their cushy salary have no sense of urgency to address the pain that the rakyat are going through.

There are so many apolitical rakyat who have spent so much time writing down ,at their own time, constructive recommendations for sake of the nation. But unfortunately BN couldn't be bothered, maybe distracted or imcompetent, to pick up these recommendations. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Ok you young huns out there who think you want to join the corridor of power, or become billionaires doing business for the umno putras, you better think twice. The snakes there will use you for their own ends. And you could have your backside molested & mutilated, and then manipulated and used and sacrificed as a stupid pawn and as collateral damage. So don't be greedy and hang out with greedy wolves. You could be eaten.

Anonymous said...

Wht ever ones sexual orientation is...hats no ones bussiness. If the victim is a willing partner then its not a crime as far as I am concerned.
There are more important isues of corruption to the core , increase in petrol price in a petrol producing country...gross mis management of public funds..all these need looking into.
The people who brought this story have sucessfully turned all ur attention to this case and forget for a while the turmoil the country is in.

I would rather have a gay for a PM then a murder and cheat

Anonymous said...

Meiyen don't be bitchy! I know your type, always prepare to lift the B**ls of BN to gain self benefits. I left Malaysia 20years ago sickened by your type and knew we did'nt have a chance then to change the UMNO corrupted government, the door is wide opened now. Brainless woman like you will not repent and die with your evil cause.

Unknown said...

I think it is terrible and demeaning of the government, UMNO in particular to think that the Malaysian public is so stupid and un-educated to take us for fools that can’t seem to use our common sense and logic. Whether or not AI is innocent or guilty, even if the act took place (although sodomy is not a crime in many countries as it is an act between 2 consensual adults) I am sure a 62 year old man could not possibly force an average built 23 year old or shall we call it ‘rape’.

This allegation completely bemuses me. Hence, if the act did occur, it must have been at mutual consent and my sincere apologies go out to the 23 year old’s ‘future’ wife, because he is either a big UMNO suck-up or he prefers men! So ladies and gentlemen, as educated citizens you can make-up your own mind.

Anonymous said...

How did Saiful afford such a luxury condo ?

Who paid for the condo? Anwar ? Najib ? This is another question that should be answered ?

Anonymous said...

MeiYen.. Ah Moi, you don't seem to be neutral i.e. you are taking side to this 'poor' arse hole. Birds of the same feather flock together, aren't they? Anyway, the likes of you would definitely say Anwar is cunning and manipulative & etc. So, a basic question, for a person in Anwar's position, do you think you would risk everything for an arse hole??? For the record, I am never a fan of Anwar since he was the DPM or after that but this has gone a little bit too far isn't it? You mentioned about blind people with no brains... are you saying for yourself and your immediate clans? Get a life!!

amoker said...

For me, the silence since the news was publiciced is eerie. I believe in evidences, in this case the one submitted by the medical profesionals. And these profesionals must put their name on their findings and their analysis be subjected to third party analysis to be impartial.

Was describing to a colleague that sodomy can happen using objects as well. So, will see how the medical pro concludes their observation esp. in view of sketchy timeline.

Anonymous said...

if Anwar did it so what. Saiful must be desperate too and turn the story around. I will still support DSAI better than having a PM with history of AT story, it is even more ashame. Making us all feeling more insure anytime we can be blown-up when we are not in agreement in their scheme.
If DSAI is elected as PM we Rakyat will enjoy lower fuel price and more benefit back from what have been rob away by the Barisan crnoies